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05/12/2024 Mashable: QAnon conspiracy theories are surging on Elon Musk’s X, NewsGuard finds

05/02/2024 The New York Times: Campus Protests Give Russia, China and Iran Fuel to Exploit U.S. Divide

04/28/2024 News Over Noise Podcast (Penn State News Literacy Initiative): The Ultimate Noise: AI and News Pollution

04/17/2024 Tech News Briefing (WSJ) : What Does It Take to Start Your Own AI-Powered Content Farm? $105

04/15/2024 Reuters: When Facebook blocks news, studies show the political risks that follow

04/15/2024 This Week in Tech: AI-Powered Propaganda Machine

04/08/2024 The Guardian: ‘Inceptionism’ and Balenciaga popes: a brief history of deepfakes

04/04/2024 Chicago Tribune: Jim Warren: Conspiracy theories fly after Baltimore bridge collapse. It wasn’t always this way.

04/03/2024 PolitiFact: How paid X accounts blamed Israel, Ukraine for the Baltimore bridge collapse

04/02/2024 Financial Times: US local news swamped by ‘pink slime’ as political influence ramps up

03/28/2024 Axios: Gordon Crovitz on Brands Unintentionally Funding Misinformation with Advertisements

03/28/2024 Click to Trust: Who Killed The Truth? A Conversation With Steven Brill, Co-CEO & Founder of NewsGuard

03/28/2024 Poynter: Yes, you can fact-check on TikTok

03/21/2024 WORLD News Group: Chatbot news network

03/17/2024 Semafor: NewsGuard launches suite of AI anti-misinfo tools

03/15/2024 Mashable: AI might be influencing your vote this election. How to spot and respond to it.

03/14/2024 PRovoke Media: New NewsGuard Tool Helps Brands Counter Disinformation

03/13/2024 PolitiFact: Social media accounts use AI-generated audio to push 2024 election misinformation

03/12/2024 West Virginia MetroNews: The real fake news

03/10/2024 Yahoo News (AFP): Proliferating ‘news’ sites spew AI-generated fake stories

03/04/2024 New resources to help journalists fight elections misinformation

02/29/2024 Algorithms are pushing AI-generated falsehoods at an alarming rate. How do we stop this?

02/26/2024 Digiday: AI Briefing: Watermarking AI content doesn’t go far enough, researchers warn

02/26/2024 Wired: How a Small Iowa Newspaper’s Website Became an AI-Generated Clickbait Factory

02/25/2024 Quackwatch: NewsGuard identifies over 300 false vaccine-related internet narratives (Consumer Health Digest)

02/23/2024 Byline Times: ‘A Voluntary Tech Agreement Will Do Little to Defend Electoral Integrity Against the Worst Uses of AI’

02/21/2024 Futurism: An AI Site Ripped Off Our Reporting About AI Ripoffs

02/21/2024 VOA News: Analysts Warn of Spread of AI-Generated News Sites

02/21/2024 AARP: Are Social Security Beneficiaries Getting a Fourth Stimulus Check?

02/13/2024 Digital Journal (AFP): Musk’s X feeds monetization of wartime misinformation

02/12/2024 LA Times: Scammers used AI to tell the world I was dead. Why? I had to find out why

02/12/2024 Forbes: The Role Of Humans And AI In Social Media’s Battle Against Misinformation

02/09/2024 Don’t Believe Everything You Read Online: Recent Sanctions Decision Offers Cautionary Tale of Generative AI Risks

02/08/2024 VOA News: Media Watchdog Finds ChatGPT Spreads More Disinformation in Chinese

02/08/2024 VOA News: US Political Campaigns Weigh Artificial Intelligence

01/30/2024 The Register: It’s true, LLMs are better than people – at creating convincing misinformation

01/26/2024 Columbia Journalism Review: ‘Pink Slime’: Partisan journalism and the future of local news

01/25/2024 The Japan News: Unbalanced Information Diet: AI-generated deception / Chinese-Originated Disinformation Spreading on Social Media; AI-Generated Profile Pictures Make Fake Accounts Look Real

01/22/2024 VOA News: AI Generates Debate Over Newsroom Ethics

01/22/2024 WIRED: AI-Generated Fake News Is Coming to an Election Near You

01/07/2024 Irish Times: You’re not imagining it: the internet really is getting worse. Here’s why

01/05/2024 Miami Herald: Watch out for an explosion of AI generated fake news sites in 2024

01/05/2024 Forbes: 3 Predictions About Bad AI In 2024

01/03/2024 Reuters: Generative AI’s wild 2023

12/27/2023 MediaPost: The Year Of Super Powers, Both Good And Bad

12/21/2023 MSNBC: AI-generated weapons of mass misinformation have arrived

12/21/2023 Nieman Lab: AI will democratize disinformation

12/20/2023 In Reality: Can You Make a Profit Fighting Misinfo?

12/19/2023 Predictions for journalism 2024: misinformation, online safety and press freedom

12/17/2023 Washington Post: The rise of AI fake news is creating a ‘misinformation superspreader’

12/12/2023 Nieman Lab: AI gets accurate

12/12/2023 Fortune: Brainstorm AI 2023: Tackling Misuse and Misinformation in a World of AI

12/03/2023 Time: The Israel-Hamas War Reveals the Fundamental Flaws of Social Media

11/30/2023 Mashable: Most users on X never see Community Notes correcting misinformation

11/28/2023 Business Insider: Sports Illustrated reportedly published articles by fake AI-generated writers

11/27/2023 NPR: Civilian deaths are being dismissed as ‘crisis actors’ in Gaza and Israel

11/26/2023 PC Mag: Some X Users Are Potentially Cashing in on Spreading Misinformation

11/24/2023 The Verge: Some X ‘misinformation super-spreaders’ may be eligible for ads payouts

11/22/2023 CNN: Democrats accuse X of profiting from Hamas propaganda

11/22/2023 The Daily Beast: NewsGuard: Twitter/X Made Money Off Israel-Hamas War Misinfo

11/22/2023 The Messenger: Report Finds Ads Next To Posts Containing Misinformation on X

11/20/2023 AdExchanger: NewsGuard’s Whitelist Of Ukrainian Publishers Aims To Combat Wartime Misinformation

11/17/2023 Chicago Tribune: Jim Warren and McKenzie Sadeghi: AI-generated websites spell trouble for upcoming elections

11/16/2023 Forbes: Illuminating The Dark Corners Of Supply Chains: Is There A Way To Protect Budgets Against Made-For-Advertising Sites?

11/14/2023 The Drum: Media buyers on alert as misinformation about Israel-Hamas worsens on X

11/14/2023 Twitter users in states affected by hurricanes discuss climate change up to 200% more frequently in the following weeks

11/13/2023 MediaPost: NewsGuard Weighs In On Deadly Gaza Hospital Blast: Says False Reporting, Social, Search Continue To Spread

11/09/2023 Israel-Hamas war sparked ‘wildfire of fake news on X’ as expert issues chilling warning

11/08/2023 Harvard Business Review: Has Generative AI Peaked?

11/08/2023 The Verge: Microsoft offers politicians protection against deepfakes

11/07/2023 The Messenger: Over Half of Americans Think AI Chatbots Spread Misinformation

11/06/2023 Genetic Literacy Project: Twitter/X’s race to the disinformation bottom: Are we losing a valuable forum for rational discussion?

