Media Coverage

10/12/2021 MediaPost: Social Net To Launch With Misinformation Filter, Touts A Brighter Future

10/09/2021 Business Insider: TikTok’s algorithm shows anti-vaccine videos to children as young as 9, researchers say

10/08/2021 The Guardian: Revealed: anti-vaccine TikTok videos being viewed by children as young as nine

10/07/2021 The Wall Street Journal: Google Aims to Curb Ads From Appearing on Climate Change Misinformation Publishers

10/06/2021 Carter Center Study: Misinformation Reaching Facebook Audiences Across Political Spectrum, Greater Transparency Needed

10/04/2021 Adweek: NewsGuard and Others Sign on to European Commission Code of Practice on Disinformation

09/28/2021 BBC World Service: TikTok promotes COVID vaccine misinformation within minutes of signing up

09/28/2021 The News-Gazette (Champaign, Illinois): A conversation about COVID-19 and the global infodemic

09/27/2021 The Australian: TikTok ‘spreading vaccine lies to kids’

09/27/2021 Business Insider: Ad giant IPG slams social networks for failing to contain disinformation and encourages advertisers to shift spending to news sites

09/24/2021 PolitiFact: Hangings, guillotines and Gitmo: Going behind Real Raw News’ sensational (and fabricated) headlines

09/22/2021 MediaPost: NewsGuard Begins Rating Veracity Of YouTube News Content, Zefr First To License It

09/22/2021 Newsweek: TikTok Feeds Covid Misinformation to Kids Minutes after They Sign Up

09/22/2021 Protocol: New report shows kids see COVID-19 misinfo on TikTok in minutes

09/22/2021 The Times: Children see viral fake news about Covid and vaccines on TikTok

09/22/2021 The Sun: TikTok used to spread Covid anti-vax lies to children as young as nine, probe reveals

09/22/2021 Business Insider España: TikTok exposes minors to false information about the coronavirus in a matter of minutes, according to an experiment

09/15/2021 City A.M.: Facebook’s no fact-checking for VIPs policy will fuel conspiracy theories – the tech titan needs to come clean

09/14/2021 Scripps TV: More than 500 websites are currently pushing misinformation about COVID-19, group finds

09/14/2021 KMOX Radio: Media watchdog calls COVID misinformation and hoaxes an ‘Infodemic’

09/09/2021 WGN-TV: Websites peddling disinfo about COVID-19

09/08/2021 USA Today: NewsGuard identifies more than 500 websites promoting COVID-19 hoaxes

09/08/2021 The Australian: Advertisers urged to defund anti-vaxxer news sites

09/08/2021 MediaPost: All The COVID News That’s Unfit To Print: 519 And Counting

09/03/2021 The Washington Post: Misinformation on Facebook got six times more clicks than factual news during the 2020 election, study says

08/24/2021 The Washington Post: Study finds sites that mislead, not flat-out lie, attract record share of Facebook engagements

08/23/2021 Campaign: Advertisers spend $2.6bn on misinformation websites, study finds

08/18/2021 MediaPost: NewsGuard/Comscore report finds $2.6 billion in programmatic advertising unintentionally going to misinformation and hoax sites

08/16/2021 Marketing Brew: Comscore and NewsGuard team up to help brands avoid misinformation

08/15/2021 Psychology Today: Misinformation and Fake News Are Only Part of the Problem

08/11/2021 Mediatel News: Facebook: fines, flaws and the battle against fake news

08/10/2021 CNN's "The Situation Room": What are social media companies doing about misleading posts and falsehoods?

08/09/2021 MediaPost Commentary: Why The Ad Industry Needs More Of A Collective Consciousness

08/09/2021 The Los Angeles Times: Editorial: Now, for your local fake news …

08/07/2021 The Independent: Fake Home Office website targeting asylum seekers probed by Information Commissioner

08/06/2021 MediaPost: Some Display Ad Spend Supports Misinformation Sites

08/06/2021 WBUR/NPR's "On Point": How The ‘Disinformation Dozen’ Spreads Vaccine Misinformation Online

08/06/2021 Marketing Brew: Billions of ad dollars fund misinformation sites, says report

08/05/2021 Business Insider: Big brands are funneling as much as $2.6 billion into misinformation websites per year

08/05/2021 CNN Reliable Sources: Big brands are funding misinfo – here’s how

07/29/2021 Freedom House's Disinformation & Democracy Webinar Series: “In Pursuit of Truth” Panel [Video]

07/26/2021 PolitiFact: 10 types of COVID-19 vaccine misinformation swirling online, fact-checked

07/23/2021 The Australian: Reset Australia urges Facebook to revamp algorithms that direct users to COVID misinformation

07/22/2021 Popular Information: Lies, damn lies, and Facebook’s statistics

07/22/2021 ZDNet: On Facebook, quoting ‘Dune’ gets you suspended while posting COVID and vaccine misinformation gets you recommended

07/22/2021 B&T: “Unchecked Algorithms” Spreading Anti-Vaxx Misinformation on Facebook: Report

07/21/2021 Coda: The Italian disinformation networks flying under Facebook’s radar

07/21/2021 POLITICO Pro Europe: Social media’s coronavirus challenge – Responsibility

07/21/2021 The Australian: Facebook exposed over COVID claims

07/19/2021 NPR: Outrage As A Business Model: How Ben Shapiro Is Using Facebook To Build An Empire

07/18/2021 Newser: ‘Disinformation Dozen’ Pushes Most Antivaccine Content

07/17/2021 The Sacramento Bee: Op-ed: We can’t let partisan ‘news’ sites exploit Californians’ trust in local journalism

07/11/2021 TechTimes: Best Android Web Browser & Features of 2021

07/09/2021 Marketing Brew: Marketers are leaning away from keyword blocking, report claims

07/01/2021 AiThority: NewsGuard Releases New Report to Government Online Harms Watchdogs and the Who Detailing New COVID-19 Myths Being Spread

06/30/2021 pressrelations: Interview: “Advertising on credible news sources helps the bottom line”

06/29/2021 Axios: Boring news cycle deals blow to partisan media

06/27/2021 i newspaper: Beware of the ‘infodemic’: How a poor news diet can be bad for your health too

06/23/2021 Ad Age: Brand safety solutions should avoid “blunt” solutions that exclude news content

06/16/2021 Marketing Brew: Media buyers are using this tool to avoid misinformation

06/15/2021 MarTech Series: NewsGuard Extends and Expands Licensing Agreement with Microsoft

06/15/2021 POLITICO Pro Morning Tech: Microsoft Extends Partnership With NewsGuard

06/14/2021 AiThority: NewsGuard Extends and Expands Licensing Agreement With Microsoft

06/13/2021 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Healthy news diets help guard against dangers of misinformation

05/30/2021 CNN: How NewsGuard Rates News Sites Using an Apolitical, Journalistic Criteria

05/27/2021 The Hill: Engagement with disinformation on Twitter, Facebook dropped in 2021: analysis

05/25/2021 Newsweek: How a well-meaning U.S. government database fuels dangerous vaccine misinformation

05/25/2021 Business Insider: IPG is using a new tool to help advertisers avoid misinformation and says it’s already increasing click-through rates 143%

05/25/2021 MediaPost: Publicis Integrates ‘Disinformation’ Ratings For Programmatic News Buys, To Power Public Health Campaign Too

05/18/2021 The Drum: IPG study correlates quality media with ad effectiveness

05/17/2021 Fortune: Do you know where your ads are going?

