Press Releases

07/10/2024 NewsGuard Launches Monthly AI News Misinformation Monitor, Creating Benchmark for Comparing the Trustworthiness of Leading Generative AI Models

07/02/2024 Debunking ‘NATO Troops in Coffins’

06/12/2024 Stanford researchers find that 67% of advertisers unknowingly place ads on misinformation websites; study also documents risk of significant consumer backlash

06/11/2024 Sad Milestone: Fake Local News Sites Now Outnumber Real Local Newspaper Sites in U.S

05/29/2024 Details of Burgeoning Network of Kremlin Propagandist, Supplemented by Extensive Dialogue with Him, and Excerpt from NewsGuard Co-CEO’s Coming Book, Reveal Global Reach of Moscow-based Former Florida Deputy Sheriff

03/14/2024 Amid Mounting False Claims Online Directed at Brands, NewsGuard Announces Custom Brand Misinformation Monitoring Service Featuring Alerts and Journalistic Debunks

02/29/2024 NewsGuard Launches 2024 Election Misinformation Tracking Center, Rolls Out New Election Safety Assurance Package for Brand Advertising

02/08/2024 NewsGuard Announces Participation in Department of Commerce Consortium Dedicated to AI Safety

02/07/2024 NewsGuard Reports More Than 300 Vaccine-Related False Narratives Now Spreading Online

12/06/2023 RT? What’s That?

12/04/2023 DataZulu first to bring NewsGuard Source Ratings to Clients in Germany, Enabling Advertisers to Support Credible News

11/29/2023 Brand Danger: NewsGuard Finds 349 Top Global Brands Funding Misinformation About the Hamas-Israel Conflict with Programmatic Ads

11/20/2023 NewsGuard Launches Ukraine Inclusion List of Quality Ukrainian News Outlets for Advertisers

11/13/2023 Media Advisory: NewsGuard Issues Detailed Explanation Debunking Claim of Conclusive Evidence Israel Caused the Gaza Hospital Blast

11/07/2023 Few Americans Trust Generative AI Models to Avoid Spreading Misinformation

11/01/2023 Most Americans Put Misplaced Trust in X’s Blue-Check Verification System

10/11/2023 NewsGuard Launches Israel-Hamas War Misinformation Tracking Center

09/25/2023 25 Ukrainian newsrooms publish their JTI transparency reports and get rated by NewsGuard to enhance prospects for philanthropic and advertising support

09/13/2023 ETHOS Network Taps NewsGuard’s Misinformation Fingerprints in Industry-Leading Fact-Checking Feature for Social Media Users

08/17/2023 PeakMetrics Brings NewsGuard Source Ratings to Clients, Helping Them Manage Brand Risk

08/10/2023 NewsGuard Expands Reliability Ratings to Connected TV, Enabling Advertisers and Streaming TV Providers to Target High Quality News Channels

07/25/2023 After White House Commitments from AI Companies, NewsGuard Offers ‘Misinformation Risk Audit’ to Test Trustworthiness of Generative AI Models

07/21/2023 Voluntary Safety Commitments by AI Models Today Only a First Step

07/19/2023 NewsGuard Announces No MFAs Service: Inclusion and Exclusion Lists to Protect Brands from Wasting Budgets on Made-for-Advertising News Sites

06/08/2023 NewsGuard Launches Tracking Center for AI-Generated News

05/19/2023 NewsGuard Now Identifies 125 News and Information Websites Generated by AI, Develops Framework for Defining ‘Unreliable AI-Generated News’ and Information Sources

05/12/2023 NewsGuard Identifies 57 Nonprofit and Government Organizations Advertising on Websites Spreading Misinformation

05/11/2023 Reporters Without Borders Partners With NewsGuard to launch Journalism Trust Initiative (JTI) Emergency Protocol to Support Ukraine’s Quality News Media

05/10/2023 NewsGuard to Reveal Safest and Most Dangerous AI Models in Run-Up to DEF CON 31 Conference, Promoted by the White House as a Test for Chat Bots

05/09/2023 NewsGuard and Barometer Unveil Episode-Level Misinformation Detection for Podcasts

05/08/2023 NewsGuard Launches World’s First Journalist-Vetted Podcast Credibility Ratings to Help Advertisers and Streaming Platforms Identify and Support Trustworthy, Brand-Safe News Podcasts

03/15/2023 NewsGuard Expands Service to Australia and New Zealand, Rating News Sources and Tracking False Narratives; Finds Climate Change Misinformation to be Major Subject of Unreliable Websites

02/16/2023 One Year, 100 Myths: NewsGuard Has Identified More than 100 False Narratives About the War in Ukraine

02/15/2023 Launch of ‘NewsGuard for AI: Training Machines with Trust Data’

02/07/2023 NewsGuard Announces DCMS-Funded Media Literacy Project Supporting Ageing-Focused Charities and the Elderly Population

12/07/2022 NewsGuard Launches Six New Brand Safety Tiers, Enabling Greater Control for Advertisers to Support Credible News and Avoid Misinformation

12/02/2022 Secretly Partisan-Funded Websites Posing as Independent Local News Sites On Verge of Outnumbering Daily Newspapers in the U.S.

