UK Staff Reporter, Media and Misinformation

Full Time – London & Remote

Job Description

NewsGuard’s analysts fight misinformation and disinformation, primarily by producing detailed ratings for news and information sites that assess each site’s trustworthiness based on nine apolitical, journalistic criteria.

Journalists at NewsGuard use reporting skills to track down funding and ownership for anonymous websites that spread falsehoods, debunk inaccuracies, and preemptively warn users about dubious sources before they are widely shared.

NewsGuard analysts also have the opportunity to write in-depth, high-profile reports about key trends and issues in online misinformation. NewsGuard’s reporting is regularly covered and cross-published in outlets such as the New York Times, The Guardian, the Wall Street Journal, Les Echos, WELT, La Repubblica, the Washington Post, POLITICO, and others.

Good candidates for this job will: 

  • Have at least 3 years experience with news or fact-checking organisations.
  • Have excellent writing, reporting, and fact-checking skills with a strong eye for detail.
  • Write simply and succinctly, avoiding jargon or flowery language.
  • Have experience navigating social media platforms and apps for online disinformation.
  • Be curious, thorough, and persistent, with the ability to ferret out information, such as a publication’s ownership or financial backing, through reporting and research.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the UK’s media landscape, political and cultural issues.
  • Approach the role in a determinedly apolitical, non-ideological manner.
  • Be eager to work for a fast-paced, ambitious, journalism organization obsessed with quality and where the product and processes are continually evolving.
  • Be eager to be mentored and have their careers advanced by some of the most accomplished journalists in the business. 
  • Be committed to NewsGuard’s mission and vision.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Writing, editing and updating NewsGuard Nutrition Labels, evaluating news sites for credibility and transparency. These will be focused on, but not limited to, UK-based publications.
  • Fact-checking news articles and investigating the ownership of anonymously run websites.
  • Working with news outlets’ editors to secure corrections and transparency disclosures.
  • Pitching and writing Special Reports and items for NewsGuard’s Misinformation Monitor.

About NewsGuard

NewsGuard is a startup founded by veteran journalists to fight misinformation and restore trust in the media. Its trained journalists rate the credibility and transparency of news websites using nine standard strictly apolitical journalistic criteria and write “Nutrition Label” reviews that explain each assessment. These are then displayed through NewsGuard’s browser extension which shows users which sources abide by basic standards of credibility and transparency.

Building Trust For All

In order to restore trust and accountability in media, we need to build confidence in NewsGuard among news consumers from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives. That’s why we’re committed to creating a team that is diverse and inclusive in every way possible—one that brings a breadth of different experiences, beliefs and perspectives to the table. We aim to hire journalists from a range of racial and ethnic backgrounds, political perspectives, geographical origins, gender identities, and more. NewsGuard is an equal opportunity employer.

How to Apply

Interested applicants must complete a short writing exercise and submit a resume and cover letter through NewsGuard’s application form.