05/13/2021 NPR: Just 12 People Are Behind Most Vaccine Hoaxes On Social Media, Research Shows

05/13/2021 The Associated Press: Inside one network cashing in on vaccine disinformation

05/12/2021 POLITICO: UK wants online content rules (except for politicians)

05/12/2021 MediaPost: Contextual Ad Net Begins Filtering Publishers For Fake COVID News, Other Misinformation

05/10/2021 First Draft: How fringe candidates use misinformation to gain outsized online influence

05/05/2021 MediaPost: Facebook Oversight Disorder By Proxy

05/05/2021 City A.M.: DEBATE: Was Facebook’s Oversight Board right to uphold the ban on Donald Trump?

05/04/2021 The Sun: Bill Gates divorce sends anti-vaxxers into overdrive with conspiracy claims

05/03/2021 Columbia Journalism Review: Off-Label – How tech platforms decide what counts as journalism

04/30/2021 KSRO-FM: Middleware May Help Protect Users On Social Media

04/28/2021 POLITICO Future Pulse Newsletter: Ideas Lab

04/27/2021 POLITICO Magazine: Op-Ed: What I Learned on My Quest to Fix America’s Social Media Problem

04/17/2021 KDKA Radio: Gordon Crovitz with Chris Moore

04/15/2021 Press Gazette: Covid-19 and the rise of misinformation and misunderstanding

04/15/2021 Islam21c: Muslim news site scores higher than mainstream press in NewsGuard rating

04/14/2021 Financial Times: Quitting QAnon: why it is so difficult to abandon a conspiracy theory

04/13/2021 New York Times: Top Bidder for Tribune Newspapers Is an Influential Liberal Donor

04/12/2021 PolitiFact: Fact-checking unproven claims that rapper DMX suffered heart attack after getting COVID-19 vaccine

04/02/2021 FOX56: Volpe’s Views | Disinformation

03/30/2021 Publishers Daily: New Tool Helps Ad Buyers Choose Sites That Reflect A Company’s Values

03/30/2021 Business Insider: IPG and Omnicom are touting a new tool to help advertisers avoid misinformation without hurting publishers

03/30/2021 MarketWatch: NewsGuard Launches “Responsible Advertising for News Segments” to Help Brands Stop Funding Misinformation

03/22/2021 GoErie: Vet your news sources carefully

03/19/2021 Williston Herald: Wick community journalists earn perfect score as trusted news sites

03/18/2021 The Connexion: QAnon’s new Europe arm takes aim at Macron vote

03/18/2021 LNP | LancasterOnline: Beware partisan websites masquerading as news sites. Newspapers such as LNP | LancasterOnline are far more reliable.

03/18/2021 POLITICO: EU Confidential Podcast: AstraZeneca limbo — Vaccine export bans — COVID disinformation (22.42 to 35.10)

03/16/2021 The Telegraph: Facebook’s peace deal with Rupert Murdoch spooks the media world

03/15/2021 WITF: Partisan Pa. websites masquerading as local news threaten trust in journalism, new report finds

03/15/2021 The Philadelphia Inquirer: Don’t be fooled by partisan sites masquerading as real news

03/15/2021 The Lenfest Institute: A new report shows how partisan websites are eroding trust in legitimate local news sites in Pennsylvania. This is how we can restore faith in local journalism

03/12/2021 Associated Press: Defying rules, anti-vaccine accounts thrive on social media

03/12/2021 Al Jazeera: The battle to stop the spread of vaccine misinformation online

03/11/2021 POLITICO Digital Bridge: COVID-19 disinformation

03/11/2021 POLITICO: Big Tech’s trying to stop coronavirus misinformation. It’s not enough.

03/04/2021 The Verge: Far-right news and misinformation received the most engagement on Facebook during 2020 US election

03/04/2021 Washington Post: Far-right sources on Facebook get more engagement than any other political posts, study finds

03/03/2021 Protocol: The most engaging political news on Facebook? Far-right misinformation.

03/03/2021 CNN: Right-wing misinformation on Facebook is more engaging than its left-wing counterpart, research finds

03/03/2021 WIRED: Fake News Gets More Engagement on Facebook—But Only If It’s Right-Wing

03/03/2021 Gizmodo: Study: Far-Right Propaganda Gets the Most Engagement on Facebook, Especially When It’s Lies

03/03/2021 USA Today: What’s popular on Facebook? Extreme far right political views and lies, study says

03/03/2021 CyberScoop: Far-right misinformation on Facebook outranks real news

02/22/2021 VICE: QAnon Is So Big in France That Even the Government Is Worried

02/22/2021 WELT: “What we are currently seeing will make democracies around the world healthier”

02/19/2021 City A.M.: Australian Facebook ban: A political gamble gone terribly wrong

02/19/2021 Forbes: A Much-Needed Service: NewsGuard Cracks Down On Fake News

02/19/2021 B&T: Over 4,000 Brands Bought Programmatic Ads On COVID-19 Misinformation Websites

02/19/2021 AdExchanger: Brands Have Been Funding False COVID Info

02/19/2021 Rantt: Russian State-Media Aligns With GOP Messaging After Capitol Attack

02/19/2021 The German Marshall Fund of the United States: How the Disinformation Supply Chain Created a Deceptive Narrative about the Texas Blackout

02/18/2021 Ad Age: Thousands of brands are running ads next to COVID vaccine misinformation: Thursday Wake-Up Call

02/18/2021 Newsweek: The Funding of False Facts—Advertising Money is Fueling Conspiracy Theories | Opinion

02/18/2021 CyberScoop: Misinformation flooded Parler around Capitol insurrection, research finds

02/18/2021 Next TV: How Comcast, Verizon and Pepsi Ended Up Sponsoring Russian-backed COVID Misinformation Sites

