Building Trust For All

In order to restore trust and accountability in media, we need to build trust in NewsGuard among news consumers from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives.

That’s why we’re committed to creating a team that is diverse and inclusive in every way possible—one that brings a breadth of different experiences, beliefs and perspectives to the table. We aim to hire journalists from a range of racial and ethnic backgrounds, political perspectives, geographical origins, gender identities, and more. NewsGuard is an equal opportunity employer.

Our ideal candidate values accuracy, fairness, and journalistic rigor.

We look for candidates who…

  • Bring reporting experience. If you want to join the NewsGuard team, be ready to demonstrate that you have the skill and experience to interview sources, conduct research, find primary-source documents, communicate professionally, and avoid bias.
  • Call for comment. NewsGuard’s rating process goes beyond just reading and researching sites online. Journalists at NewsGuard know how to be persistent and even dogged, calling sources for comment multiple times if needed. This journalistic approach keeps our ratings as fair and accurate as possible and often results in publishers making improvements to their credibility or transparency practices.
  • Strive for fairness. Rating and reviewing news and information sites means encountering a wide range of topics, worldviews and political perspectives. Candidates seeking to join NewsGuard’s team must be committed to treating every site fairly, basing its rating on NewsGuard’s nine journalistic criteria and rating system and nothing else.
  • Leave politics at the door. At NewsGuard, we seek to keep politics out of the equation and assess each site based on its journalistic practices. This means avoiding both real and perceived bias. As a NewsGuard analyst, you will need to sign a strict ethics and conflict of interests policy and avoid anything that might create even the perception of bias, such as intemperate social media postings or partisan political activities.
  • Adapt and learn. NewsGuard is a startup and a frontrunner in the creation of a new industry—the Cyber Trust industry. NewsGuard team members should be adaptable, ready for change, and eager to contribute new ideas for how we can continue to innovate and improve.

Want to join the team? Submit a resume and cover letter.

If you’re interested in working for NewsGuard, feel free to send a resume and cover letter to Or contact us with any questions.

Learn more about the roles for which we are seeking applicants below:

Available Roles:

  • Interns. Interns will work with NewsGuard’s team of award-winning journalists and editors to report and write ratings of news and information sites using NewsGuard’s rating process. They’ll gain valuable research, reporting and writing skills while making a positive impact in the fight against online dis- and misinformation. Click here for more information about the role and how to apply.
  • Contributing Analyst. Reporters or freelance journalists can apply to become a Contributing Analyst for NewsGuard. In this role, you will assess sites against our nine journalistic criteria and produce ratings and reviews of those sites using the NewsGuard rating process. This role typically begins on a freelance basis, though may present opportunities for promotion to a full staff position.

Upcoming Roles: 

Though we don’t currently have open positions for the roles below, we anticipate we will be seeking additional team members for the following roles. Interested applicants should feel free to send a resume and cover letter to We’ll be in touch if a role opens up that matches your skills and experience.

  • Staff Analyst. Reporters or journalists with more career experience can apply to join our staff as a full-time analyst. Staff analysts receive more training and will do a mix of writing and editing. Over time, staff analysts are expected to become familiar with the detailed nuances of NewsGuard’s criteria and rating process so that they can conduct ratings for more complex sites that are more difficult to assess.