The leading dataset for studying online misinformation and disinformation

NewsGuard data powers research studying misinformation, electoral integrity, media literacy, and other aspects of online news consumption habits. Our news source Reliability Ratings offer an independent, constantly-updated benchmark of news quality, and our Misinformation Fingerprints provide a curated catalog of the major misinformation narratives spreading online — and the sources that promote them.

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Current and past partners

“[NewsGuard] offers what appears to be the most comprehensive data on website credibility that has been assembled to date. We expect that it will prove essential in our research.”

Brendan Nyhan

James O. Freedman Presidential Professor, Department of Government, Dartmouth College

“We use NewsGuard because it provides more detailed information on the type of reporting each site carries out than other raters, while being widely used in academic work and very highly correlated with other rating agencies.”

Researchers at Microsoft's AI for Good Lab and Princeton University who used NewsGuard data to study how website referrals on unreliable websites create rabbit holes