Editorial Employee Statement of Understanding and Commitment

By signing below, I confirm my understanding and commitment to the following policies and procedures of NewsGuard Technologies, Inc. (the “Company”).

  1. I will endeavor, to the best of my ability, to approach all of my work at NewsGuard from a nonpartisan perspective, and to rate each news source fairly and according to NewsGuard’s apolitical criteria. I understand that NewsGuard aims to operate in a strictly nonpartisan manner and that, as a NewsGuard editorial employee, I am expected to uphold that standard when reviewing news sources across the political spectrum.
  2. I will refrain from any political activities, such as participation in or donations to political campaigns, opinionated social media postings, involvement in protests, or other activities that could call into question my fairness or create the appearance of political bias.
  3. I understand that my identity and biographical information about me will be made publicly available when the editorial material on which I am working is published by the NewsGuard. I will supply an accurate and complete biography to facilitate that process and to further NewsGuard’s goals of transparency.
  4. I represent and warrant that I will not have any conflicts of interest associated with the subject of the editorial material that I review, edit, or fact check, including having been employed or retained for freelance assignments or turned down for employment or freelance assignments by the subject of the material, or, that if I do have such conflicts, I will disclose them to my supervisor prior to my work on that material, so that NewsGuard, in its sole discretion, can reassign me or allow me to proceed with the work and disclose the conflict when the material is published.
  5. I represent and warrant that no members of my immediate family have any such conflicts that have not been disclosed to my supervisor so that NewsGuard can make a determination, in its sole discretion, about whether to reassign me or allow me to proceed with the work and disclose the conflict when the material is published.