12/01/2022 NewsGuard Releases TV Brand Safety Ratings for Ad Buyers to Help Clients Make Better Decisions; Makes Six Sample Scores Public

11/10/2022 PubMatic And NewsGuard Launch Responsible News Private Marketplace

10/26/2022 More Than 2,100 Websites Improve their Journalism Trust Practices Through NewsGuard’s Rating Process

10/20/2022 Ukrainian Officials Use NewsGuard Data to Track Russian Disinformation

10/12/2022 Citizen empowerment app MOXY adds NewsGuard integration onto platform

09/22/2022 NewsGuard launches Venezuela Misinformation Tracker, highlighting Russia’s use of the country to spread disinformation in Spanish

09/22/2022 NewsGuard Makes TV News Reliability Ratings Available To All Agencies And Advertisers

09/08/2022 Unruly Partners with NewsGuard to Provide Advertisers with Robust Brand Safety Measures

09/07/2022 Meltwater and NewsGuard announce partnership to help organizations understand and combat the spread of misinformation

08/25/2022 NewsGuard Announces Launch in Austria to Counter Misinformation

08/25/2022 Semasio and NewsGuard partner to protect brands from ad placements on misinformation

08/09/2022 NewsGuard Analysts Have Now Identified 250 Websites Spreading Russia-Ukraine Disinformation

08/09/2022 EMX by Big Village Partners with NewsGuard to Enhance Brand Safety and Protection from News Misinformation

07/27/2022 Pulsar & NewsGuard launch index tracking which brands are most at risk from misinformation

07/22/2022 Statement by NewsGuard on the Updated Ratings for the Websites of Fox News and MSNBC

06/30/2022 NewsGuard Offers Targeted Services, Free Audits to Help Brands Meet New GARM Misinformation Standards

06/16/2022 NewsGuard Statement on the Failure of the EU Revised Code of Practice on Disinformation to Empower Consumers

05/24/2022 Magnite Signs With NewsGuard to Enhance Commitment to Brand Safety and Inventory Quality

05/06/2022 New research from NYU shows NewsGuard helps those most exposed to misinformation

04/28/2022 and NewsGuard partner to help brands advertise responsibly on news while avoiding misinformation

04/27/2022 Canadian Media Directors’ Council announces partnership with NewsGuard to support responsible news media in Canada

04/07/2022 NewsGuard’s journalist-powered data enables tech platforms like GIPHY to vet user-generated content at scale for misinformation

04/04/2022 NewsGuard List of Russia-Ukraine Disinformation Websites Jumps From 116 To 172

03/03/2022 NewsGuard Launches Russia-Ukraine Disinformation Tracking Center

02/23/2022 Pulsar and NewsGuard to help PR and Marketing professionals detect misinformation before it spreads

02/10/2022 NewsGuard partners with the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission

02/03/2022 PeakMetrics Partners with NewsGuard to Provide Clients with Context on News Source Credibility

02/01/2022 NewsGuard partners with Online Voting Company Neuvote to Protect Voters and Political Candidates From Misinformation

01/25/2022 AFT Partners with NewsGuard to Combat Misinformation Online

01/19/2022 NewsGuard Announces Canada Launch to Tackle Misinformation Online

12/21/2021 Italian Media Monitoring Company Infojuice Partners with NewsGuard to Provide a More Complete Offer to its Clients while Fighting Disinformation

12/16/2021 Kargo Announces First of Its Kind Partnership with with NewsGuard and Industry-Leading Results with Oracle Moat, Validating Supply Quality

12/14/2021 Consensus of researchers finds source reliability ratings work to “prebunk” hoaxes

12/09/2021 OpenWeb Partners with NewsGuard to Combat Misinformation Online

12/02/2021 IPG Mediabrands Strikes Exclusive Deal with NewsGuard to Go Beyond Website Ratings to Rate Individual Cable and Broadcast TV News Shows