02/18/2021 PR Daily: Thousands of brands’ ads found on sites with COVID-19 misinformation, Facebook labels UK climate change posts, and job listing language leads to museum’s leadership change

02/18/2021 Fortune: The news Down Under

02/18/2021 PuroMarketing: New problem for programmatic advertising: Over the past year advertisers ‘paid’ for misinformation about the coronavirus with their ads

02/17/2021 STAT: Look who’s advertising on Covid misinformation sites

02/17/2021 Business Insider: More than 4,000 advertisers including Pfizer, Walmart, and even the CDC ran ads alongside vaccine misinformation

02/17/2021 Protocol: A Macedonian misinformation site dominated Parler before the Capitol riot

02/17/2021 O'Dwyer's: Blame blue-chip company support for COVID-19 hoax sites on programmatic advertising

02/17/2021 Becker's Hospital Review: Health system, CDC ads found on COVID-19 misinformation sites

02/13/2021 Greater Milwaukee Today: Twitter, Facebook had even more deceptive news in 2020, study says

02/12/2021 Public Knowledge: How an Internet Superfund Could Clean Up Vaccine Disinformation That Threatens Our COVID-19 Recovery

02/12/2021 MediaPowerMonitor: How Advertisers Put Democracy in Danger by Enabling Disinformation

02/12/2021 Terra: Gina Carano to make film with far right website

02/10/2021 PRWeek: The Vaccine Project Newsletter: Fighting the virus, the bureaucracy and the naysayers

02/04/2021 KJZZ Phoenix: Court TV Founder Targets COVID-19 Misinformation With New Project

02/03/2021 Leeds Live: The real reason people spread Covid conspiracy theories

02/03/2021 WebMD: New Campaign Fights Vaccine Disinformation

02/02/2021 PA Media: Coronavirus misinformation tool launched to flag misleading health claims

02/01/2021 The Washington Post: Opinion: Facebook and Twitter can do something about deceptive news. So why don’t they?

01/29/2021 Evening Standard: Time to curb the fake news running riot on social media

01/28/2021 The Sun: Far-right conspiracy QAnon surging in Europe as fanatics plot return of Nazi Reich and link Satanists to Jimmy Savile

01/28/2021 Bloomberg: Twitter, Facebook Had Even More Deceptive News in 2020, Study Says

01/27/2021 BR24: “Infodemic”: These are the driving forces behind Fake News about Corona

01/27/2021 Ofcom: Understanding online false information in the UK

01/25/2021 Scripps TV: Fake political news is growing, so how can you spot the misinformation?

01/25/2021 Social media bans, restrictions have mixed impact on potential misinformation following Capitol riot

01/22/2021 infosperber: On the hunt for misinformation

01/22/2021 Michigan News: Social media bans, restrictions have mixed impact on potential misinformation following Capitol riot

01/21/2021 Britannica for Parents: “How do we find the truth about vaccines?”

01/20/2021 Marketing Brew: Omnicom, Home Depot Face Shareholder Resolutions Over Ad Channel Disputes

01/19/2021 Ad Age: Home Depot and Omnicom shareholders probe misinformation, and brands prepare for Inauguration Day: Tuesday Wake-Up Call

01/18/2021 The New York Times: Investors Push Home Depot and Omnicom to Steer Ads From Misinformation

01/18/2021 Business Insider: The Trump administration gave more than $850,000 in PPP loans to prominent anti-vaccine groups

01/15/2021 Strategic Health Care Marketing: Fighting the Infodemic – How a Browser Extension Separates Fact from Fiction

01/14/2021 Axios: Exclusive: Over 1,000 brands ran ads alongside election misinformation

01/14/2021 Protocol: Google says it’s fighting election lies, but its programmatic ads are funding them

01/14/2021 Newsweek: Disney, Procter & Gamble, Other Trusted Brands Funded Misinformation that Fueled Capitol Riot

01/14/2021 New tool alerts you to online misinformation

01/13/2021 The Washington Post: Three steps to help treat America’s debilitating information disorder

01/12/2021 New York Post: Political unrest to dampen ad spending for news sites, experts say

01/07/2021 The Washington Post: Trump’s ‘stop the steal’ message finds an international audience among conspiracy theorists and suspected cults

01/07/2021 The World: Conspiracy theories and the storming of the Capitol

01/06/2021 The Guardian: Misinformation ‘superspreaders’: Covid vaccine falsehoods still thriving on Facebook and Instagram

01/03/2021 CNN: 2020’s alternative universe is not going away

12/26/2020 Financial Times: ‘Rudderless’ QAnon may reinvent itself after US election, warn experts

12/23/2020 NPR: The Toll Of Conspiracy Theories: A Voting Security Expert Lives In Hiding

12/23/2020 Euronews: US election misinformation continues to go viral online (MP4 video file)

12/22/2020 Axios: “Unreliable” news sources got more traction in 2020

12/22/2020 The New York Times: Misinformation Amplifiers Target Georgia Senate Races

12/22/2020 PolitiFact: Vaccine misinformation: preparing for infodemic’s ‘second wave’

12/22/2020 Vox: America’s growing fake news problem, in one chart

12/21/2020 Politico: Why social media hasn’t been able to shut down vaccine misinformation

12/18/2020 The New York Times: QAnon is still spreading on Facebook, despite a ban

12/17/2020 MediaPost: Making A List, Checking It Twice: Here’s The Year’s Most Misinforming Sites

12/16/2020 New York Times: From Voter Fraud to Vaccine Lies, Misinformation Peddlers Shift Gears

12/16/2020 Harvard Nieman Lab: NewsGuard general manager says collective effort needed to curb misinformation

12/15/2020 Scripps TV: Debunking COVID-19 vaccine myths

12/15/2020 BBC Digital Planet: Dispelling COVID-19 vaccine myths online

12/11/2020 Australian Associated Press: Reports spread misinformation on Pfizer vaccine trial deaths

12/11/2020 Coda: The top 10 wildest anti-vaccination theories and why a COVID-19 shot won’t alter your DNA

12/10/2020 Canton Daily Ledger: We increasingly need ‘media literacy’

12/10/2020 Harvard Nieman Lab: NewsGuard co-CEO predicts common law will finally apply to digital platforms in 2021

12/09/2020 The Washington Post: Facebook removes some pages appearing to coordinate to push health misinformation

12/08/2020 Euronews: Election misinformation isn’t an American phenomenon – it’s spreading across Europe, too

12/03/2020 The Telegraph: The British start-ups battling a tidal wave of fake news and conspiracies

12/03/2020 Euronews: Facebook vows to tackle vaccine misinformation on its platform

