Creating safe, trustworthy digital news environments

NewsGuard’s human-curated data equips technology platforms and content moderation teams with intelligence to protect users from online harms and control the spread of misinformation. As a trusted partner of global technology companies such as Microsoft, NewsGuard provides up-to-date insights for online safety and access to our team of misinformation experts around the world.

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“Real news from real journalists is critical – especially right now. We're expanding our partnership with NewsGuard to help fight misinformation online.”

Brad Smith

President of Microsoft

Example Partners

Solutions for digital platforms

NewsGuard offers rich datasets and tools to empower human moderators and algorithmic decision-making.

  • NewsGuard Ratings: NewsGuard’s Reliability Ratings for news sources enable technology companies to promote content from trusted sources — while flagging sources that may be spreading misinformation.
  • Misinformation Fingerprints: NewsGuard’s database of the top false narratives online helps human teams and AI solutions to detect, track, and deter false claims spreading on their platforms.

Available via digital dashboard, API, or cloud-hosted.