Vice President for AI Partnerships

Full-time – New York, NY & Remote

Job Description
NewsGuard seeks a senior executive to lead its partnerships with generative AI providers.
The new AI models have great potential, but for them to meet their enormous potential they must overcome their propensity to “hallucinate,” including to spread or create false claims relating to topics in the news.

NewsGuard’s Misinformation Fingerprints (its machine-readable catalog of thousands of false narratives circulating online) and reliability ratings for more than 30,000 online news sources offer unique trust data on news sources and narratives for fine tuning and guardrails for generative AI providers. With our data already powering AI models including Microsoft’s Copilot (Bing Chat), we need a senior executive to lead the partnership efforts we now have underway with the other key players in the AI industry.

The ideal candidate will have an affinity for sales, fostering partnerships that leverage NewsGuard’s strengths to address the critical issue of misinformation at scale. NewsGuard has the first solution in the market to counter misinformation spread by AI, so the ideal candidate will also be highly motivated to pioneer a solution to one of the biggest trust challenges facing the otherwise promising AI industry.

This role demands a comprehensive understanding of the generative AI landscape, including enough technical familiarity with Large Language Models (LLMs) to have collaborative discussions with their Trust & Safety teams as well as their product executives. The successful candidate will be responsible for developing strategic partnerships with the key executives at generative AI providers, understanding their needs, and guiding the integration of NewsGuard’s offerings to enhance AI reliability.

Key Responsibilities

In this role you will:

  • Lead the charge in establishing strategic partnerships with leading generative AI companies, from sourcing to closing deals
  • Understand the needs of the AI industry and tailor NewsGuard’s product and services to meet these needs
  • Collaborate closely with product and technology teams to ensure NewsGuard’s offerings are effectively integrated into AI solutions
  • Represent NewsGuard in the generative AI industry, positioning the company as a thought leader in AI trust and safety

Requirements and Eligibility

Applicants for the role of Vice President for AI Partnerships should meet the following requirements:

  • Have a deep knowledge of the generative AI industry, including the functioning of LLMs, and their trust and safety operations and challenges
  • Have 3+ years of experience working in trust and safety focused on misinformation or a related threat intelligence/information operations and/or have experience working at a generative AI provider, preferably in a partnerships/sales, product management, or policy role.
  • Have a keen interest in and knowledge of the intricacies and challenges surrounding online misinformation
  • Be able to work remotely in the U.S. or in-person in NewsGuard’s office in New York.

NewsGuard is a good fit for those who want to:

  • Play an integral role in the NewsGuard mission of countering misinformation, promoting quality journalism and making the online information landscape a healthier, more trustworthy place
  • Work with professionals who are leading the charge in reshaping the online information ecosystem for the better
  • Have a key role at an early-stage growth company

Compensation Range:

$140,000 – $250,000 USD base salary depending on experience, plus commission opportunities

Application Dates and Process

This is an open application process.

Candidates must complete the following tasks for consideration:

  • Provide a current resume/CV with relevant academic and/or professional work experiences
  • Provide two references (academic and/or professional)
  • Be available for interview(s) with NewsGuard staff members
  • Complete a written evaluation exercise

About NewsGuard

NewsGuard uses journalism to fight false news, propaganda, and misinformation. Our analysts, who are trained journalists, rate and review online news sources based on nine basic, apolitical journalistic criteria to help readers and viewers know which ones follow basic standards of credibility and transparency–and which do not. NewsGuard was founded by –Steven Brill (award-winning journalist and co-founder of The American Lawyer, CourtTV, and other companies) and Gordon Crovitz (former publisher of the Wall Street Journal). NewsGuard’s data is used by a wide range of companies and institutions to combat misinformation, including technology companies such as Microsoft, brands, ad agencies and ad-tech companies, the World Health Organization, U.S. State Department and U.S. Cyber Command, the U.K. government, and a wide range of research and academic partners.

Building Trust For All

In order to restore trust and accountability in media, we need to maintain trust in NewsGuard so that we can deliver on our mission to counter misinformation on behalf of news consumers, brands and democracies. We represent a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives. That’s why we’re committed to creating a team that is diverse and inclusive in every way possible—one that brings a breadth of different experiences, beliefs and perspectives to the table. We aim to hire journalists from a range of racial and ethnic backgrounds, political perspectives, geographical origins, gender identities, and more. NewsGuard is an equal opportunity employer.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should submit a resume and cover letter to