12/03/2020 Financial Times: Facebook vows to remove false claims about Covid-19 vaccines

12/03/2020 Wall Street Journal: Facebook to Remove Covid-19 Vaccine Misinformation From Platforms

12/03/2020 ABC (Australia): Why you shouldn’t believe that story about a man being choked unconscious for not wearing a mask

12/03/2020 New York Post: Relentlessly pro-Trump sites saw big gains leading up to 2020 election

12/01/2020 Foreign Affairs: Francis Fukuyama proposes a transparent “middleware service” to replace digital platforms’ secret algorithms

11/30/2020 John Battelle's Searchblog: How marketers can help restore trust by supporting journalism

11/26/2020 RFI: Podcast: Working from home, QAnon spreads to France, when church and state split

11/24/2020 USA TODAY: OAN, touted by Donald Trump for its ‘Great News,’ suspended from YouTube for COVID-19 misinformation

11/23/2020 The Washington Post: Republicans and others offer tips on how to rebut millions of ‘election deniers’

11/20/2020 Associated Press: NOT REAL NEWS: A look at what didn’t happen this week

11/19/2020 MSN: A new anti-vaccine misinformation task force is being set up in the UK

11/19/2020 AiThority: Trend Micro Tackles Misinformation And Fraud With Free Tool

11/18/2020 MediaPost: This Just In… IPG Mediabrands Brings NewsGuard To U.S. Media Buys

11/18/2020 IT Pro: Trend Micro’s free web-based tool takes on hackers and fake news

11/18/2020 The Australian: NewsGuard publishes “election misinformation tracking centre”

11/16/2020 Politico EU: UK gears up for coronavirus anti-vax battle

11/12/2020 The New York Times: One America News spreads debunked elections claims

11/12/2020 European Media & Regulation: Transparency and trust: The user’s perspective in online content navigation

11/10/2020 The Times: Antivax Cyberwar

11/09/2020 Ad Tech Daily: Guaranteeing Brand Safety: Meetrics and NewsGuard Announce Innovative Partnership

11/09/2020 ExchangeWire: Guaranteeing Brand Safety: Meetrics & NewsGuard Announce Innovative Partnership

11/06/2020 Politico: Europe’s QAnon followers embrace US election conspiracy theories

11/03/2020 NPR: Voting Security Has Come A Long Way Since 2016 — But Vulnerabilities Remain

11/03/2020 Research Live: Meetrics and NewsGuard Launch Anti-Fake News Tool

11/02/2020 HealthExec: Facebook still providing safe spaces for COVID misinformers

11/02/2020 WGN News: Pair of Chicago journalists work on cure for the ‘infodemic’ of misinformation

10/31/2020 ConnectSafely Report: Facebook accused of allowing spread of fake vaccine information

10/31/2020 WGN News: 4 things to watch out for on Election Day

10/30/2020 TIME: How to Spot Disinformation Around Election Day—And What to Do About It

10/30/2020 WGN News: Taking a look at the spread of misinformation about vaccines on social media

10/29/2020 Newsweek: Facebook Is a ‘Super Spreader’ of Election Misinformation

10/29/2020 New York Post: Facebook accounts with large reach contained misinformation about COVID vaccine: report

10/28/2020 Insider: 40 Facebook pages identified as ‘super-spreaders’ of election misinformation are reaching millions of users

10/27/2020 Axios: Pre-bunking rises ahead of the 2020 election

10/23/2020 Euronews: QAnon in Europe: How the COVID pandemic helped promote a dangerous conspiracy theory

10/22/2020 The New York Times: How the WHO uses NewsGuard alerts to warn social media companies about healthcare hoaxes they’re spreading

10/21/2020 Financial Times: NewsGuard exposes networks of partisan websites masquerading as local news sites, successfully evading rules set by Facebook, Twitter and others

10/20/2020 Apple News Today podcast: Inside the partisan websites posing as local media

10/19/2020 The Wall Street Journal: Partisan Sites Posing as Local News Expand Ahead of Election

10/16/2020 The World: QAnon’s global reach

10/15/2020 Financial Times: Local news is drowning in ‘pink slime’ ahead of US election

10/15/2020 CNBC: Big Tech backlash over response to NY Post story—Here’s what it means for disinformation campaigns

10/13/2020 Anders Fogh Rasmussen, former Secretary General of NATO: New Technologies Can Strengthen Democracies

10/12/2020 The New York Times: On Facebook, Misinformation Is More Popular Now Than in 2016

10/12/2020 ABC News: More people engage with verifiably false news outlets on Facebook now than in 2016

10/12/2020 Foreign Policy: QAnon’s Sound and Fury

10/11/2020 National Review: Liberal Fake News Site Spends Millions to Target Facebook Users in Battleground Districts

10/06/2020 prmagazin: How company reputations are put at risk by NewsGuard’s red-rated news websites

10/03/2020 C-SPAN: TechFreedom urges social media platforms to use NewsGuard to explain the trustworthiness of news sites

09/28/2020 Modern Healthcare: 4 tips to tackle COVID-19 misinformation

09/22/2020 FOX 32: NewsGuard teams up with Mount Sinai Health System to fight misinformation online

09/21/2020 Vox Recode: How to guard your social feeds against election misinformation

09/15/2020 AFP: Covid a ‘catalyst’ for QAnon’s rise in Europe

09/15/2020 Axios: New tool against the “infodemic”

09/12/2020 Financial Times: Defying crackdowns, QAnon continues its relentless global spread

09/12/2020 The Hill: QAnon spreads across globe, shadowing COVID-19

09/08/2020 Slate: How QAnon Went Global

09/07/2020 The New York Times: Trump Emerges as Inspiration for Germany’s Far Right

09/01/2020 Microsoft On the Issues: New Steps to Combat Disinformation

08/15/2020 WEALTHTRACK: Internet Disinformation

08/14/2020 Coda: Now QAnon’s conspiracy theories are taking root across Europe

08/05/2020 FOX 32: Teaching kids news literacy during the tricky time of remote learning

08/03/2020 Chicago Sun-Times: Teaching kids news literacy could be a matter of life and death

07/30/2020 CNN: A baseless US conspiracy theory found a foothold in Europe. New research shows how

07/30/2020 Euronews: QAnon theories are merging with European conspiracies: report

07/24/2020 District Administration: Fact from fiction: Teaching students to recognize fake news

07/06/2020 Forbes: Big Advertisers Still Fund Hate And Disinformation Outside Of Facebook

07/01/2020 Peoria Magazine: Protect Yourself From Fake News

06/29/2020 Kaiser Health News: Conflicting COVID Messages Create Cloud Of Confusion Around Public Health And Prevention

06/27/2020 The Information: Here’s an Idea for Advertisers Leaving Facebook—Support News

06/25/2020 Vox: Facebook’s war against one of the internet’s worst conspiracy sites

06/18/2020 Newsweek: False stories about “paid protesters” spike — again — in effort to delegitimize Black Lives Matter protests

06/03/2020 The Economist: Fake news is fooling more conservatives than liberals. Why?

