Photo: Mat Napo

A vaccine against medical misinformation

HealthGuard, a service of NewsGuard, helps patients, healthcare workers, and anyone involved in the medical field identify trustworthy sources of health information — and avoid dangerous misinformation. With ratings for more than 3,000 health information sources and a catalogue of false health narratives — from bogus cancer cures to COVID vaccine myths — HealthGuard provides a solution to the “infodemic” of rampant online health misinformation.

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Helping build health literacy

HealthGuard’s browser extension and other educational resources help individuals build health literacy skills.

“Though health misinformation circulates online, it causes real life consequences. We must put tools in the hands of people everywhere so they can better assess the credibility of health information online in order to make informed health choices in their life. NewsGuard has been instrumental in helping WHO and partners keep people safe by identifying and combating online COVID-19 and vaccine misinformation.”

Andy Pattison

head of the World Health Organization’s Digital Channels Team