Helping reputation management professionals and media monitoring platforms protect their clients from misinformation

NewsGuard’s data helps media monitoring, public relations, social listening, and reputation management companies deliver superior insights to their clients, including crucial context about the quality and trustworthiness of websites and social media channels they appear on.

Equipping reputation management, public relations, social listening, and media monitoring companies with tools to identify credible news.

NewsGuard offers unparalleled media insights for clients who want a deeper understanding — through the authoritative judgment of journalists — of the sources that cite them online. Our tools, powered by human-vetted data, help both professionals and platforms distinguish between earned coverage on quality journalism sites and potential misinformation on sources that have previously published hoaxes.

  • NewsGuard Reliability Ratings: Access NewsGuard’s website ratings dataset directly or integrate our API into your dashboard for automated contextual information about sources and links on your platform.
  • NewsGuard Insights Dashboard: Equip PR professionals and account managers with an easy-to-use dashboard to look up information sources, track top misinformation narratives, and get alerts if ratings on monitored websites change.
  • NewsGuard Ratings and Icons: Use NewsGuard’s rating data and Nutrition Labels in coverage reports and analytics summaries for clients, providing additional metrics to evaluate the quality of reach or flag potentially untrustworthy reporting.
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“NewsGuard's Reliability Ratings provide Kekst CNC's team with unparalleled insights on the credibility of news websites. This is crucial, given the major threat that non-credible narratives have on corporate reputation. Our in-house Kekst CNC Intelligence team relies on NewsGuard’s transparent methodology to protect some of the world’s best known companies detect and manage risk.”

Michael White

Director, Kekst CNC

“Misinformation narratives pollute public opinion every day, but they can be hard to identify just by looking at the content. The context, such as the credibility of the news source, often gives clear hints. Pulsar has a long history of adding context to the content we see online, and this partnership with NewsGuard adds another crucial piece of background to help PR professionals and marketers stay ahead.”

Francesco D’Orazio

Founder and CEO, Pulsar Platform

“With NewsGuard's best-in-class credibility ratings now integrated into our platform, PeakMetrics clients can track relevant mentions and narratives while immediately understanding critical context. NewsGuard's Nutrition Labels shine a light on how ratings are determined, enabling our clients to take swift action when risky narratives spread or adverse mentions occur on unreliable sites.”

Nick Loui

CEO, PeakMetrics

“Knowing whether to trust in the reliability and accuracy of information found online is a major issue today. [Meltwater's] partnership with NewsGuard gives our customers richer insight into that source base. This partnership will provide customers with an additional lens to understand and report on the quality and credibility of their news coverage, as well as potential misinformation around their brand on social media.”

John Box

CEO, Meltwater