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Artificial intelligence holds immense potential, but without adequate safeguards in place, leading AI models have a great propensity to create and spread false claims and other misinformation on topics in the news—between 80% and 98% of the time.

As the leader in the trust industry relating to topics in the news, NewsGuard provides product and trust & safety teams with best-in-class protections to ensure that their AI systems are trustworthy and mitigate misinformation risks.

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RLHF, red-teaming, and evaluations

NewsGuard’s expert services on trusted news and information include Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback, red teaming and evaluations, mitigating misinformation risk at every step of product development, from training to deployment.

Dynamic factuality data for RAG and beyond

Leverage NewsGuard’s proprietary, dynamic datasets—Reliability Ratings and Misinformation Fingerprints™—to develop guardrails and safely implement Retrieval-Augmented Generation pipelines.

Real-time risk monitoring

NewsGuard analysts, aided by proprietary machine-learning processes, identify misinformation in real time, globally. Rely on NewsGuard’s monitoring capabilities and 6.9 million datapoints to stay ahead.

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NewsGuard helps safeguard Microsoft Copilot.

Image of Microsoft Copilot citing NewsGuard's data.

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