Download NewsGuard — totally free

To help fight COVID-19 hoaxes and other misinformation online, NewsGuard has partnered with your local library to provide you with free access to its desktop browser extension and mobile app until the end of the year.

With NewsGuard installed, you get access to detailed trust ratings for more than 6,000 news and information websites.

Users of the browser extension will see NewsGuard’s Red and Green rating icons displayed next to links on search engines, social media pages, and other platforms, indicating whether a site is generally trustworthy or a known purveyor of misinformation. Mobile app users will be able to look up the rating of any site rated by NewsGuard and read its detailed review.

Simply follow the steps below to download and activate NewsGuard’s browser extension and mobile app for free, courtesy of your local library. (There is typically a subscription fee of $2.95/month).

Ready to try out NewsGuard? Follow the three simple steps below

Step 1: Download and Install NewsGuard.

NewsGuard is available on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge desktop browsers, and on iOS and Android devices. Click the button below, then follow the prompts to install NewsGuard on your current device.

Step 2: Activate your free NewsGuard access.

If you have you have installed the NewsGuard extension on your browser, click this link to activate your free NewsGuard access from your local library.

If you installed NewsGuard on your mobile device, tap “I have an Access Code” and enter this access code: EFY58WN3K8NKHNRCPXRF

Step 3: Use NewsGuard as you browse news and information online.

Once NewsGuard’s browser extension is installed and activated, you’ll see Red and Green NewsGuard rating icons next to links on search engines, social media sites, and other online platforms. Green icons mean a site is generally trustworthy. Red icons mean it is generally unreliable—so proceed with caution.

Browser extension users: Hover your mouse over a NewsGuard icon to see a short summary of a site’s rating. Click “See the Full Nutrition Label” to get a more detailed description of the site and its rating.

Mobile app users: Search a news site in the app to access its NewsGuard rating and Nutrition Label. Check any link you encounter in another app⁠—such as in an email, an end-to-end encrypted messaging app like WhatsApp or Telegram, or a social media app like Facebook or Twitter—to call up its NewsGuard rating. Enable optional pop-up warnings in your mobile browser when you visit a site with a red “unreliable” rating from NewsGuard.

Learn more about how NewsGuard rates websites, view frequently asked questions, or learn how NewsGuard aims to maintain trust with users.