11/06/2023 The Telegraph: The social media app being exploited by Hamas as a propaganda tool

11/02/2023 MediaPost: Study Finds Most X Users Don’t Know Blue Verification Marks Are Paid For

11/02/2023 The Information: CEO of X Intervened to Get Hitler Post Taken Down

10/30/2023 Engadget: X won’t pay creators for tweets that get fact checked with community notes

10/28/2023 The Guardian: Twitter takeover: how a year of Elon Musk rendered the platform useless

10/26/2023 The New York Times: The Consequences of Elon Musk’s Ownership of X

10/26/2023 Rappler: 74% of viral X disinformation on Israel-Hamas war came from ‘verified’ accounts – report

10/23/2023 PolitiFact: How Elon Musk ditched Twitter’s safeguards and primed X to spread misinformation

10/22/2023 Toronto Star: Why Twitter — now X — serves you bad information on the Israel-Hamas war

10/21/2023 Chicago Tribune: Jim Warren: Misinformation about the Israeli-Hamas war is rampant. Here’s how to fight it.

10/20/2023 Fast Company: X’s ‘verified’ users are the biggest source of misinformation on the Israel-Hamas war

10/20/2023 The Verge: Blue checkmarks on X are ‘superspreaders of misinformation’ about Israel-Hamas war

10/20/2023 Los Angeles Times: Column: On social media, the ‘fog of war’ is a feature, not a bug

10/20/2023 Semafor: Why is it hard to figure out what’s actually happening in the Israel-Hamas war?

10/20/2023 NBC News: 7 influential accounts are warping Israel-Hamas news on X, researchers find

10/20/2023 MediaPost: The High Cost Of Misinformation For Brands, Publishers, Platforms

10/20/2023 NewsNation: Israel-Hamas war: Analysis finds widespread misinformation on X

10/20/2023 UPI: U.S. watchdog: Verified X accounts are main source of misinformation about Israel-Hamas war

10/20/2023 Variety: X/Twitter Verified Blue Check-Mark Users Are ‘Superspreaders’ of Disinformation About Israel-Hamas War, Study Says

10/20/2023 PCMag: Verified Twitter Users Push Majority of Israel-Hamas War Misinformation

10/20/2023 Daily Hive: Verified X accounts “superspreaders” of misinformation on Israel-Hamas war: report

10/19/2023 The Messenger: Report Finds Verified X Accounts Spread Misinformation on Israel-Hamas War

10/19/2023 Adweek: Verified Accounts on X Spread 74% of Wartime Misinformation

10/19/2023 Washington Post: Elon Musk’s X removes the New York Times’ verification badge

10/19/2023 CNN: Musk’s X cashes in on ‘superspreaders’ of Israel-Hamas misinformation, new report finds

10/19/2023 NPR: Fake accounts, old videos, and rumors fuel chaos around Gaza hospital explosion

10/19/2023 Rolling Stone: Verified Accounts on Musk’s X Spread 74 Percent of Israel-Hamas War Misinformation

10/17/2023 Newsguard releases Israel-Hamas fact-checking resources

10/17/2023 The Briefing Podcast: Fact or Fiction: the fake Israel-Gaza war posts going viral online

10/16/2023 The Audiences Podcast: The Audience of Misinformation

10/16/2023 MediaPost: The AI-Generated Media Planning Arms Race

10/16/2023 Tortoise Media: Elon Musk and misinformation

10/15/2023 The New York Times (Sponsored Post): AI is a) powerful, b) perilous or c) both

10/13/2023 The Washington Post: AI voice clones mimic politicians and celebrities, reshaping reality

10/12/2023 The New York Times: ‘A.I. Obama’ and Fake Newscasters: How A.I. Audio Is Swarming TikTok

10/12/2023 Context: Israel-Hamas war and the impact of online disinformation

10/11/2023 MediaPost: Brands, Ad Platforms, Technology Companies Stand With Israel

10/10/2023 Bloomberg: Israel-Hamas Conflict Was a Test for Musk’s X, and It Failed

10/10/2023 Reuters: False claims on Israel-Hamas war mushroom online, put focus on Musk’s X

10/09/2023 Washington Post: Fighting and rhetoric intensify as third day of Israel-Hamas war ends

10/03/2023 Kyiv Post: Great News for Kyiv Post and Prestigious Top Global Ratings for Ukrainian Journalism

09/28/2023 The Drum: New parameters define spammy ‘made for advertising’ sites, but media buyers remain wary

09/26/2023 Gizmodo: Report: Engagement with Foreign Propaganda is Soaring on Elon Musk’s X

09/26/2023 TechCrunch: X (formerly Twitter) is worst for disinformation, per EU analysis

09/26/2023 The Hill: Russia, China, Iran state media see boost on X after removal of ‘state-affiliated’ labels

09/25/2023 Associated Press: RNC’s livestreaming partner for the GOP debate is a haven for disinformation and extremism

09/23/2023 The New York Times: The Internet Is About to Get Much Worse

09/23/2023 The Washington Post: Misinformation research is buckling under GOP legal attacks

09/21/2023 Forbes: ChatGPT Isn’t A Swiss Army Knife—And Other AI Tips For Agencies

09/21/2023 TechCrunch: How generative AI is accelerating disinformation

09/21/2023 The Washington Post: Lauren Boebert’s migrant misinformation trail winds back to Canada 2006

09/14/2023 AAP FactCheck: Senator shares baseless claim linking vaccines to stillbirths

09/12/2023 Civil Beat: The Sunshine Blog: Misinformation, Island Style

09/11/2023 Politico: Influence campaign spread during Maui wildfires

09/11/2023 Gizmodo: Salacious Chinese Disinformation Campaign Blames Maui Fires on Deadly American ‘Weather Weapon’

09/11/2023 The New York Times: China Sows Disinformation About Hawaii Fires Using New Techniques

08/30/2023 UK’s older population targetted by health misinformation

08/29/2023 The Media Leader: Older Brits most ‘concerned’ with misinformation

08/24/2023 Bloomberg: AI Chatbots Help Web Content Farms Copy Work From Top Publishers, Report Says

08/21/2023 Crikey: Chinese-language news sites targeted by analysts conceal ownership structures

08/18/2023 ExchangeWire: Are AI-Powered Junk Sites a Problem for Ad Networks?

08/08/2023 Business Insider: AI is ruining the internet

08/01/2023 Digital Communities Wales: Misinformation: NewsGuard help us understand the risks and how to tackle them

07/26/2023 The Times: TikTok ‘full of AI videos peddling lies’ about controversial brands

07/26/2023 Maclean's: Big Idea: Teach kids about misinformation

07/21/2023 Daily Dot: Distorted TikTok sounds hurt marginalized creators—and AI is making it worse

07/20/2023 The Media Leader: Ofcom: TikTok a major and growing source of UK news consumption

07/19/2023 MediaPost: NewsGuard Launches ‘Made-For-Advertising’ Service In Response To ANA Study

07/19/2023 Insider: Elon Musk and Twitter Blue subscribers are boosting RFK Jr. anti-vax conspiracies to millions

07/18/2023 The Week: Forget junk mail. Junk content is the new nuisance, thanks to AI.