06/01/2020 The Simplicity Principle: Truth & Trust In The Media

06/01/2020 Tech Transparency Project: Google is Profiting from Coronavirus Conspiracy Sites

05/27/2020 Vox: Tech billionaires are plotting sweeping, secret plans to boost Joe Biden

05/27/2020 NPR: Social Media Usage Is At An All-Time High. That Could Mean A Nightmare For Democracy

05/26/2020 TechDecisions: Why Real, Trusted, Verified News Should Matter To Your Organization

05/22/2020 Newsweek: Major Republican and Democratic campaign organizations are using shady “news” sites to spread political propaganda

05/20/2020 POLITICO: COVID-19 misinformation widely shared on Twitter: report

05/19/2020 The Australian: Australian Government moves to torpedo 5G-coronavirus myth

05/17/2020 The Week: The coronavirus infodemic

05/14/2020 ZDNet: NewsGuard becomes free for all Microsoft Edge users

05/14/2020 MediaPost: Microsoft To Give Edge Browser Users Access To NewsGuard Tools

05/14/2020 TechDecisions: NewsGuard, Now Free on Microsoft Edge, Can Help You Make Informed Decisions

05/08/2020 Corriere della Sera: Coronavirus and fake news, Facebook “stops” 9 of the 10 pages that have spread fake news in Italy

05/07/2020 The New York Times: News Outlets Want More Advertisers to Act Like Burger King

05/07/2020 Financial Times: Twitter failing to curb misinformation ‘superspreaders’, NewsGuard report warns

05/07/2020 CBC Radio: The conspiracy theory that COVID-19 is connected to 5G cellphone networks spreads to Canada

05/06/2020 euronews: Coronavirus: ‘Super-spreaders’ of COVID-19 misinformation on Facebook identified

05/05/2020 POLITICO: In Europe, COVID-19 misinformation runs rife on Facebook: report

05/04/2020 ZDNet: NewsGuard fights war against misinformation by enlisting millions of home-bound students

05/04/2020 The Daily Star: Critical thinking key to media literacy

05/01/2020 The German Marshall Fund: The Rise of the Parapolitical Sites as the Leading False-Content Producers

04/28/2020 Axios: What experts say works for combating coronavirus misinformation

04/28/2020 EdWeek Market Brief: Former Education Secretary Arne Duncan joins NewsGuard’s Advisory Board

04/24/2020 Vox: How the 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory went from fringe to mainstream

04/23/2020 Shining a light on super-spreaders of coronavirus misinformation

04/22/2020 The Australian: Facebook still “superspreads” COVID-19 falsehoods

04/21/2020 Beet.TV: In Covid Crisis, Hoax Sites Proliferate, NewsGuard’s Steve Brill

04/21/2020 MediaPost: Watchdog: Facebook Remains Riddled With COVID-19 Untruths

04/20/2020 The Wall Street Journal: Coronavirus Misinformation Spreads on Facebook, Watchdog Says

04/07/2020 Scripps TV: Internet trust tool tracking the spread of misinformation about coronavirus

04/06/2020 MediaPost: How Publishers Can Avoid Keyword Blocking

04/03/2020 ExchangeWire: Peer39 and NewsGuard partner to help brands avoid fake news and untrustworthy sites

04/02/2020 Amobee: Supporting Journalism During COVID-19

04/02/2020 MediaPost: NewsGuard Offers Database Of COVID-19 Misinformation Sites To Protect Credible News Sites From Blacklisting

03/31/2020 Tech Times: Government Approved App Named NewsGuard to Help Deter Spread of Fake News Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

03/30/2020 The Telegraph: Coronavirus fake news ‘could cost lives’, Culture Secretary warns

03/30/2020 Forbes: UK Government Launches Unit To Deal With Fake Coronavirus News

03/30/2020 The Telegraph: Where did fake news of the UK alcohol ban come from?

03/30/2020 E&T: Spreading Covid-19 deception should be an offence, says Tory MP

03/30/2020 Good Housekeeping: The coronavirus scams you need to know about

03/29/2020 UK Press Association: Online filtering service backed in fight against Covid-19 ‘fake news’

03/29/2020 The Guardian: UK anti-fake news unit dealing with up to 10 false coronavirus articles a day

03/29/2020 Daily Mail: Online filtering service backed in fight against Covid-19 ‘fake news’

03/24/2020 ZDNet: NewsGuard drops its paywall to combat coronavirus misinformation

03/24/2020 New York Post: NewsGuard busts websites sharing fake coronavirus information

03/24/2020 WGN 9: Fact or Fiction on COVID-19 and the stimulus package

03/24/2020 FOX 32: Coronavirus news: What’s real and what’s fake?

03/20/2020 The New Indian Express: COVID-19: Break the fake chain

03/20/2020 American Libraries: Fighting Fake News in the Pandemic

03/19/2020 Wired: NewsGuard tracked how a Coronavirus hoax went viral

03/19/2020 Reuters: Coronavirus conspiracies go viral on Whatsapp as crisis deepens

03/19/2020 S&P Global Market Intelligence: Social media giants face balancing act for tackling coronavirus misinformation

03/16/2020 NPR "Morning Edition": NewsGuard Editor Warns of Dangerous COVID-19 Misinformation

03/13/2020 Mercury News: Tools to help identify real vs. false online information

03/13/2020 The Star Tribune: Debunking viral virus myths, facts and resources

03/09/2020 The New York Times: Surge of Virus Misinformation Stumps Facebook and Twitter

03/09/2020 The Australian: News fact checker coming to Oz

03/07/2020 WGN-TV: The rise of COVID-19 also means a rise in misinformation — an expert weighs in

03/06/2020 Fox 32 Chicago: Combating the coronavirus ‘infodemic’ (video)

03/04/2020 BBC Newsnight: Coronavirus and fake news – what to believe? (video)

03/04/2020 CTV News Vancouver: Medical expert warns of ‘harmful’ products touted as COVID-19 cures

03/03/2020 ZDNet: Coronavirus misinformation spreading fast: Fake news on COVID-19 shared far more than CDC, WHO reports

02/28/2020 STAT: The coronavirus ‘infodemic’ is real. We rated the websites responsible for it

