Do you read every news site where your ads appear?

We do.

Brands, agencies and ad platforms use NewsGuard to advertise responsibly on news—and avoid misinformation.

Companies across the advertising industry—from agencies to ad-tech platforms to brands themselves—use NewsGuard’s detailed, humanly curated ratings for news and information sites to place ads consistent with their standards for targeting credible news sites—and to avoid placing ads on misinformation and unreliable news sources.

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“With NewsGuard, you’re evaluating inventory based on quality metrics, as opposed to arbitrary classifications of a website.”

Joshua Lowcock

Chief Digital Officer, UM Worldwide

“In working with NewsGuard, we can provide our clients deeper granularity to curate the right inventory and  support publishers with editorial integrity.”

Megan Pagliuca

Chief Activation Officer, Omnicom Media Group NA

“Relying on the platforms and DSPs is not enough. You really do need to have a third party like NewsGuard to come in and tell us that two of the three news sources cited are being funded by state-sponsored elements.”

Yale Cohen

EVP Global Digital Standards, Publicis Groupe

“The independent verification of a reputable solution such as NewsGuard will allow us to be nuanced and ethically minded in our approach to buying media. Thus, we’ll be continuing to protect our clients whilst allowing us to work with our partners to adhere to our mutual values of inclusivity.”

Azad Ali

Head of Performance Insight, Spark Foundry

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