NewsGuard rates TV and CTV programs to help brands advertise in trusted, brand-safe environments on television news. Produced by the same top journalists and editors on our staff responsible for our website ratings, and according to apolitical journalistic criteria adapted for the TV and CTV medium, NewsGuard’s TV and CTV Reliability Ratings help brands direct ad spend toward trustworthy news and information TV and CTV, and reach valuable audiences.

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NewsGuard’s TV and CTV reliability criteria assess the journalistic standards of each program and network. Based on how a program or network scores on the four criteria, it is assigned a Red, Yellow, or Green risk level; and a safety score from 0-10.

We adhere to the highest standards of transparency and credibility in our work, which is conducted by expert journalists and misinformation specialists around the world. Learn more about exactly how we do what we do.

Use Cases


We help advertisers decide where to purchase ads based on our transparently-sourced data, empowering them to invest in news channels that align with their values and mitigate brand safety risks. Brands and agencies use our scores in conjunction with their brand safety policies to decide which TV channels to target for advertising.

News Aggregators

Our comprehensive, human-sourced TV and CTV ratings help guide content moderators at TV streaming services to internally vet their selection of news channels and news apps, curate recommended sections, and promote highly-trustworthy TV news channels and programs.