02/26/2020 ZDNet: NewsGuard Technologies launches Coronavirus Misinformation Tracking Center

02/26/2020 Forbes: Tracking Center Reveals Coronavirus Lies

02/26/2020 The Australian: Fake news infecting health and politics

02/26/2020 The Boston Globe: Coronavirus scams are infecting the Internet, but social-media sites are fighting back

02/26/2020 CBS News Radio: Larry Magid speaks with Newsguard co-founders Steven Brill and Gordon Crovitz (audio)

02/25/2020 CBS News Radio: Get the truth & avoid misinformation about the Corona Virus

02/24/2020 The Times: How to help stem the tide of disinformation

02/19/2020 Financial Times: The uncomfortable truth about fake news

02/14/2020 Rockford Register Star: Illinois library director among global soldiers fighting ‘fake news’

02/13/2020 CPTV: Fake: Searching for Truth in the Age of Misinformation

02/11/2020 ZDNet: 2020 election news survival guide: Keep your sanity and your friends with these three apps

02/06/2020 The Washington Post: Is it local journalism, or just local propaganda?

01/30/2020 Chicago Tribune: Commentary: The web is festering with dubious info about the coronavirus (and other health issues)

01/24/2020 KWBU: Business of Health Care: Unfounded Health Claims

01/21/2020 The New York Times: How Amazon, Geico and Walmart Fund Propaganda

01/18/2020 Newsweek: New Analysis Finds Americans’ Engagement with Suspect News Sources on the Rise

01/17/2020 The Boston Globe: Survey says: Many Americans love their fake news

12/26/2019 The Philadelphia Citizen: The Cure for Fake News?

12/19/2019 Nieman Lab: Fighting misinformation requires journalism, not secret algorithms

12/01/2019 The Conversation: Expert ratings provided by NewsGuard are effective at reducing the spread of propaganda and disinformation

11/20/2019 How can quality journalism thrive at a time of news deserts, misinformation and clickbait?

11/16/2019 The State Journal-Register: Library in Springfield, Illinois, launches ‘internet trust tool’

11/15/2019 Columbia Journalism Review: NewsGuard participates in Columbia Journalism Review discussion of fact checking

11/12/2019 Columbia Journalism Review: Columbia Journalism Review on the effectiveness of NewsGuard ratings and labels

11/11/2019 Evening Standard: General election 2019: The battle for your newsfeed

11/10/2019 WLRN: County Commission That Denied New York Times Subscription Claiming Fake News Faces Backlash

11/01/2019 American Libraries: Check Your Facts: Libraries use tech tools to fight fake news

10/29/2019 Press Gazette: News websites rated ‘red’ by Newsguard could miss out on ad money after agency deal

10/03/2019 The Australian: NewsGuard shines a red light on fake news sources

09/18/2019 Microsoft President Praises NewsGuard in Q&A

08/11/2019 Beyond the Book: NewsGuard Takes on Fake News with Real Journalism

08/08/2019 Multichannel News: Cable Industry Veteran Leo Hindery, Jr., Becomes An Investor In Newsguard

07/31/2019 MediaPost: Study: 11% Of News Websites Spread False Health Information

07/31/2019 Fox 32: NewsGuard helps sift fact from fiction among online media (video)

07/26/2019 STAT: Health websites are notoriously misleading. So we rated their reliability

07/24/2019 Cablefax: YouGov research shows how internet and mobile phone providers can add value to their customers with NewsGuard

07/23/2019 Michigan News: University of Michigan researchers switch to use NewsGuard News Website Reliability Index

06/06/2019 European Journalism Observatory: NewsGuard’s “news trust” ratings rolled out to Europe

06/04/2019 Press Gazette: US news ranking tool Newsguard appoints Conservative MP to advisory board

05/07/2019 The Atlantic: NewsGuard “works smoothly” and “the ratings are sensible and well explained”

04/24/2019 The Guardian: Untrustworthy news sites could be flagged automatically in UK

04/24/2019 Press Gazette: US start-up Newsguard rolls out trust rankings for major UK newsbrands

04/24/2019 Press Association: ‘Fake news’ detection tool launches in UK

04/24/2019 Karma Network: Sarah Brandt: NewsGuard “had the idea that the best way to solve a journalistic problem was by using journalism”

04/08/2019 Library Journal: Toledo Lucas County Installs News Literacy Browser Extension

03/04/2019 Lawfare: NewsGuard Takes on Fake News

02/19/2019 The National: Regulation alone won’t be enough to rid us of fake news

02/17/2019 The Daily Caller: CROVITZ: NewsGuard Treats News Equally — Whether It’s Left, Right Or Center

02/16/2019 i24NEWS: Man Bites Dog’s Interview with NewsGuard’s General Manager (video)

02/15/2019 WBUR/NPR's "Here & Now": Companies That Sift Through False News Online Are Creating A New ‘Trust Industry’

02/15/2019 Public Knowledge: Public Knowledge urges Silicon Valley to follow Microsoft’s lead by providing NewsGuard ratings and write ups to their users

02/12/2019 Campaign: Cairncross Report calls for UK regulation of digital platforms

02/11/2019 British MP Damian Collins calls on digital platforms to make NewsGuard available to identify “unreliable sources”

02/10/2019 The Blade: Toledo library adds program for web, news literacy

02/07/2019 The Christian Science Monitor: Can old-fashioned journalism combat fake news?

02/04/2019 WTTW11: Browser Extension Rates News Sites Based on Journalistic Standards

02/03/2019 The Wall Street Journal: Site Behind Northam Revelations Is Backed by GOP Operatives

02/01/2019 Reuters: NewsGuard’s ‘real news’ seal of approval helps spark change in fake news era

01/31/2019 The New York Times: Want to Stop Fake News? Pay for the Real Thing

01/31/2019 CNET: Fake news spotter: How to enable Microsoft Edge’s NewsGuard

01/31/2019 MediaPost: 500 Websites Improved Trust Practices Through Rating Process

01/31/2019 POLITICO: Pro Morning Tech: Jourová on privacy — Information on disinformation — Schaake’s question

01/27/2019 Newsweek: Microsoft Installing App on Edge Browser That Helps Detect Fake News

01/25/2019 Fox News: NewsGuard “is a good idea…pretty right down the middle…there’s accountability…that’s pretty profound.”