07/17/2023 The Wall Street Journal: Efforts to Rein In AI Tap Lesson From Social Media: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

07/17/2023 EL PAÍS: AI fuels rise of content farms and fake news outlets

07/13/2023 Channel News Asia: Commentary: AI isn’t ready to dispel fake news. In fact, it might make things worse

07/12/2023 The Wall Street Journal: AI Junk Is Starting to Pollute the Internet

07/09/2023 Government Technology: How to Combat Misinformation in the Age of AI

07/08/2023 The Washington Post: How an AI-written Star Wars story created chaos at Gizmodo

07/07/2023 AFP: US Podcast Misinformation Goes Largely Unchecked

07/02/2023 Futurism: People Are Spinning Up Low-Effort Content Farms Using AI

06/30/2023 DMNews: Programmatic Ads and the Rising Brand Risks in the Age of Generative AI

06/29/2023 Washington Examiner: Would you be able to recognize AI misinformation? (Op-Ed)

06/29/2023 Digiday: Programmatic ads pose new brand risks amid the generative AI boom

06/29/2023 Seattle’s Morning on News KIRO Newsradio: Misinformation Created By AI On The Internet (23:26 – 31:20)

06/28/2023 John Battelle's Searchblog: Come With Me on a Spin Through the Hellscape of AI-Generated News Sites

06/28/2023 euronews: Major brands are unwittingly supporting AI-generated junk content online with their ads

06/28/2023 Marketing Dive: Ads from 141 top brands appear on unreliable AI-generated sites

06/28/2023 Marketing Brew: Ads for blue-chip brands are being served on ‘unreliable’ AI-generated sites, report says

06/27/2023 PCMag: Google Is Placing Ads for Top Brands on Spammy, Chatbot-Generated Blogs

06/27/2023 Gizmodo: Junk News Sites Are Abusing Ad Systems With AI-Generated Content

06/26/2023 MIT Technology Review: Junk websites filled with AI-generated text are pulling in money from programmatic ads

06/26/2023 Media Post: Study Finds AI News Sites Proliferating, Underwritten By Blue-Chip Advertisers

06/26/2023 Digit News: Programmatic Ads Are Funding Unreliable AI-Generated Websites

06/26/2023 The Verge: Ads for major brands are appearing on AI-generated spam sites

06/26/2023 The Decoder: Google profits from AI content spam generated by ChatGPT and LLMs

06/22/2023 HuffPost: Is America Ready For AI-Powered Politics?

06/19/2023 AFP: ‘Not Based On Science’: US Confronts Abortion ‘Reversal’ Myths

06/09/2023 MediaPost: AI Bites Dog (commentary)

06/08/2023 The Motley Fool: Tim Cook Says Apple Is Looking at ChatGPT Closely — But He Also Has These 3 Glaring Concerns

06/08/2023 Publishers Daily: NewsGuard To Track AI-Generated Misinformation

06/05/2023 Digiday: How made-for-advertising publishers are stopping the ad industry’s sustainability goals

06/03/2023 Vox: What will stop AI from flooding the internet with fake images?

06/03/2023 The Guardian: Robot takeover? Not quite. Here’s what AI doomsday would look like

06/02/2023 RANE Podcast Series: Fighting Misinformation and Disinformation

05/30/2023 Chicago Tribune: AI chatbots have been used to create hundreds of news websites (commentary)

05/30/2023 CBC: How to spot what’s not real on TikTok

05/30/2023 Fortune: Former Google safety boss sounds alarm over tech industry cuts and A.I. ‘hallucinations’

05/25/2023 South China Morning Post: How censorship in China could hold back its quest for AI supremacy

05/24/2023 The Media Leader: We must avoid an ‘AI Wild West’

05/23/2023 Fortune: News website Boring Report is using A.I. to change how people consume news—literally making it ‘boring’ by avoiding sensationalism

05/21/2023 The Guardian: Can we still handle the truth? Journalism, ‘alternative facts’ and the rise of AI

05/21/2023 Sky News: Artificial intelligence will get ‘crazier and crazier’ without controls, a leading start-up founder warns

05/20/2023 The Guardian: Elections in UK and US at risk from AI-driven disinformation, say experts

05/19/2023 MediaPost: AI-Generated News Sites More Than Double In Two Weeks

05/19/2023 The New York Times: A.I.-Generated Content Discovered on News Sites, Content Farms and Product Reviews

05/18/2023 Politico’s EU Influence Newsletter: NGO ads appear on fake news, propaganda outlets

05/17/2023 Evening Standard: Is TikTok safe to use? Concerns raised about harmful content and data privacy

05/16/2023 Forbes: The Danger Of AI Content Farms

05/16/2023 PBS: Why artificial intelligence developers say regulation is needed to keep AI in check

05/16/2023 USC’s Center for Health Journalism: As local news recedes, the rising tide of ‘pink slime’ floods the gap

05/16/2023 AdExchanger: It’s Time To Defund Misinformation And Take A More Rational Approach To Brand Safety

05/12/2023 Digiday: NewsGuard: Programmatically-placed ads for major nonprofits and government orgs on dozens of misinformation websites

05/12/2023 Forbes: Ads For Nonprofits And Government Organizations Found On Misinformation Sites

05/11/2023 Poynter: Pink slime from AI content farms is a poor substitute for real journalism

05/09/2023 Euronews: Rapid growth of ‘news’ sites using AI tools like ChatGPT is driving the spread of misinformation

05/09/2023 MediaPost: NewsGuard Launches Podcast Info Rating Service

05/09/2023 News Literacy Project newsletter: NewsGuard reports AI software is being used to generate news sites

05/08/2023 The Guardian: Nearly 50 news websites are ‘AI-generated’, a study says. Would I be able to tell?

05/08/2023 RAIN News: NewsGuard, a watchdog news credibility service, launches data rating product for podcast advertisers

05/05/2023 The Washington Post: He wrote a book on a rare subject. Then a ChatGPT replica appeared on Amazon.

05/04/2023 The Guardian: UK and US intervene amid AI industry’s rapid advances

05/03/2023 The Conversation: Intelligence agencies have used AI since the cold war – but now face new security challenges

05/02/2023 The Verge: AI is being used to generate whole spam sites

05/02/2023 TechNewsWorld: Clickbait News Sites Turn to AI for Content

05/02/2023 Futurism: Dozens of News Sites are Using AI Chatbots to Churn Out Questionable Content

05/02/2023 The Guardian: Chatbot ‘journalists’ found running almost 50 AI-generated content farms

05/02/2023 The Register: Misinformation tracker warns ‘new generation’ of AI-scribed content farms on the rise

05/02/2023 CTV News: Dozens of websites generating low-quality ‘clickbait’ content using AI: study

05/01/2023 Rappler: AI-enabled disinformation: Waging an unviable war of scale

05/01/2023 Bloomberg: AI Chatbots Have Been Used to Create Dozens of News Content Farms

05/01/2023 Gizmodo: No, Biden Isn’t Dead: AI Content Farms Are Here, and They’re Pumping Out Fake Stories

05/01/2023 The Hill: Group identifies dozens of news sites created by AI chatbots

04/27/2023 Cosmos: The Generative-AI revolution: all it needs is trust

04/27/2023 MediaPost: Outfront Panel Predicts Emergence Of ‘Trust Upfront’

04/26/2023 Bloomberg: Surge in Fake School Emergencies Traumatizing Kids, Teachers

04/26/2023 TechCrunch: Why ChatGPT lies in some languages more than others

04/26/2023 AFP Fact Check: Satirical article misrepresented amid Bud Light backlash

04/25/2023 AARP: 5 Tips to Tell if What You See on Twitter is Real

04/21/2023 Engadget: TikTok begins removing videos with climate change misinformation

04/17/2023 MarketWatch: AI regulation: It could already be too late, technologists say

04/16/2023 AFP: ‘Monetizing Hate’ – Unease As Misinformation Swirls On Twitter

04/16/2023 Daily Star: Russia likely using ChatGPT-style AIs to sow doubt in minds across the world, say experts

04/14/2023 CTV News: ‘Entirely made up’: The risk of seeking facts on AI-enhanced internet

04/13/2023 Elon Musk opens up in first major interview since Twitter takeover

04/13/2023 Natue: Exposure to untrustworthy websites in the 2020 US election

04/13/2023 The Washington Post: The AI bot has picked an answer for you. Here’s how often it’s bad.