11/01/2021 NewsGuard and Neeva Team Up for First-Ever Independent Assessments of News Sources in Search

10/12/2021 NewsGuard Partners with Bright, the New Ethical Social Media App, to Keep Misinformation Off the Platform

10/06/2021 European Commission Announces NewsGuard as New Prospective Signatory to the Code of Practice on Disinformation

09/22/2021 NewsGuard and Zefr Partner to Help Advertisers Reduce News Category Blocking, Expanding Reach on Trusted News Content in Video

09/20/2021 The power of truth in the era of disinformation: The European Union’s Italian Digital Media Observatory

09/08/2021 Sizing the Infodemic: NewsGuard Analysts Have Now Found More than 500 ‘News’ Sites Peddling COVID-19 Misinformation and Identified 50 Hoaxes Relating to the COVID-19 Vaccines

09/08/2021 Brand Safety Veteran Israel Mirsky Joins NewsGuard’s Global Advisory Board

08/18/2021 After report finding brands are sending $2.6B to misinformation sites annually, NewsGuard and Comscore partner to offer advertisers options for responsible advertising on news

07/22/2021 NewsGuard to participate in the Italian Digital Media Observatory, a newly formed consortium selected by the European Commission to fight disinformation in Italy

07/20/2021 Despite assurances to the contrary, Facebook executives are still programming their recommendation algorithm to maximize toxic anti-vax engagement

07/17/2021 Independent study of California news sources finds dozens of partisan websites posing as local newspapers, exploiting and undermining readers’ trust in local journalism

06/30/2021 NewsGuard releases new report to government online harms watchdogs and the WHO detailing new COVID-19 myths being spread by platforms — including that soccer star Christian Eriksen collapsed after receiving vaccine

06/14/2021 NewsGuard Extends and Expands Licensing Agreement with Microsoft

05/25/2021 NewsGuard, Publicis Groupe Partner to Combat Misinformation and Disinformation on Behalf of Advertising Clients

05/17/2021 Case Study Proves Brands Can Now Avoid Advertising on Misinformation Sites, Restore Support to Quality News Publishers—and Achieve Greater Efficiency with Both Lower Costs and Higher Click-Throughs

05/12/2021 NewsGuard & GumGum Partner To Stop Advertising Dollars From Funding Misinformation

05/05/2021 Statement by NewsGuard on Today’s Facebook Oversight Board Ruling

03/30/2021 NewsGuard Announces ‘Responsible Advertising for News Segments’ Menu to Allow Brands to Stop Funding Misinformation While Restoring Ads to Quality News Publishers, Including Sites Serving Minority Communities and Local News Sites

02/03/2021 NewsGuard Launches VaxFacts Campaign to Counter Hoaxes About COVID-19 Vaccines and Other Healthcare Misinformation

12/03/2020 Statement from NewsGuard co-CEOs Steven Brill and Gordon Crovitz on Facebook’s Promise to Remove COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation from its Platform

11/18/2020 NewsGuard and IPG Mediabrands expand partnership to help advertisers in the U.S. and Europe advertise on trustworthy news sites while avoiding misinformation

11/18/2020 Trend Micro Becomes First Cybersecurity Company to License NewsGuard Ratings, Protecting Its Customers from Misinformation

11/17/2020 NewsGuard Tracks Large Increase in Number of Sites Publishing False Voting Content Following Election Day; Tally Climbs to 122

11/02/2020 Guaranteeing Brand Safety: Meetrics & NewsGuard announce innovative partnership

10/30/2020 The Social Media Platforms Say They Can’t Keep Up With the Volume of Hoaxes. Now, They Can

10/28/2020 NewsGuard Proposes a Simple Reform to Protect Online Users from Hoaxes, Misinformation and Other Harms

10/22/2020 NewsGuard teams up with Microsoft to create media literacy quiz

10/01/2020 Dr. Kavita Patel Joins NewsGuard’s Global Advisory Board

09/25/2020 Proposed Law Would Create New Duty of Care for the Digital Platforms, Including Transparency, Disclosure and a Requirement to Engage with Publishers

09/14/2020 Mount Sinai Health System and NewsGuard Join Forces to Combat Health Misinformation

08/24/2020 NewsGuard Statement: WHO Partnership

08/18/2020 NewsGuard wins Pentagon-State Department contest for detecting COVID-19 misinformation and disinformation

07/31/2020 NewsGuard Partners with BT to provide UK audiences with Online Misinformation Tool

07/20/2020 TripleLift Forges Partnership With Newsguard As Ad Industry Confronts The Funding Of Misinformation Sites

