A New Standard of Brand Safety

NewsGuard’s transparent and accountable tools achieve precision and scale for advertisers and marketers, especially in a high-stakes election year.

Top brands are already unintentionally supporting misinformation with $2.6 billion in programmatic advertising every year. With misinformation proliferating online—including phony generative AI “news” sites becoming a force multiplier—brands and those who serve them need to solve new challenges with a new added layer of protection:

  • Constantly updated and accountable reliability ratings of news and information websites, TV/OTT/CTV programs, and podcasts by trained analysts based on apolitical and transparent criteria.
  • Misinformation Fingerprints – a constantly updated catalog of provably false narratives, written by NewsGuard analysts and formatted to be machine readable – that block ads on misinformation with precision, avoiding the overuse of keyword blocking.
  • Private marketplaces (PMPs) and Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) offering inventory vetted and updated by journalistically trained analysts.
  • Constant monitoring and new tools to detect the fast-growing number of Unreliable AI-generated News sites (UAINs) created to attract brand-unsafe programmatic ad revenues.
  • A tailored Election Safety Assurance Package for brands and advertisers to protect themselves from misinformation in a major election year.

It’s clear that legacy brand safety tools are not working. It’s time for a new standard of brand safety, powered by NewsGuard.

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Safe, trustworthy news inclusion and exclusion lists curated by a team of expert journalists

NewsGuard’s inclusion and exclusion lists are curated by a team of expert journalists based on nine journalistic criteria and a thorough review process. Choose the safety level that’s right for your brand and rest assured that you’re advertising on news inventory from brand-safe, trustworthy sources.

Choose your safety tier or create a custom inclusion or exclusion list based on over 40 data fields NewsGuard captures about each publisher. Contact us to learn more.

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Achieve expanded reach, lower CPMs, and improved campaign performance by advertising on trusted news.

Advertising on trustworthy news isn’t just good for journalism—it’s also good business. Research has shown that advertising on highly credible news sources improves campaign performance by reaching valuable, highly engaged audiences in a trusted environment.

In this case study published with IPG Mediabrands, an advertiser using NewsGuard’s curated “maximum safety” inclusion list achieved a 9% lower effective CPM and 143% increase in click-through rates by targeting trusted news sites.

“With NewsGuard, you’re evaluating inventory based on quality metrics, as opposed to arbitrary classifications of a website.”

Joshua Lowcock

Chief Digital Officer, UM Worldwide

“In working with NewsGuard, we can provide our clients deeper granularity to curate the right inventory and  support publishers with editorial integrity.”

Megan Pagliuca

Chief Activation Officer, Omnicom Media Group NA

“Relying on the platforms and DSPs is not enough. You really do need to have a third party like NewsGuard to come in and tell us that two of the three news sources cited are being funded by state-sponsored elements.”

Yale Cohen

EVP Global Digital Standards, Publicis Groupe

“The independent verification of a reputable solution such as NewsGuard will allow us to be nuanced and ethically minded in our approach to buying media. Thus, we’ll be continuing to protect our clients whilst allowing us to work with our partners to adhere to our mutual values of inclusivity.”

Azad Ali

Head of Performance Insight, Spark Foundry

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