04/13/2023 Washington Post: Inside the secret list of websites that make AI like ChatGPT sound smart

04/12/2023 BBC: Six things we learned from Elon Musk interview

04/12/2023 Newsweek: Elon Musk Opens Up About ‘Painful’ Twitter Tenure

04/11/2023 Axios: Exclusive: New Twitter disinfo campaign targeting 2 Chinese activists

04/05/2023 Evening Standard: Is TikTok safe to use? Concerns about harmful content and user data

04/04/2023 Bloomberg: Google’s Bard Writes Convincingly About Known Conspiracy Theories

04/01/2023 AFP: Right-wing Video Site Rumble Grows, As Does Its Misinformation

03/31/2023 MediaPost: Artificial Truth (commentary)

03/31/2023 Inside Climate News: AI Can Spread Climate Misinformation ‘Much Cheaper and Faster,’ Study Warns

03/31/2023 Fortune: A.I. chatbots like ChatGPT are a long way from being trustworthy

03/31/2023 AFP: Vaccine skepticism taps into conspiracies

03/25/2023 The Information: Generating: ChatGPT-4’s misinformation problem

03/23/2023 The Telegraph: What TikTok must overcome to show us it can be trusted

03/23/2023 USA Today: A US TikTok ban is gaining support in Congress. Why some say that would hurt free speech.

03/22/2023 MediaPost: When Misinformation Passes The Turing Test

03/22/2023 Popular Science: OpenAI’s newest ChatGPT update can still spread conspiracy theories

03/22/2023 The Byte: Researchers find GPT-4 is significantly less accurate than GPT-3

03/22/2023 District Administration: Using generative AI in the classroom? Be wary of misinformation

03/21/2023 Axios: Exclusive: GPT-4 readily spouts misinformation, study finds

03/21/2023 Morning Brew: Misinformation concerns with AI

03/19/2023 Australian Financial Review: AEC eyes tie-up with fact-checkers for Voice referendum

03/17/2023 Newshub: Neeva: Ad-free Google rival launches in NZ with $9 per month AI-powered premium option

03/16/2023 AFP: One Billion Users, But Trouble Mounts For TikTok

03/15/2023 Psychology Today: Learning to Lie: The Perils of ChatGPT

03/15/2023 The Quint: Did AI Lie To You?

03/15/2023 The Media Leader: One in five news sites in Australia and New Zealand rated untrustworthy

03/14/2023 Tech Crunch: Meet the team developing an open source ChatGPT alternative

03/14/2023 Fast Company: Snapchat’s AI could be the creepiest chatbot yet

03/12/2023 Semafor: Can journalists teach AI to tell the truth?

03/09/2023 AAP: Cyclone Gabrielle death toll claim a wild exaggeration

03/02/2023 France24: ChatGPT: Use of AI chatbot in Congress and court rooms raises ethical questions

02/28/2023 NPR: How Russia is losing — and winning — the information war in Ukraine

02/27/2023 Robert Reich's Substack: AI’s biggest impact?

02/24/2023 Evening Standard: Is TikTok safe to use? EU Commission bans app from staff phones over security fears

02/24/2023 Business Insider: One year into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, disinformation sites with ads powered by Google have more than doubled

02/23/2023 Forbes: Russia Floods YouTube With RT Videos

02/23/2023 euronews: The disinformation war – what has come from a year of conflict in Ukraine

02/22/2023 The Guardian: RT videos spreading Ukraine disinformation on YouTube despite ban – report

02/22/2023 Fast Company: GPT-powered deepfakes are a ‘powder keg’

02/22/2023 The Chicago Tribune: Vladimir Putin disinformation machine is unrelenting toward Ukraine a year after invasion (op-ed)

02/21/2023 Axios: NewsGuard introduces new tool for training generative AI services to prevent misinfo

02/21/2023 The Diplomat: China’s Censors Could Shape the Future of AI-Generated Content

02/19/2023 DW News: Ukraine war fact check: 1 year since Russia’s invasion, 1 year of disinformation warfare | Factcheck

02/17/2023 Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET): Weapons of Mass Disruption: Artificial Intelligence and the Production of Extremist Propaganda

02/16/2023 AFP: Fake ‘fact-checks’ seek to obscure Russian role in war

02/16/2023 The Media Leader: Dr TikTok? Why younger audiences are turning to influencers for healthcare information

02/15/2023 Vanity Fair: When Is a photo not a photo? The Looming Spector of Artificially Generated Photographs

02/14/2023 Laboratorio de Periodismo: Experiment shows ChatGPT emulates disinformation from Chinese and Russian partisan media

02/13/2023 The New York Times: Disinformation Researchers Raise Alarms About A.I. Chatbots

02/12/2023 Insider: TikTok shut down 2 networks of pro-Russian influencers who tried to mislead users about the war in Ukraine

02/10/2023 README: Cyberthreats, AI-enabled disinformation loom over 2024 elections

02/10/2023 Forbes: Twitter Called Out For Inadequate Disinformation Report

02/09/2023 PsyPost: Vaccine hesitancy is associated with interacting with low-quality information online, study finds

02/08/2023 The Ferret: The Ferret’s For Fact’s Sake podcast: Will ChatGPT make it easier to spread lies online? (2.30- 14.20)

02/08/2023 DCMS-backed media literacy programme is supporting vulnerable internet users

02/05/2023 Taiwan FactCheck Center: Taiwan FactCheck Center: NewsGuard study – Beware of ChatGPT becoming a misinformation super spreader

02/02/2023 AFP: Seeing is believing? Global scramble to tackle deepfakes

02/02/2023 Poynter: Could ChatGPT supercharge false narratives?

02/02/2023 The Washington Post: Using ChatGPT for disinformation and other news literacy lessons

02/01/2023 The Byte: ChatGPT Is Freakishly Good At Spitting Out Misinformation Purpose It’s Nearly Impossible To Tell From The “Real” Thing.

02/01/2023 Wired: Fact-Checkers Are Scrambling to Fight Disinformation With AI

01/30/2023 The Sift: News Literacy Project’s The Sift: ChatGPT misuse

01/30/2023 Chicago Tribune: NewsGuard tested ChatGPT’s potential for misinformation. Here’s what we found. (op-ed)

01/30/2023 News Literacy Project: ChatGPT misuse & debunking false narratives

01/26/2023 The Washington Post: Washington Post’s The Cybersecurity 202: Study shows ChatGPT effective writing “eloquent, false and misleading” misinformation

01/26/2023 Vanity Fair: ChatGPT’s Mind-Boggling Possibly Dystopian Impact On The Media World

01/25/2023 The Nation: The Growing Political Power of TikTok

01/25/2023 Press Gazette: Fact-checkers need to learn from ‘disinformation merchants’ to grab more attention

01/24/2023 The Associated Press: Learning to lie: AI tools adept at creating disinformation

01/24/2023 Grid: The solution to fighting misinformation might start in schools

01/23/2023 WXYZ: Scripps TV: News Literacy 2023: What to look out for to spot fake news

01/19/2023 The Indpendent: Joe Biden’s ‘ticking time bomb’: Can the White House win the war against Covid-19?