07/08/2020 pressrelations, Fraunhofer FKIE, and NewsGuard Join Forces to Detect Disinformation

06/09/2020 NewsGuard launches iOS app, bringing its Nutrition Labels for news sites to iPhones and iPads

06/02/2020 NewsGuard Launches HealthGuard, a New Tool to Protect Against Online Health Care Hoaxes

06/01/2020 NewsGuard launches Android app, bringing its Nutrition Labels for news sites to users’ mobile devices

05/14/2020 Microsoft Expands NewsGuard Adoption

05/04/2020 Turnitin Partners with NewsGuard to Offer Students and Teachers its Media Literacy Tools

04/24/2020 Arne Duncan Joins NewsGuard’s Global Advisory Board

04/21/2020 Brigitte Trafford Joins NewsGuard’s Global Advisory Board

04/10/2020 NewsGuard in cooperation with IPG Mediabrands UK help brands keep their ads off of COVID-19 misinformation websites while funding credible journalism

04/02/2020 NewsGuard joins WHO-backed campaign against COVID-19 misinformation, offers data to help advertisers target trustworthy sites

04/02/2020 Peer39 and NewsGuard partner to help brands avoid fake news and untrustworthy sites

03/27/2020 NewsGuard Partners with DCMS and BT to Help Counter Spread of COVID-19 Fake News as Misinformation Peaks

03/24/2020 A Statement from NewsGuard about COVID-19

03/03/2020 106 Sites in the U.S. and Europe Now Promoting Coronavirus Misinformation

02/25/2020 NewsGuard Launches Coronavirus Misinformation Tracking Center

02/12/2020 Milan Library System becomes first Italian library to join global NewsGuard media literacy partnership

02/12/2020 German Marshall Fund and NewsGuard Partner to Study Misinformation and Inform Solutions

12/10/2019 EBLIDA and NewsGuard Announce Partnership to Bring Media Literacy Tool to European Public Libraries

11/20/2019 NewsGuard Kite Marks Rate the Reliability of News Websites, Without Creating the Risk of Government Licensing of News Publishers

11/13/2019 NewsGuard Debuts News Website Reliability Index, Creating the First Benchmark for Measuring News Reliability and Media Consumption Habits

10/30/2019 IPG Mediabrands Partners With NewsGuard To Bring ‘Human Intelligence’ To Brand Safety, Enabling Advertisers To Support Journalism

10/24/2019 Cologne City Library Becomes First NewsGuard Library Partner In Germany

10/09/2019 Public Libraries 2030 and NewsGuard Announce Partnership to Bring Media Literacy Tool to European Public Libraries

09/23/2019 Special Report: Inside NewsGuard’s First Year Fighting Misinformation

08/08/2019 Cable Industry Veteran Leo Hindery, Jr., Becomes an Investor in NewsGuard

07/30/2019 More than 10% of the news websites Americans rely on spread misinformation about health issues such as vaccines

07/23/2019 University of Michigan’s Iffy Quotient shows steady drop of questionable information on social media, partners with NewsGuard for better data

06/04/2019 Ed Vaizey, MP, Joins Global Advisory Board of NewsGuard to Support Its Efforts to Counter Misinformation Online

04/24/2019 NewsGuard Announces UK Launch to Tackle Misinformation Online

01/31/2019 More Than 500 Websites Improve their Journalism Trust Practices Through NewsGuard’s Rating Process

01/16/2019 NewsGuard Now Available on Microsoft Edge Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

01/16/2019 Toledo Lucas County Public Library Joins NewsGuard in News Literacy Partnership

01/09/2019 Gallup Research Finds NewsGuard Ratings of News Websites Effective in Countering False Information, Misinformation and Disinformation

12/17/2018 Hawaii Public Libraries Join NewsGuard in News Literacy Partnership

11/19/2018 NewsGuard Launches ‘Human Intelligence’ BrandGuard Service to Help Advertisers Keep their Brands Off of ‘Fake News’ Websites

11/08/2018 Stony Brook University and NewsGuard Team Up for News Literacy Initiative

11/05/2018 NewsGuard Recognized with Leading Magazine Award for Innovation

10/29/2018 NewsGuard’s Misinformation SWAT Team Issues Red Ratings to Two Networks Publishing Dozens of Hoax Websites

08/23/2018 NewsGuard Announces Launch of Free Browser Plugin with Support from Microsoft

04/18/2018 NewsGuard Announces Addition of Two Veteran Journalists to Analyst Team

03/05/2018 Brill and Crovitz Announce Launch of NewsGuard to Fight Fake News