How It Works

NewsGuard assesses the credibility and transparency of news websites.

NewsGuard helps you learn more about your news sources and easily determine which you can trust and which you should read with caution. Our team of independent, trained journalists has reviewed and rated thousands of news websites across the internet. (Learn more about why you should trust us.)

We assess each site based on nine criteria for credibility and transparency and create a “nutrition label” for each site explaining what kind of content it publishes, who’s behind it, and how it rated. Each site is assigned a red or green rating based on its nutrition label. (For more information on our ratings system and criteria, click here.)

Our free browser plugin displays NewsGuard ratings in search and social media feeds.

Once you install our simple and free browser plugin for Google Chrome, you’ll see NewsGuard’s shield icon next to article links as you browse news on search engines and social media feeds. Move your mouse over the shield icon to learn more about who is behind each site, what kind of content it publishes, and why it received its rating.

We do not collect any personal data or show you advertisements.

We do not collect any personal information about you or push any advertising at you whatsoever. Our revenue will come from the search engines and social media platforms paying to use our ratings and Nutrition Labels in their newsfeeds and search results later this year.