Podcast Reliability Ratings

Detailed podcast trust ratings for brands and platforms.

Advertising on podcasts while maintaining brand safety standards can be a challenge for brands. NewsGuard’s Podcast Reliability Ratings are purpose-built to help advertisers and podcasting platforms make informed choices about which podcasts to advertise with, enabling brands to reach engaged audiences on news podcasts while ensuring brand safety.

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Rigorous ratings produced by expert journalists

NewsGuard’s Podcast Reliability Ratings assess the journalistic standards of each show or podcast network based on a set of nonpartisan journalistic criteria. Each show receives a 0-10 safety score and a rating level, along with a detailed “Nutrition Label” backing up the show’s rating with analysis and examples. 

Ratings are produced by NewsGuard’s team of expert journalists from diverse, nonpartisan backgrounds, who review a wide cross-section of each show’s content to understand its typical practices and how it covers news topics about which misinformation is prevalent. As a result, NewsGuard’s ratings provide a precise, timely guide for advertisers or podcast platforms looking to reach news audiences safely.

Use Cases


We help advertisers decide where to purchase ads based on our transparently-sourced data, empowering them to invest in news podcasts that align with their values and mitigate brand safety risks. Brands and agencies use our scores in conjunction with their brand safety policies to decide which podcasts to target for advertising.

News Aggregators

Our comprehensive, human-sourced podcast ratings help guide content moderators at streaming platforms as they curate podcasts from publishers that meet the standards of editorial integrity and transparency they require.