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Keep your ads off misinformation websites.

BrandGuard is the only humanly generated, constantly updated solution to help advertisers, agencies, and ad-tech companies avoid advertising on misinformation sites while finding valuable new inventory on trustworthy news sites.

Our team of analysts reviews thousands of news and information sites, covering 95% of online engagement in each market, to certify trustworthy news sites while flagging untrustworthy domains that spread dangerous misinformation and conspiracy theories or pose as news sources to generate ad revenue.

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NewsGuard’s ratings help brands identify trustworthy news sites and avoid misinformation.

Responsible ad placements for news—powered by human intelligence.

Powered by NewsGuard’s journalist-curated trust ratings for thousands of online news and information sources, BrandGuard provides rich data about online news sources to help advertisers avoid misinformation, disinformation, and untrustworthy news sources. At the same time, BrandGuard helps advertisers place ads on credible, trusted news content, expanding reach, lowering CPMs, and improving performance. 

Brands can target and filter ad placements based on over 30 data and metadata points—including filters to avoid health misinformation, anti-vaccine hoaxes, political conspiracy theories, and other brand-unsafe or -unsuitable content.

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Want more information about NewsGuard? Please fill out this form and someone from our staff will be in touch with you shortly.
  • “With NewsGuard, you’re evaluating inventory based on quality metrics, as opposed to arbitrary classifications of a website.”

    Joshua Lowcock

    Chief Digital Officer, UM Worldwide

  • “In working with NewsGuard, we can provide our clients deeper granularity to curate the right inventory and  support publishers with editorial integrity.”

    Megan Pagliuca

    Chief Activation Officer, Omnicom Media Group NA

  • “Relying on the platforms and DSPs is not enough. You really do need to have a third party like NewsGuard to come in and tell us that two of the three news sources cited are being funded by state-sponsored elements.”

    Yale Cohen

    EVP Global Digital Standards, Publicis Groupe

Special Reports

Detailed analyses of how brands can inadvertently fund misinformation through their ad placements

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