01/18/2023 Evening Standard: Is TikTok safe to use? Concerns about harmful content and user data

01/14/2023 The Globe and Mail: Canadian companies inadvertently finance conspiracy-theory sites through ads placed on Google

01/12/2023 Grid: Political ads are headed for your Twitter feed

01/11/2023 Human Rights First: Ukraine’s Gwara Media Fights For Truth In Kharkiv

01/11/2023 Yahoo!: Blame the voting machines: Brazil riots fit global pattern

01/10/2023 Reuters: Reuters Institute: Journalism, media, and technology trends and predictions 2023

01/05/2023 WLS 890-AM: John Howell Show – The Search for Reliable Information Sources

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01/03/2023 The Washington Post: Covid misinformation spikes in wake of Damar Hamlin’s on-field collapse

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12/23/2022 Neiman Lab: The year advertisers stop funding misinformation

12/21/2022 Yahoo! News: Waste of tears — fake ‘onion water’ flu cure exposes disparities

12/19/2022 Rappler: As Tiktok surges, the China and disinformation specter looms large

12/15/2022 Edelman: Fake Media Supported by Programmatic Ad Buying; A Watch Out for PR Firms

12/13/2022 Politifact: Lie of the Year 2022: Putin’s lies to wage war and conceal horror in Ukraine

12/12/2022 The Atlanta Journal Constitution : Stop taking health advice from social media influencers

12/11/2022 The Independent: Twitter to re-launch blue tick subscription service after first chaotic rollout backfired

12/10/2022 The Chicago Tribune: Fake newspapers are everywhere and on both sides of the political divide (commentary)

12/08/2022 AFP Fact Check: US Navy quashes Nancy Pelosi arrest rumor

12/07/2022 EdSurge: For Teens (and Adults) Fighting Misinformation, TikTok Is Still ‘Uncharted Territory’

12/07/2022 MediaPost: News Rating Service Adds Nuances To ‘Exclusion,’ ‘Inclusion’ Media-Buying Lists

12/07/2022 Grid: The Germany coup plot: How QAnon is dangerously evolving in Europe

12/06/2022 Coda: Kremlin thrilled by Latvia’s decision to ban Dozhd TV

12/05/2022 The Media Leader: Fake local news sites on pace to outnumber local US newspapers

12/02/2022 The Independent: QAnon, white nationalists and hate speech: Experts reveal how the floodgates opened on Elon Musk’s Twitter

12/02/2022 The Moscow Times: TikTok Videos Glorifying Wagner Mercenary Group Viewed By Millions – Watchdog

12/01/2022 The Telegraph: Gory Russian mercenary videos top one billion views on TikTok

12/01/2022 Sky News: TikTok videos which ‘glorify’ Russian mercenary violence in Ukraine ‘viewed a billion times’, reports says

12/01/2022 Media Post: All The Newsy Fit For Advertising: NewsGuard Releases TV News Risk Ratings

12/01/2022 BBC News: Russian mercenary videos ‘top 1bn views’ on TikTok

12/01/2022 Variety: Is TV News Good For You? ‘Nutrition Labels’ Served to Advertisers

12/01/2022 The Globe and Mail: TikTok under fire for videos glorifying Russian mercenaries fighting in Ukraine

11/29/2022 The Wall Street Journal : Twitter Under Elon Musk Abandons Covid-19 Misinformation Policy

11/29/2022 Axios: New pro-China disinfo Twitter campaign zeros in on critical NGO

11/24/2022 Nature: Growing polarization around climate change on social media

11/22/2022 The Harvard Gazette: How demagogues wield social media

11/19/2022 AFP: Twitter turmoil, staff exodus aggravate security concerns

11/19/2022 What Next? with Rishad Tobaccowala (podcast): The Misinformation Problem With Programmatic Ads

11/18/2022 Financial Times: Elon Musk’s chaotic reign boosts Twitter — and its smaller rivals

11/17/2022 NPR: Twitter employees quit in droves after Elon Musk’s ultimatum passes

11/15/2022 WFAE: Watch out for local news sites that aren’t what they appear to be

11/14/2022 The Media Leader: Misinformation spreaders surge on Twitter after Musk takeover

11/10/2022 Insider: TikTokers are using onions to kill viruses and ‘draw in the poison’ — but public health experts said they won’t actually do much

11/07/2022 Axios Charlotte: Reader beware: “Heavily slanted” outlets in NC pretend to be legit news

11/06/2022 Newsweek: The Paul Pelosi Conspiracy Raced from the Fringe to Mainstream. Here’s how (analysis)

11/06/2022 Crain's Chicago Business: When Musk messed with Twitter, he messed with journalists’ favorite playground (opinion piece)

11/04/2022 American Psychological Association: What employers can do to counter election misinformation in the workplace

11/03/2022 The Associated Press: Misinformation thrives on video site popular with far-right

11/01/2022 AFP: How dubious ‘local news’ sites are feeding US misinformation

11/01/2022 AFP: Elon Musk, others amplify conspiracy theory about Paul Pelosi attack

11/01/2022 Inc: Face It: You Are Going to Have to Manage Politics at Work

10/31/2022 ZDnet: Pay-to-play Twitter verification? No thanks, but here’s what I would pay for

10/31/2022 The National Desk: New Twitter CEO Elon Musk falls victim to fake news after posting/deleting conspiracy

10/31/2022 The Independent: Elon Musk laughs off being forced to delete lurid Paul Pelosi conspiracy tweet

10/31/2022 Heavy: Paul Pelosi Underwear Rumor in David DePape Attack Debunked: FACT CHECK

10/30/2022 The Los Angeles Times: Elon Musk spreads unfounded conspiracy theory about Paul Pelosi attack on Twitter

10/30/2022 New York Magazine's "Intelligencer": New Twitter Owner Tweets, Then Deletes Pelosi-Attack Conspiracy Theory

10/30/2022 Vanity Fair: Twitter Takeover: Even before Trump Returns, Celebrities and Companies are Quitting the Platform

10/30/2022 Axios: Elon Musk tweets misinformation about Paul Pelosi

10/29/2022 ProPublica: How Google’s Ad Business Funds Disinformation Around the World

10/27/2022 Local 12 Cincinnati: Partisan newspapers hit Tri- State mailboxes ahead of election day

10/27/2022 Bloomberg: Facebook Is Running Partisan Ads From ‘Pink Slime’ Newsrooms, Watchdog Says

10/26/2022 PC Mag: Is That True? 4 Browser Extensions to Help You Spot Fake News

10/25/2022 Media Week: Meltwater builds on APAC growth with new offerings, promotions and NewsGuard partnership

10/23/2022 The Washington Post: Hyperpartisan ‘local news’ sites are dangerous to democracy

10/21/2022 Insider: TikTokers are spreading a false claim that Costco chicken can cause cancer based on scientific misinformation

10/20/2022 The New York Times: How Disinformation Splintered and Became More Intractable

10/18/2022 Forbes: Students Viewed This Type Of TikTok 412 Billion Times—And It’s Not Porn

10/18/2022 Insider: 5 red flags that tell you a wellness influencer is shady and you shouldn’t trust their advice

10/18/2022 Med Page Today: TikTok Traffic on Monkeypox Conspiracy Theories Swelled After WHO’s Alert

10/18/2022 Newsweek: Most Americans Support Censoring Hate Speech on Social Media: Poll

10/12/2022 The Washington Times: Democrats’ ‘fake news’ interfering with democracy

10/10/2022 CNET: TikTok Is a Misinformation Minefield. Don’t Get Tripped Up

10/10/2022 The National Desk: Websites ‘masquerading as local news’ spread as election draws near, experts warn

10/06/2022 Axios: Democrats’ swing-state local news ploy

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10/06/2022 Newslaundry's "The Media Rumble" : Disinformation and the Ukranian War [video]

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10/02/2022 New York Sun : Democrats Fire Up ‘Fake News’ Websites to Sway Battleground State Voters

09/30/2022 The Associated Press: TikTok politics: Candidates turn to it ‘for better or worse’

09/30/2022 Diálogo Americas: Rusia “lava información” sobre invasión a Ucrania

09/30/2022 Diálogo Americas: Russia “launders information” about the invasion of Ukraine

09/28/2022 The Independent: Former president Trump shares dozens of QAnon-affiliated posts on Truth Social platform before midterm election

09/28/2022 USA Today: In Trump embrace of QAnon, election experts see potential for midterm ‘chaos’ and more election denying

