Media Literacy Internship

Job Duties and Responsibilities

The Media Literacy Internship at NewsGuard blends journalism, education, strategy, marketing, and PR. The intern will help devise a strategy to expand and improve future media literacy programming and support NewsGuard’s various existing media literacy initiatives, which include:

  • Public libraries: Public and academic libraries install NewsGuard’s browser extension on patron computers and use the extension in educational programming. More than 800 libraries across the U.S. and Europe have already started using NewsGuard, and we continue to grow that list. We support librarians through the process of using NewsGuard, host webinars with different librarian networks, attend conferences, and lead virtual or in-person presentations.
  • Educators: K-12 and university educators use NewsGuard in research units, journalism courses, and more. We provide supporting materials (such as our lesson plan and exercises for educators) and, location permitting, can host in-person lessons at local schools.
  • Strategic partnerships: We work with other media literacy groups and institutions in order to broaden our impact and improve our approach. We’ve partnered with groups including Stony Brook University’s Center for News Literacy and the National Association for Media Literacy Education, and we are looking to collaborate with more media literacy organizations.
  • Supporting materials: NewsGuard currently has a suite of free media literacy resources for educators and students, and we hope to improve and update our offerings by creating more materials librarians and educators can reference.
  • Marketing and PR: We communicate our media literacy successes and partnerships on social media, in the press, and through other marketing and PR efforts.

NewsGuard is a New York-based company with global remote outposts. The intern will work with NewsGuard’s business development team based remotely, reporting directly to the head of NewsGuard’s media literacy efforts. Because the team is small, and the company is new, the intern should be a flexible self-starter who is comfortable working independently and with limited supervision. Most internships last 10-12 weeks, with exact dates to be determined with the selected intern.


  • Excellent writing, speaking, and interpersonal skills
  • An ability and desire to think creatively
  • Flexibility and comfort adjusting to the constant twists and turns of working at a startup
  • A passion for journalism and education

Required Materials

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Writing Sample (preferably journalistic in nature, or a research paper)

About NewsGuard

NewsGuard is a startup founded by veteran journalists to fight misinformation, teach media literacy, and restore trust in the media. Its trained journalists rate the credibility and transparency of news websites using nine standard journalistic criteria and write “Nutrition Label” reviews that explain each assessment. NewsGuard also works with librarians, educators, and media literacy groups who recognize NewsGuard as a practical tool for teaching media literacy and helping users learn what to trust when consuming information online.

How to Apply

Send a resume, cover letter and writing sample to