Protect your broadband and mobile subscribers from misinformation

NewsGuard offers a powerful trust tool for internet and mobile providers to offer their customers protection from hoaxes, misinformation and false news online. With a browser extension, mobile apps, web dashboard, and options to connect to parental controls and anti-virus tools, NewsGuard offers your subscribers 360 degree protection from harmful misinformation and disinformation.

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A unique internet safety tool that builds users’ digital media literacy

ISPs and mobile providers can license NewsGuard’s browser extension and mobile apps and include them in subscription packages for users–adding an online safety and trust tool to their offering for just pennies per user per year.

Gain a major competitive advantage. NewsGuard offers providers an opportunity to address a major, highly visible, in-the-news concern for consumers, especially with parents with children and teens who access news online in many communities.

Attract positive PR in your communities. Get noticed by regulators. Associate your brand with safety, security, trust, and reliability—characteristics that consumers look for and value in a company that provides internet service.

Increase the value of your broadband offering during price increases and reduce churn. As marketing messages focused on speed become increasingly commoditized, NewsGuard brings ISPs and mobile providers a valuable new marketing platform emphasizing online safety and trust as a key value proposition beyond speed and reliability.

Research supports NewsGuard’s value to consumers

Research commissioned by Gallup and YouGov shows consumers find NewsGuard both useful and highly valuable–and that they want their internet and mobile providers to offer it.

In market research commissioned by NewsGuard, the research firm YouGov found significant interest among consumers in a solution like NewsGuard:

85.5% of US adults think there is a problem with misinformation on the internet today (with 65% calling it a “significant problem.”)

59.3% of respondents would trust their internet provider or mobile phone provider more just for providing these ratings and labels as part of their offering.

22.6% of respondents would find their internet or mobile phone package “a lot more valuable” just for including news ratings and labels.

51.7% say that when searching for a new internet or mobile phone provider, they would be more likely to consider “a company that included this service over a company that did not.”