09/28/2022 Mashable: As misinformation grows, TikTok ramps up removal of fake accounts

09/28/2022 The Washington Times: TikTok responds to misinformation complaints, claims progress

09/25/2022 The New Daily: Damning report reveals depths of TikTok misinformation

09/25/2022 Copyright Clearance Center: Beware the “New Google”

09/25/2022 The Washington Post: Detecting impostor content on social media and other news literacy lessons

09/22/2022 Miami Herald: Venezuela is a conduit for Russian propaganda, says disinformation watchdog

09/22/2022 Media Daily News: IPG NewsGuard Exclusive Ending, Others Can Use TV News Ratings Beginning In January

09/22/2022 The Media Leader: NewsGuard makes TV news reliability ratings available to all advertisers

09/22/2022 Nieman Lab: U.S. politicians tweet much more misinformation than those in the U.K. and Germany

09/21/2022 The Hill : TikTok updating policies for political accounts after report of rampant misinformation

09/20/2022 Rappler: Study finds 20% of search results in TikTok contain misinformation

09/20/2022 My San Antonio: ‘Toxic misinformation’: Uvalde conspiracies top TikTok’s recommended searches

09/19/2022 USA Today: Is TikTok the new Google? Why TikTok is Gen Z’s favorite search engine

09/19/2022 Mashable: TikTok’s search suggests misinformation almost 20 percent of the time, says report

09/18/2022 CNN: TikTok’s search engine repeatedly delivers misinformation to its majority-young user base, report says

09/16/2022 Laboratorio de Periodismo: Investigation reveals that almost 20% of videos that TikTok shows contain misinformation

09/15/2022 PR Week: Meltwater teams with NewsGuard to alter users to disinfo

09/15/2022 TikTok search results full of misinformation, analysts say

09/15/2022 Mint: Beware! Nearly 1 in 5 TikTok videos on news topics riddled with misinformation: Report

09/14/2022 The Media Leader: The ‘truthpaste’ is out of the tube: how advertisers should deal with the crisis of truth in media

09/14/2022 The Associated Press: TikTok search results riddled with misinformation: Report

09/14/2022 Newsweek: TikTok Feeding Abortion, Vaccine Misinformation to Young Users: Report

09/07/2022 MediaPost: Meltwater Partners With NewsGuard To Track Online Media Mentions

09/06/2022 Conflict and Resilience Research Institute Canada (CRRIC): Countering disinformation in the Ukrainian War [webinar]

09/01/2022 TechCrunch: Media watchdog details QAnon content on Truth Social

08/31/2022 Univision: Trump’s social media platform is in financial and legal trouble

08/31/2022 Washington Post: Truth Social awarded its verification badges to 47 QAnon-promoting accounts (column)

08/31/2022 BBC News: NewsGuard finds 47 verified accounts promoting QAnon conspiracy on Truth Social platform

08/30/2022 Deadline: NewsGuard reports Donald Trump “re-Truthed” QAnon promoting accounts 65 times to followers

08/30/2022 Forbes: Report finds Truth Social executives boosting QAnon content on social platform

08/29/2022 The Independent: Trump shared posts from QAnon influencers at least 65 times on Truth Social, report finds

08/29/2022 People: QAnon-Focused Accounts Banned on Twitter Now Flourish — and Get a Boost from Trump — on Truth Social

08/29/2022 Gizmodo: Truth Social Actively Platforming Dozens of QAnon Accounts

08/29/2022 MediaPost: QAnon Conspiracy Promoters Find New Home On ‘Truth Social’

08/29/2022 New York Times: QAnon Accounts Found a Home, and Trump’s Support, on Truth Social

08/29/2022 Washington Post: Candidates have dramatically increased how much they share from unreliable sources (analysis)

08/27/2022 Editor & Publisher: As Trust in TV news & newspapers continue to decline, NewsGuard offers “trust ratings” for over 7,500 websites

08/25/2022 MediaPost: Semantic Targeting Platform Semasio Licenses Misinformation Data

08/11/2022 CNN’s New Day: The Monetization of Misinformation [video]

08/10/2022 Digiday: Misinformation a growing concern for marketers, women’s health advocates and researchers

08/09/2022 The Associated Press: Russian disinformation spreading in new ways despite bans

08/09/2022 Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty: Disinformation Trackers Say Myth-Spreading Sites Doubled After Russian Invasion Began

08/09/2022 Newswhip: How NewsGuard monitors 8,000 websites to combat misinformation

08/09/2022 OpenSecrets: New report IDs websites amplifying Russian propaganda

08/08/2022 The Media Leader: NewsGuard partners with programmatic tech group EMX by Big Village

08/07/2022 Univision: How Newsmax and Other Media Would Cover A Trump 2024 Campaign

08/01/2022 Protocol: All The News That’s Fit To Tiktok

07/27/2022 MediaPost: New Index Ranks Brands Based On Misinformation Risk, Tesla Is No. 1

07/27/2022 NewsNation's "Dan Abrams Live": Media watchdog: & ‘fail basic journalistic standards’ [video]

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07/12/2022 The Media Leader: Nearly 2,000 brands are still programmatically advertising on ‘Stop the Steal’ misinformation sites

07/12/2022 AdExchanger: Programmatic’s Persistent Propaganda Problem

07/11/2022 Marketing Brew: Major brands are still running ads on “Stop the Steal” sites

06/30/2022 MediaPost: Misinformation Rater Offering Free Compliance Assessment To Advertisers, Agencies, Ad Tech

06/20/2022 The Media Leader: Big Tech accused of ‘hollow promises’ in tackling disinformation

06/17/2022 Media Post: Ratings Agency: Social Platforms Act As ‘Useful Idiots’ For Propagandists

06/16/2022 City AM: EU ‘Code of Practice’ Lacks Safeguards to Empower Consumers, NewsGuard CEO Says

06/16/2022 CNET: EU Strengthens Disinformation Rules to Target Deepfakes, Bots, Fake Accounts

06/13/2022 Newsweek: Putin Offers Russian Passports to Victims of ‘Forced Ukrainization’

06/13/2022 The Australian : Growing narrative on Russia TV: the West is tired of war in Ukraine

06/03/2022 euronews: 100 days of war: How Russian state media are covering Ukraine invasion

05/24/2022 AdNews: How brands fund disinformation with their ad dollars

05/18/2022 The Message: CMDC has a new partner in its fight to save Canadian news media

05/12/2022 Press Gazette: NewsGuard data shows affiliate links not clearly labelled as ads at leading news publishers

05/12/2022 Newsweek: How France Avoided a Divisive ‘Stop the Steal’ Movement (Op-ed)

05/11/2022 Nieman Lab: Study shows how ‘subtle intervention’ can steer some users away from unreliable sites

05/09/2022 Popular Science: The biggest consumers of fake news may benefit from this one tech intervention

05/06/2022 Princeton School of Public and International Affairs: Credibility Cues May Improve the “News Diets” of Misinformation Consumers

05/04/2022 WBEZ: Why teaching media literacy is more important than ever

05/03/2022 The Media Leader: Who guards the guardians? NewsGuard’s quest to clean up online news

05/03/2022 The Australian : China amplifies Russian propaganda on its war with Ukraine to millions worldwide

04/28/2022 The Associated Press: Most in US fear Ukraine war misinformation, according to AP-NORC poll

04/28/2022 Publishing Insider: News Credibility Ratings Service NewsGuard Partners With Canadian Media-Buying Agencies

04/28/2022 MediaPost: NewsGuard Strikes Another Programmatic Platform Deal, Licenses Data To

04/25/2022 BBC: Ukraine war: False TikTok videos draw millions of views

04/25/2022 TechTimes: TikTok Is Becoming A MAJOR Hub Of FAKE Videos About The Ukraine Crisis

