Anuchika Stanislaus-Mallet

Until February 2023, Anuchika Stanislaus-Mallet was a business development consultant for France and Canada, based in Paris. She also worked as a legal researcher for the Columbia Global Freedom of Expression, a Columbia University initiative, where she focused on free speech in France.

Prior to joining NewsGuard, Stanislaus-Mallet wrote a report for the UN-mandated Forum on Information & Democracy, crafting recommendations relating to regulation of content on social networks. She also worked for four years for a French think tank, Institut Montaigne, as an international affairs officer. Stanislaus-Mallet is a graduate of the Grenoble Business School in 2017.

Disclosure: From September 2017 to March 2018, Stanislaus-Mallet worked as a legislative intern for Renaissance party lawmakers at the French Parliament.