01/25/2019 Slate: Just Trust Us

01/23/2019 The Guardian: The Guardian (Jan. 2019): Don’t trust Daily Mail website, Microsoft browser warns users

01/23/2019 The Verge: Microsoft is trying to fight fake news with its Edge mobile browser

01/23/2019 Engadget: Microsoft’s mobile Edge browser begins issuing fake news warnings

01/23/2019 WTOL 11: New program at Toledo Lucas Co. Library downloads program to filter accurate news

01/23/2019 TechCrunch: Microsoft Edge on mobile now includes a built-in fake news detector

01/18/2019 The Daily Signal: NewsGuard ‘Nutrition Label’ Ratings of News Sites Popular

01/17/2019 The Blade: New literacy program at Toledo libraries

01/16/2019 The New York Times: Veterans of the News Business Are Now Fighting Fakes

01/16/2019 Forbes: NewsGuard Gets A Leg Up In The War On Real Fake News

01/15/2019 Folio: Gaining Traction With Consumers and Platforms, NewsGuard Draws Scrutiny From RT, WikiLeaks

01/09/2019 Wired: Here’s What Happens When News Comes With a Nutrition Label

12/17/2018 Big Island Now: Libraries Join NewsGuard in News Literacy Partnership

12/12/2018 LocalMediaInsider: NewsGuard’s trust initiative shows early promise

12/06/2018 Politico: Health Warnings For News?

11/19/2018 The Daily Signal: How to Tell If the News Is Reliable (podcast)

11/19/2018 Adweek: This Startup Uses Old-School Journalism to Expose Fake News

11/07/2018 Editor & Publisher: NewsGuard Creates Ratings System to See if Websites Provide Legitimate News or Misinformation

11/02/2018 Tech+Life: Guardians of the (Online) Galaxy

10/31/2018 The Boston Globe: New tool helps stand guard against fake news

10/26/2018 C-SPAN: Steven Brill on Distinguishing Between Journalism and “Fake News”

10/16/2018 The Hill: Finding common ground in rating media

09/18/2018 Yale Daily News: Yale alums combat “fake news” with startup

09/14/2018 ProMarket: Journalism Over Algorithms: How One Company Is Attempting to Combat Fake News

08/27/2018 Bloomberg: How NewsGuard Helps Consumers Fight Fake News (video)

08/23/2018 Axios: NewsGuard launches first product with help from Microsoft

08/23/2018 Wired: NewsGuard Wants to Fight Fake News With Humans, Not Algorithms

08/23/2018 Microsoft: Defending against disinformation in partnership with NewsGuard

08/23/2018 Axios AM: Situational Awareness

04/19/2018 Politico: NewsGuard Expands with Veteran Journalists from New York Times and AP

04/10/2018 Folio: Inside Steven Brill and Gordon Crovitz’s War on Fake News

04/05/2018 C-SPAN: Steve Brill on Journalism and “Fake News”

03/20/2018 MSNBC: This entrepreneur says he has the secret to stopping fake news on Facebook

03/15/2018 Daily Signal: With NewsGuard, 2 Longtime Journalists Enlist in War on Fake News

03/08/2018 Bill O’Reilly No Spin News: NewsGuard Technologies to Release Website to combat Fake News

03/07/2018 Business Insider: The former publisher of the Wall Street Journal says Facebook and Google don’t really want to be the ones solving their fake news problem — so he hopes to do it for them

03/07/2018 CNBC: News Guard tackling ‘fake news’ epidemic

03/06/2018 The Observer: Can Human Journalists Beat Algorithms at Sniffing Out Fake News?

03/06/2018 MediaPost: Why NewsGuard, Aimed At Fighting Fake News, Won’t Work

03/05/2018 CBS: New venture aims to combat “fake news” on social media with warning labels

03/05/2018 Axios: Coming this fall: ‘nutrition labels’ for news

03/05/2018 Ad Week: Will This Rating Platform Really Protect Your Brand From Fake News?

03/05/2018 Nieman Labs: This new initiative deploys humans to review, research, and rate U.S. news sites

03/05/2018 MSNBC: Veteran Journalist launching new venture to weed out ‘fake news’

03/05/2018 MediaPost: Brill, Crovitz Launch NewsGuard To Rate Sources, Fight Fake News

03/05/2018 Washington Examiner: Steve Brill’s plan: How not to address the fake news problem

03/04/2018 The Wall Street Journal: A New Business Takes On Fake News

03/04/2018 CNN: This start-up wants to evaluate your news sources

03/03/2018 Washington Post: A journalistic fix for fake news? A new venture seeks to take on the epidemic.

Press Release

10/12/2021 NewsGuard Partners with Bright, the New Ethical Social Media App, to Keep Misinformation Off the Platform

10/06/2021 European Commission Announces NewsGuard as New Prospective Signatory to the Code of Practice on Disinformation

09/22/2021 NewsGuard and Zefr Partner to Help Advertisers Reduce News Category Blocking, Expanding Reach on Trusted News Content in Video

09/20/2021 The power of truth in the era of disinformation: The European Union’s Italian Digital Media Observatory

09/08/2021 Sizing the Infodemic: NewsGuard Analysts Have Now Found More than 500 ‘News’ Sites Peddling COVID-19 Misinformation and Identified 50 Hoaxes Relating to the COVID-19 Vaccines

09/08/2021 Brand Safety Veteran Israel Mirsky Joins NewsGuard’s Global Advisory Board

08/18/2021 After report finding brands are sending $2.6B to misinformation sites annually, NewsGuard and Comscore partner to offer advertisers options for responsible advertising on news

07/22/2021 NewsGuard to participate in the Italian Digital Media Observatory, a newly formed consortium selected by the European Commission to fight disinformation in Italy

07/20/2021 Despite assurances to the contrary, Facebook executives are still programming their recommendation algorithm to maximize toxic anti-vax engagement

07/17/2021 Independent study of California news sources finds dozens of partisan websites posing as local newspapers, exploiting and undermining readers’ trust in local journalism

06/30/2021 NewsGuard releases new report to government online harms watchdogs and the WHO detailing new COVID-19 myths being spread by platforms — including that soccer star Christian Eriksen collapsed after receiving vaccine

06/14/2021 NewsGuard Extends and Expands Licensing Agreement with Microsoft

05/25/2021 NewsGuard, Publicis Groupe Partner to Combat Misinformation and Disinformation on Behalf of Advertising Clients

05/17/2021 Case Study Proves Brands Can Now Avoid Advertising on Misinformation Sites, Restore Support to Quality News Publishers—and Achieve Greater Efficiency with Both Lower Costs and Higher Click-Throughs

05/12/2021 NewsGuard & GumGum Partner To Stop Advertising Dollars From Funding Misinformation

05/05/2021 Statement by NewsGuard on Today’s Facebook Oversight Board Ruling

03/30/2021 NewsGuard Announces ‘Responsible Advertising for News Segments’ Menu to Allow Brands to Stop Funding Misinformation While Restoring Ads to Quality News Publishers, Including Sites Serving Minority Communities and Local News Sites