04/22/2022 Chicago Tribune: Russia’s misinformation campaign smacks of what Orwell’s ‘1984′ warned (op-ed)

04/12/2022 CNN: Why Russian TV propaganda is crucial to understanding the war in Ukraine

04/12/2022 InPublishing: Defunding fake news — An interview with Ray Snoddy

04/06/2022 AFP: ‘TikTok is having a bad war,’ say disinformation experts

04/05/2022 Axios: Ukraine misinformation is spreading — and not just from Russia

04/05/2022 Background Briefing Podcast: The U.S. Has Tools to Stop Russian Propaganda Which We Are Not Using

04/01/2022 "Radicalized" Podcast: Tik Tok’s Next Level Disinformation Problem

03/29/2022 Politico: U.S. Law Holds a Tool to Counter Putin’s Propaganda. But Officials Aren’t Using It (Op-ed)

03/22/2022 euronews: New TikTok users exposed to fake news about Russia-Ukraine war, study reveals [video]

03/21/2022 The Guardian: TikTok algorithm directs users to fake news about Ukraine war, study says

03/21/2022 Input: TikTok steers new users to Ukraine misinformation almost immediately

03/21/2022 MediaPost: New TikTok Users See Misinformation On War In Ukraine Minutes After Joining Platform

03/21/2022 Fortune: TikTok slammed for videos sharing false information about Russia’s war on Ukraine

03/21/2022 Howard Kurtz's "MEDIA BUZZmeter" Podcast: NewsGuard Report Shows TikTok Delivering Misleading Content About Ukraine Conflict [27:29 – 31:49]

03/20/2022 CNN's Reliable Sources: NewsGuard Report Shows TikTok Users See False Ukraine War Content Minutes After Signing Up [video]

03/17/2022 Morning Brew: Report: Google is still funding pro-Russia propaganda online

03/16/2022 MediaPost: Big Agencies In Discussion To Rate Credibility Of Ad-Supported Podcasts

03/16/2022 Variety: ‘Nutrition Labels’ for TV News? Some Advertisers Might Review News Grades in Spring

03/14/2022 The Hill: New ad slams tech giants over Russian disinformation

03/10/2022 Coda Story: A key source for Covid-skeptic movements, the Epoch Times yearns for a global audience

03/10/2022 Politico EU: Report: Google and ad platforms send money to Russian disinformation efforts

03/09/2022 BBC's "Digital Planet": Tracking Russian disinformation and propaganda sites [audio 2:10 - 9:10]

03/08/2022 The "New Abnormal" Podcast: NewsGuard’s Steven Brill explains why the tech giants don’t want any real moderation [36:52 – 54:29]

03/07/2022 Wired Italy: Russia’s propaganda about the invasion of Ukraine still uses Google, continues to make money

03/07/2022 MediaPost: Google, Other Ad Platforms Still Funding Misinformation, NewsGuard Research Finds

03/07/2022 Business Insider: Google continues to run advertising on Russian disinformation sites, despite blocking ads on official propaganda sites

03/07/2022 The Drum: Analyst says Google and other ad networks are still funding Russian disinformation

03/04/2022 Bloomberg: Putin Propaganda Machine Undercut by Social Media Blackout

03/03/2022 The Guardian: Analysts identify top 10 ‘war myths’ of Russia-Ukraine conflict

03/03/2022 Deadline: RT America To Halt Production And Lay Off Most Staff After Being Dropped By Major U.S. Distributors

03/02/2022 Digiday: Ukraine invasion exposes balancing act of brand responsibility in advertising

02/28/2022 Chicago Tribune: How Illinois is leading the charge for schools to impart media literacy to students (guest commentary)

02/28/2022 Government Technology: What Can AI Do in the War Against Misinformation?

02/24/2022 Washington Post: These vaccine skeptics are outperforming news outlets on Facebook, Twitter, study finds

02/24/2022 The Australian: First casualty of war is the truth: NewsGuard tracks Putin’s false narratives

02/23/2022 C-SPAN's "Washington Journal": Steven Brill on Detecting Misinformation Online [video]

02/23/2022 Business Insider: With Ukraine under attack, Google and big brands like Best Buy continue to fuel Russian propaganda

02/23/2022 MediaPost: News Veracity Ratings Service NewsGuard Diversifies Into PR, Public Affairs

02/22/2022 JAMA: Widespread Misinformation About Infertility Continues to Create COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy

02/22/2022 AEI "Tech Enabled" podcast: “Combatting online misinformation with ratings, not censorship … new approach to tackling misinformation”

02/21/2022 MediaPost: NewsGuard Enters Russian-Ukrainian War, The Disinformation Part

02/21/2022 Axios: Russian disinformation frenzy seeds groundwork for Ukraine invasion

02/14/2022 Press Trust of India: Journalists step in where platforms have no answers (opinion column)

02/11/2022 The Fix: Reasons for optimism: The movement for trustworthy information

02/10/2022 Publishers Daily: NewsGuard Partners With European Commission Unit To Track Misinformation

02/10/2022 Washington Post: Inspired by Canadian truckers, Europe’s ‘Freedom Convoy’ heads to Brussels

02/07/2022 Adweek: Publicis Pushes Diversity Efforts in Media Through DIME Marketplace

02/07/2022 NiemanLab: How can you judge the quality of a news outlet? Look at how politically diverse its audience is

02/03/2022 640 Toronto: New Service Working to Restore Trust and Accountability in Canadian Media

02/03/2022 Media Daily News: Media Need Brand Suitability Standards (Commentary)

02/02/2022 CTV News: This company is rating news sites to help tackle misinformation online

01/31/2022 Media Daily News: Publicis Media Trades Digital Dollars For A More Values-Based DIME

01/27/2022 Newsy: Company Created Tool To Identify Trusted News Sources

01/26/2022 MediaPost Agency of the Year Awards: Supplier of the Year – NewsGuard [video 14:00 - 17:16]

01/26/2022 The 74: As Misinformation Rages, Educators Focused on Improving News Literacy Turn to Outside Groups to Help Kids Parse Fact From Fantasy

01/25/2022 Axios: America’s kids get an internet librarian

01/25/2022 Daily Caller: American Federation Of Teachers Partners With ‘News Literacy Tool’ For Students To Filter Content, Combat ‘Misinformation’

01/25/2022 Cheddar: NewsGuard Teams Up With The American Federation Teachers Union To Help Students Decipher Fact and Fiction [video]

01/24/2022 The Tennessean (Opinion): How consumers can play a critical role in confronting election misinformation

01/20/2022 Broadcast Dialogue: NewsGuard launches in Canada

01/19/2022 Bloomberg Radio's "Balance of Power": Fighting Online Misinformation

01/19/2022 What's New in Publishing: Reliability rating site NewsGuard turns a profit

01/16/2022 CNN's Reliable Sources: NewsGuard Praised As ‘A Librarian For The Internet’ [video]

01/16/2022 CNN: A startup that rates the reliability of news sources says it’s making a profit

01/10/2022 MediaPost: NewsGuard – 2021 Media Supplier of the Year

01/10/2022 The New York Times: Covid Test Misinformation Spikes Along With Spread of Omicron

01/07/2022 MediaPost: IPG Mediabrands CEO Daryl Lee Talks About NewsGuard Partnerships

01/06/2022 Axios: Websites that continue to spread false claims about the election and the Jan. 6 attack

01/06/2022 Fortune: These 5 CEOs need to tell the world what they’ll change in 2022

01/03/2022 MediaPost: Hundreds Of Major Brands Still Funding Election Misinformation Sites

01/03/2022 MediaPost: 892 Major Brands Run Digital Ads On Hundreds Of Sites Spreading Election Misinformation

