NewsGuard for Search and Social Media Platforms

89% of users of social media sites and 83% overall want social media sites and search engines to integrate NewsGuard ratings and reviews into their news feeds and search results.*

NewsGuard offers a powerful trust tool for search engines and social media platforms to offer their users protection from hoaxes, misinformation and false news online.

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Why license NewsGuard?

Inform your users about which news and information websites are generally reliable—and which ones are not.

Protect your users from misinformation online. NewsGuard’s analysts are experienced journalists with varied backgrounds who apply nine basic, apolitical criteria of journalistic practice to all the news and information websites that account for 95%-plus of online engagement in the countries in which we operate. Each site is rated green or red, on a scale from 1 to 100, with a Nutrition Label. Users get instant information about the trustworthiness of the sources they see in search results and their social media feeds.

Rely on a trusted third party to rate news websites.

NewsGuard is a fully transparent, independent and trusted source for ratings about news sites. A Gallup poll found that 90% of consumers trust “experienced journalists with varied backgrounds” more than technology companies to rate news sites. Our analysts reach out to websites for comment (algorithms don’t call for comment), and hundreds of news publishers have improved their practices after engaging with our analysts (NewsGuard hopes publishers “game” its system by improving their credibility and transparency practices).

*Research supports NewsGuard’s value to consumers

Research commissioned by Gallup and YouGov shows consumers find NewsGuard both useful and highly valuable–and that they want their internet and social media providers to offer it.

69% would trust social media and search companies more just for including NewsGuard in their products.

91% said the Nutrition Labels were helpful, 90% generally agree with the ratings and 87% noticed the ratings when online.

Licensing Fees

NewsGuard licenses its product to search and social media companies on a per user (active user) basis. Licensing NewsGuard entitles the partner to incorporate NewsGuard’s ratings and metadata as signals for search and news feed algorithms–or to display NewsGuards ratings and Nutrition Labels to end users to help them make their own decisions about which sources to trust.