NewsGuard Free with BT

Get free access to NewsGuard’s online trust tool—in three simple steps.

To get your free NewsGuard access, courtesy of BT, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Download and Install NewsGuard.

NewsGuard is available on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge browsers, and on iOS and Android devices. Click the button below, then follow the prompts to install NewsGuard on your current device.

Step 2: Activate your free NewsGuard access.

If you installed NewsGuard on your browser, click this link to activate your free NewsGuard Access Code from BT.

If you installed NewsGuard on your mobile device, tap “I have an Access Code” and enter this access code: H49RLTC75CL5K7YYK504

Step 3: Use NewsGuard as you browse news online.

Once NewsGuard is installed and activated, you’ll see red and green NewsGuard rating icons next to links on search engines, social media sites, and other online platforms. Green icons mean a site is generally trustworthy. Red icons mean it is generally unreliable–so proceed with caution.

Hover your mouse over a NewsGuard icon to see a short summary of a site’s rating. Click “See the Full Nutrition Label” to get a more detailed description of the site and its rating.

Learn more about how NewsGuard rates websites, view frequently asked questions, or learn how NewsGuard aims to maintain trust with users.