12/22/2021 Adweek: PubMatic Teams Up With NewsGuard to Implement Additional Brand Safety Measures

12/22/2021 Forrester: Targeting Truth In The Misinformation Age

12/17/2021 MediaPost: Why Restricting Media Isn’t Necessarily A Binary Thing

12/16/2021 MediaPost: Mobile SSP Kargo Begins Blocking Ads On Misinformation Sites

12/16/2021 NiemanLab: The year advertisers stop boycotting news

12/09/2021 Media Masters Podcast: How to Combat Online Misinformation – A Conversation with NewsGuard’s co-CEOs

12/09/2021 MediaPost: OpenWeb Partners With NewsGuard To Combat Misinformation

12/09/2021 Media Masters Podcast: Media Masters Podcast with Gordon Crovitz and Steven Brill

12/08/2021 Financial Times: QAnon, a year after Q

12/08/2021 MediaPost: SSP Sets Misinformation ‘Floor’ For News Sites That Can Be Bought Programmatically

12/08/2021 Marketing Brew: “Journalistic Criteria” Cornerstone of NewsGuard’s Toolkit for Advertisers

12/02/2021 Broadcasting + Cable: IPG Mediabrands To Use NewsGuard To Evaluate News Shows for Clients

12/02/2021 MediaDailyNews: IPG Mediabrands Rating TV News Buys Based On Misinformation, Will Use In Upfront

11/30/2021 Inc.: Would You Pay for Ad-Free Search? Former Head of Google Ads Says the Results Are Worth It

11/30/2021 MediaPost: Report Finds COVID-19 Superspreaders Still Spreading On Facebook, Twitter

11/30/2021 PolitiFact: Claim Debunk – Omicron ‘hysteria’ was timed so that it would coincide with and distract from the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.

11/30/2021 Newsweek: Social Media Superspreaders

11/22/2021 Inside Story: Finding a vaccine for fake news

11/18/2021 Slate: Google Needs to Defund Misinformation

11/15/2021 European Parliament: NewsGuard Presents Expert Testimony to INGE Special Committee [starts at 16:54:10]

11/15/2021 Aspen Institute: Commission on Information Disorder Final Report

11/11/2021 Popular Information: The truth about shoplifting in San Francisco

11/09/2021 Adweek: COP26 Open Letter on Climate Disinformation Targets Tech Platforms

11/08/2021 ZDNet: Going Google-free: Neeva gives search result control and context back to the user

11/05/2021 Coda Story: Coronavirus conspiracies are kids’ stuff now

11/02/2021 The Guardian: Facebook failing to protect users from Covid misinformation, says monitor

11/02/2021 PA Media: Facebook and Instagram ‘allowing Covid misinformation to thrive’

11/02/2021 MediaPost: Neeva Search Engine Turns On NewsGuard Service

11/02/2021 TAG24: Facebook And Instagram Helped Spread Covid Misinformation To Hundreds Of Thousands

11/01/2021 The Sun: Dangerous anti-vaxx groups plugging deadly Covid conspiracy theories still flooding social media

10/20/2021 Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence: Radical Proposal: Middleware Could Give Consumers Choices Over What They See Online

10/12/2021 MediaPost: Social Net To Launch With Misinformation Filter, Touts A Brighter Future

10/09/2021 Business Insider: TikTok’s algorithm shows anti-vaccine videos to children as young as 9, researchers say

10/08/2021 The Guardian: Revealed: anti-vaccine TikTok videos being viewed by children as young as nine

10/07/2021 The Wall Street Journal: Google Aims to Curb Ads From Appearing on Climate Change Misinformation Publishers

10/06/2021 Carter Center Study: Misinformation Reaching Facebook Audiences Across Political Spectrum, Greater Transparency Needed

10/04/2021 Adweek: NewsGuard and Others Sign on to European Commission Code of Practice on Disinformation

09/28/2021 BBC World Service: TikTok promotes COVID vaccine misinformation within minutes of signing up

09/28/2021 The News-Gazette (Champaign, Illinois): A conversation about COVID-19 and the global infodemic

09/27/2021 The Australian: TikTok ‘spreading vaccine lies to kids’

09/27/2021 Business Insider: Ad giant IPG slams social networks for failing to contain disinformation and encourages advertisers to shift spending to news sites

09/24/2021 PolitiFact: Hangings, guillotines and Gitmo: Going behind Real Raw News’ sensational (and fabricated) headlines

09/22/2021 MediaPost: NewsGuard Begins Rating Veracity Of YouTube News Content, Zefr First To License It

09/22/2021 Newsweek: TikTok Feeds Covid Misinformation to Kids Minutes after They Sign Up

09/22/2021 Protocol: New report shows kids see COVID-19 misinfo on TikTok in minutes

09/22/2021 The Times: Children see viral fake news about Covid and vaccines on TikTok

09/22/2021 The Sun: TikTok used to spread Covid anti-vax lies to children as young as nine, probe reveals

09/22/2021 Business Insider España: TikTok exposes minors to false information about the coronavirus in a matter of minutes, according to an experiment

09/15/2021 City A.M.: Facebook’s no fact-checking for VIPs policy will fuel conspiracy theories – the tech titan needs to come clean

09/14/2021 Scripps TV: More than 500 websites are currently pushing misinformation about COVID-19, group finds

09/14/2021 KMOX Radio: Media watchdog calls COVID misinformation and hoaxes an ‘Infodemic’

09/09/2021 WGN-TV: Websites peddling disinfo about COVID-19

09/08/2021 USA Today: NewsGuard identifies more than 500 websites promoting COVID-19 hoaxes

09/08/2021 The Australian: Advertisers urged to defund anti-vaxxer news sites

09/08/2021 MediaPost: All The COVID News That’s Unfit To Print: 519 And Counting

09/03/2021 The Washington Post: Misinformation on Facebook got six times more clicks than factual news during the 2020 election, study says

08/24/2021 The Washington Post: Study finds sites that mislead, not flat-out lie, attract record share of Facebook engagements

08/23/2021 Campaign: Advertisers spend $2.6bn on misinformation websites, study finds

08/18/2021 MediaPost: NewsGuard/Comscore report finds $2.6 billion in programmatic advertising unintentionally going to misinformation and hoax sites

08/16/2021 Marketing Brew: Comscore and NewsGuard team up to help brands avoid misinformation

08/15/2021 Psychology Today: Misinformation and Fake News Are Only Part of the Problem

08/11/2021 Mediatel News: Facebook: fines, flaws and the battle against fake news

08/10/2021 CNN's "The Situation Room": What are social media companies doing about misleading posts and falsehoods?

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05/14/2020 MediaPost: Microsoft To Give Edge Browser Users Access To NewsGuard Tools

05/14/2020 TechDecisions: NewsGuard, Now Free on Microsoft Edge, Can Help You Make Informed Decisions

05/08/2020 Corriere della Sera: Coronavirus and fake news, Facebook “stops” 9 of the 10 pages that have spread fake news in Italy

05/07/2020 The New York Times: News Outlets Want More Advertisers to Act Like Burger King

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04/23/2020 Shining a light on super-spreaders of coronavirus misinformation

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04/02/2020 MediaPost: NewsGuard Offers Database Of COVID-19 Misinformation Sites To Protect Credible News Sites From Blacklisting

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03/30/2020 The Telegraph: Coronavirus fake news ‘could cost lives’, Culture Secretary warns

03/30/2020 Forbes: UK Government Launches Unit To Deal With Fake Coronavirus News

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03/30/2020 E&T: Spreading Covid-19 deception should be an offence, says Tory MP

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03/29/2020 Daily Mail: Online filtering service backed in fight against Covid-19 ‘fake news’

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