Equipping defense and military personnel with tools to identify and avoid disinformation

Disinformation has become a top defense concern. Mis- and disinformation efforts from foreign adversaries can sow division, confusion, and extremism in the ranks, increase the risk of domestic terrorism, disrupt our democratic processes, or otherwise undermine national security interests.

NewsGuard offers a simple anti-disinformation tools that can be provided to defense and military personnel to empower them to avoid falling for disinformation campaigns–and sophisticated machine-readable datasets for analysts to track and identify those campaigns in real time.

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A simple but powerful cyber trust tool

NewsGuard’s browser extension and mobile app serve as practical tools that flag misinformation and help guide people to credible sources.

NewsGuard’s Red and Green trust ratings display next to links on search engines, platforms, and social media feeds, instantly alerting users to the reliability of a source of information. Users can hover over the icons for a summary of each rating or click from each rating icon to see the full “Nutrition Label” – a detailed review providing background on the source and explaining its rating.

It’s easy to use: Librarians at more than 750 public libraries have downloaded it for patrons.

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Misinformation Fingerprints™: Machine-readable data seeds for tracking disinformation narratives

NewsGuard’s Misinformation Fingerprints™ dataset is a continually updated, machine-readable dataset of top misinformation and disinformation narratives spreading online. The Misinformation Fingerprints™ are designed for use both by human analysts who seek to understand new and emerging false narratives and by AI/ML and social listening tools that search large volumes of content to identify potential campaigns and risks.

Powered by human intelligence from NewsGuard’s team of journalist-analysts and offered via a user-friendly dashboard or automated JSON data feed, the Misinformation Fingerprints™ can be applied to numerous defense and security use cases.

Department of Defense report recommends NewsGuard for military personnel

The report, titled, “Cognitive defense of the Joint Force in a digitized world” stated that NewsGuard “should be free to all personnel in the Joint Force.”

NewsGuard wins State Department contest to track foreign disinformation

In 2020, NewsGuard was selected as a winner of a contest run by the National Security Innovation Network, a joint State Department and Department of Defense group seeking solutions that would help the agencies “evaluate disinformation narrative themes in near real time.” In the ensuing project, NewsGuard’s Misinformation Fingerprints were combined with AI/ML social listening tools to monitor content containing state-sponsored mis- and disinformation and to identify the main sources publishing known false narratives.

NewsGuard’s data was subsequently cited in a State Department report titled, “Pillars of Russia’s Disinformation and Propaganda Ecosystem.”

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