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Get NewsGuard’s Media Literacy Tool—Free for Turnitin Educators and Students

Now more than ever, digital media literacy is an essential skill for citizens of all ages. With website trust ratings and detailed Nutrition Label reviews, NewsGuard offers a unique media literacy teaching tool that guides citizens through the overwhelming landscape of online news and information.

NewsGuard’s browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari displays trust ratings for 6,000+ news and information sites—written by trained journalists based on nine journalistic criteria—next to links on search engines and social media feeds. It helps students and adults alike understand who is behind each website, what its agenda might be, and its record of accuracy and transparency.

Over 700 libraries and schools worldwide use NewsGuard to advance news literacy education—and through a newly announced partnership with Turnitin, all Turnitin school partners and their students will be able to access NewsGuard free through the end of 2020, with the option to extend their access into 2021.

To start using NewsGuard, simply fill out this form to receive free NewsGuard access codes for your institution. Once you have your school’s access code, you can install NewsGuard by clicking the button below. Read on for tips and resources for students, educators, and administrators using NewsGuard at their school.

Handouts, Instructions, Lesson Plans & Other Resources  

Use the resources below to help you seamlessly integrate NewsGuard into your classes:




  • START HERE – TEACHING WITH NEWSGUARD: A document presenting best practices for incorporating NewsGuard into your classroom
  • ACCESS CODE INSTRUCTIONS: A document template that explains how to activate an access code, which should be filled in by the administrator with the appropriate school access code
  • NEWSGUARD INTRODUCTION PRESENTATION (FOR STUDENTS): A short slide loop for introducing NewsGuard to your students
  • GUIDE FOR EDUCATORS: An overview packet for teachers with a lesson plan designed around teaching NewsGuard’s nine criteria, plus suggested exercises
  • GUIDE FOR STUDENTS: A packet to provide to your students describing how to use the extension and understand the Red/Green ratings, the Nine Criteria, and the Nutrition Label reviews
  • VOCABULARY SUPPLEMENT: A document defining media literacy terms that feature prominently in NewsGuard’s nine criteria and Nutrition Label reviews
  • STUDENT EXERCISE WORKSHEET: A worksheet that challenges students to “Think Like a NewsGuardian” when evaluating sources and claims
  • NEWSGUARD SCHOOL SUCCESS STORY: This case study and Q&A highlights how a high school AP Language & Composition teacher used NewsGuard to improve his students’ source evaluation skills.


  • TURNITIN SOURCE CREDIBILITY PACK: A suite of resources designed to provide both teachers and students with an accessible and organized approach to evaluating the many aspects of source credibility effectively

    • CONCEPT ALIGNMENT DOCUMENT: A document containing a table aligning the concepts taught in Turnitin’s Source Credibility Pack with NewsGuard’s Nine Credibility and Transparency Criteria
  • COVID-19 MISINFORMATION & MEDIA LITERACY TEACHER RESOURCE PACK:  A suite of plug-and-play resources for educators to teach a media literacy lesson through the lens of COVID-19 misinformation.

    • BRIDGE DOCUMENT: A document that helps instructors integrate NewsGuard’s COVID-19 Misinformation & Media Literacy resources with Turnitin’s Source Credibility Pack
  • BLOG: A blog post about “Evaluating the Credibility of Sources in the Age of COVID-19”
  • WEBINAR RECORDING: A recording of a webinar on the subject: “What is Real? Teaching Students How to Evaluate the Credibility of Sources”

NewsGuard: The Internet Trust Tool

NewsGuard: What You’ll Get

  • Unlimited access to our browser extension with ratings of more than 6,000 websites that account for 95% of engagement with news in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany and Italy.
  • Ratings icons next to links in your links on all of the top search engines, social media platforms, and news aggregation sites.
  • Summaries showing who owns each site, its political leaning if any, and how it performs on nine journalistic criteria.
  • Detailed written descriptions of each site and why they passed or failed the nine criteria.
  • Warnings on hoax healthcare sites peddling unreliable advice and miracle cures.
  • Warnings on political propaganda news sites funded by campaigns or PACs.
  • Warnings on from hoaxes, conspiracy theories, advertising posing as news, and other unreliable sites.
  • A reliability score of 0-100 for each site based on its performance on our nine criteria. We’ve always said that not all Greens (or Reds) are the same; now, you’ll see the numbers. 
  • Access to NewsGuard’s mobile apps for iOS and Android.