Curate content from credible sources—and avoid misinformation

News aggregators and media professionals rely on NewsGuard’s website reliability ratings to inform their approach to curating and promoting online news content, enabling them to share articles from credible sources and avoid promoting websites that publish misinformation.

Rely on a trusted third party to rate news websites

NewsGuard is a fully transparent, independent and trusted source for ratings about news sites. A Gallup poll found that 90% of consumers trust “experienced journalists with varied backgrounds” more than technology companies to rate news sites. Our analysts reach out to websites for comment (algorithms don’t call for comment), and hundreds of news publishers have improved their practices after engaging with our analysts (NewsGuard hopes publishers “game” its system by improving their credibility and transparency practices).

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Equipping content moderators with tools to identify credible news

NewsGuard offers multiple tools for content moderators or trust and safety team members to vet content.

  • NewsGuard Reliability Ratings: Access NewsGuard’s dataset directly for automated vetting of sources and links on your platform.
  • NewsGuard DashboardEquip moderators and content vetters with an easy dashboard to look up information sources, track top misinformation narratives, and get alerts if ratings change.
  • NewsGuard Ratings and Icons: Display NewsGuard rating data and Nutrition Labels directly to users within your platform, providing users the context they need to decide which sources to read while emphasizing your platform’s trusted content.
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