02/03/2021 NewsGuard Launches VaxFacts Campaign to Counter Hoaxes About COVID-19 Vaccines and Other Healthcare Misinformation

12/03/2020 Statement from NewsGuard co-CEOs Steven Brill and Gordon Crovitz on Facebook’s Promise to Remove COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation from its Platform

11/18/2020 NewsGuard and IPG Mediabrands expand partnership to help advertisers in the U.S. and Europe advertise on trustworthy news sites while avoiding misinformation

11/18/2020 Trend Micro Becomes First Cybersecurity Company to License NewsGuard Ratings, Protecting Its Customers from Misinformation

11/17/2020 NewsGuard Tracks Large Increase in Number of Sites Publishing False Voting Content Following Election Day; Tally Climbs to 122

11/02/2020 Guaranteeing Brand Safety: Meetrics & NewsGuard announce innovative partnership

10/30/2020 The Social Media Platforms Say They Can’t Keep Up With the Volume of Hoaxes. Now, They Can

10/28/2020 NewsGuard Proposes a Simple Reform to Protect Online Users from Hoaxes, Misinformation and Other Harms

10/22/2020 NewsGuard teams up with Microsoft to create media literacy quiz

10/01/2020 Dr. Kavita Patel Joins NewsGuard’s Global Advisory Board

09/25/2020 Proposed Law Would Create New Duty of Care for the Digital Platforms, Including Transparency, Disclosure and a Requirement to Engage with Publishers

09/14/2020 Mount Sinai Health System and NewsGuard Join Forces to Combat Health Misinformation

08/24/2020 NewsGuard Statement: WHO Partnership

08/18/2020 NewsGuard wins Pentagon-State Department contest for detecting COVID-19 misinformation and disinformation

07/31/2020 NewsGuard Partners with BT to provide UK audiences with Online Misinformation Tool

07/20/2020 TripleLift Forges Partnership With Newsguard As Ad Industry Confronts The Funding Of Misinformation Sites

07/08/2020 pressrelations, Fraunhofer FKIE, and NewsGuard Join Forces to Detect Disinformation

06/09/2020 NewsGuard launches iOS app, bringing its Nutrition Labels for news sites to iPhones and iPads

06/02/2020 NewsGuard Launches HealthGuard, a New Tool to Protect Against Online Health Care Hoaxes

06/01/2020 NewsGuard launches Android app, bringing its Nutrition Labels for news sites to users’ mobile devices

05/14/2020 Microsoft Expands NewsGuard Adoption

05/04/2020 Turnitin Partners with NewsGuard to Offer Students and Teachers its Media Literacy Tools

04/24/2020 Arne Duncan Joins NewsGuard’s Global Advisory Board

04/21/2020 Brigitte Trafford Joins NewsGuard’s Global Advisory Board

04/10/2020 NewsGuard in cooperation with IPG Mediabrands UK help brands keep their ads off of COVID-19 misinformation websites while funding credible journalism

04/02/2020 NewsGuard joins WHO-backed campaign against COVID-19 misinformation, offers data to help advertisers target trustworthy sites

04/02/2020 Peer39 and NewsGuard partner to help brands avoid fake news and untrustworthy sites

03/27/2020 NewsGuard Partners with DCMS and BT to Help Counter Spread of COVID-19 Fake News as Misinformation Peaks

03/24/2020 A Statement from NewsGuard about COVID-19

03/03/2020 106 Sites in the U.S. and Europe Now Promoting Coronavirus Misinformation

02/25/2020 NewsGuard Launches Coronavirus Misinformation Tracking Center

02/12/2020 Milan Library System becomes first Italian library to join global NewsGuard media literacy partnership

02/12/2020 German Marshall Fund and NewsGuard Partner to Study Misinformation and Inform Solutions

12/10/2019 EBLIDA and NewsGuard Announce Partnership to Bring Media Literacy Tool to European Public Libraries

11/20/2019 NewsGuard Kite Marks Rate the Reliability of News Websites, Without Creating the Risk of Government Licensing of News Publishers

11/13/2019 NewsGuard Debuts News Website Reliability Index, Creating the First Benchmark for Measuring News Reliability and Media Consumption Habits

10/30/2019 IPG Mediabrands Partners With NewsGuard To Bring ‘Human Intelligence’ To Brand Safety, Enabling Advertisers To Support Journalism

10/24/2019 Cologne City Library Becomes First NewsGuard Library Partner In Germany

10/09/2019 Public Libraries 2030 and NewsGuard Announce Partnership to Bring Media Literacy Tool to European Public Libraries

09/23/2019 Special Report: Inside NewsGuard’s First Year Fighting Misinformation

08/08/2019 Cable Industry Veteran Leo Hindery, Jr., Becomes an Investor in NewsGuard

07/30/2019 More than 10% of the news websites Americans rely on spread misinformation about health issues such as vaccines

07/23/2019 University of Michigan’s Iffy Quotient shows steady drop of questionable information on social media, partners with NewsGuard for better data

06/04/2019 Ed Vaizey, MP, Joins Global Advisory Board of NewsGuard to Support Its Efforts to Counter Misinformation Online

04/24/2019 NewsGuard Announces UK Launch to Tackle Misinformation Online

01/31/2019 More Than 500 Websites Improve their Journalism Trust Practices Through NewsGuard’s Rating Process

01/16/2019 NewsGuard Now Available on Microsoft Edge Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

01/16/2019 Toledo Lucas County Public Library Joins NewsGuard in News Literacy Partnership

01/09/2019 Gallup Research Finds NewsGuard Ratings of News Websites Effective in Countering False Information, Misinformation and Disinformation

12/17/2018 Hawaii Public Libraries Join NewsGuard in News Literacy Partnership

11/19/2018 NewsGuard Launches ‘Human Intelligence’ BrandGuard Service to Help Advertisers Keep their Brands Off of ‘Fake News’ Websites

11/08/2018 Stony Brook University and NewsGuard Team Up for News Literacy Initiative

11/05/2018 NewsGuard Recognized with Leading Magazine Award for Innovation

10/29/2018 NewsGuard’s Misinformation SWAT Team Issues Red Ratings to Two Networks Publishing Dozens of Hoax Websites

08/23/2018 NewsGuard Announces Launch of Free Browser Plugin with Support from Microsoft

04/18/2018 NewsGuard Announces Addition of Two Veteran Journalists to Analyst Team

03/05/2018 Brill and Crovitz Announce Launch of NewsGuard to Fight Fake News