Thank you, Giulia, for contacting us. Last time we interacted with one of your colleagues and we confess that we missed this ritual a little bit. This should be the third time you have been interested in us, and let’s just say that the first two times your colleagues came across as a little bit of flat earthers.

The very first time(2) we were asked for enlightenment on matters about the site, and although we sent you an extensive review in response, the summary we were given on the Corvelva label was quite scruffy.

The second time you were probably too busy and included us in a long list of “hoax” sites by quoting an article of ours (2) that simply reported the state of the art at the beginning of the pandemic and was published to try to shed light on the media chaos that left very little room for certainty about the origins of SARS-CoV-2. On this, for the sake of the record, let us try to explain what our position is on the origins of the virus: we do not care at all, or rather, the issue is completely secondary to the health policies applied in Italy. 

In our country, they took people out of work — fathers and mothers of families left at home without pay for months. They kicked kids off buses because they lacked the Green Pass, which they imposed on homeless people who wanted to stay overnight in public dormitories. They did it in northern Italy, and in the middle of winter. Because of the testing psychosis, they made a woman give birth in a hospital parking lot, her child was then stillborn, here in our country. On the one hand, they did not send a doctor to treat the elderly at home even under torture, and on the other hand, they spent enormous energy on actions such as disinfecting the sand of beaches with antibacterials, deploying helicopters and drones to flush out dangerous citizens walking alone in the middle of nowhere. Over here, the government first made TV commercials saying that the virus would never come and all you had to do was wash your hands and then used proctology experts to threaten to give no respite to the unvaccinated. You see, Giulia, the virus we are fighting is completely independent of SARS-CoV-2, and the news we gave about the origins of the virus always came from mainstream sites or scientific publications.

Now, if you are still reading us, we come to your new inquiry, already knowing that our response serves us more than you. You challenge us, and correct us if we are wrong, three claims that we can group into the following strands: 

HPV vaccines can cause “chronic diseases in children and young adults,”  including “Guillain-Barré,” and “the aluminum adjuvant contained may be dangerous.”

Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) is a rare autoimmune disease that can follow viral infections and in some cases has been linked to vaccinations and this is scientifically proven by tons of scientific publications, and to deny it, forgive us for saying so, is really denialist.

We list a few scientific publications that have addressed the association between HPV vaccination and Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) and we are sure you will be able to find more:

  • Miranda S, Chaignot C. Human papillomavirus vaccination and risk of autoimmune diseases: A large cohort study of over 2 million young girls in France. Vaccine. 2017 Aug 24;35(36):4761-4768.(3)
  • Souayah N, Michas-Martin PA. Guillain–Barré syndrome after Gardasil vaccination: Data from Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System 2006–2009. Vaccine Jan 29, 2011; 29(5):886-9.(4)
  • Frisch M, Besson A, Clemmensen KKB, Valentiner-Branth P, Mølbak K, Hviid A. Quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccination in boys and risk of autoimmune diseases, neurological diseases and venous thromboembolism. Int J Epidemiol. 2018;47(2):634-41.(6)
  • Skufca J, Ollgren J, Artama M, Ruokokoski E, Nohynek H, Palmu AA. The association of adverse events with bivalent human papilloma virus vaccination: A nationwide register-based cohort study in Finland  Vaccine . 2018; 36 (39): 5926-33.(6)

Regarding the possibility that chronic diseases can develop in children and young adults after HPV vaccination, here too we would like to bring to your attention some scientific articles.

A 2019 article published in Autoimmunity Reviews (7) advanced the hypothesis that sudden cardiac death (SCD), in patients with various heart diseases, is one of the possible adverse reactions to human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination.

In December 2017, an article(8) was published in the scientific journal Drug Safety, analyzing the temporal relationship between the administration of the HPV vaccine and the appearance of adverse reactions in young women in Japan. We talked very little about the Japanese situation in our article that you kindly flagged, but we would like to underline that it was Japan that suspended HPV vaccination for 8 years after detecting a significant increase in adverse reactions, with several lawsuits (9) promoted by parents of victims of HPV vaccination.

The argument in favor of the safety and efficacy of the HPV vaccine was also questioned in an article (10) published in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics in 2017, which shows that one of the flaws in the claimed safety of the HPV vaccine is the fact that it does not take into account the genetic basis of autoimmune diseases and, we quote, “arguments that do not take this into account cannot ensure vaccine safety.” Question: will you contact the government of Japan tomorrow, asking about the 8-year suspension of vaccination?

We understand very well that large numbers must be observed at the level of public health, but we are not the Ministry of Health and we do not deal with public health. We are the ‘ugly and bad ones’ who remember the other side of vaccination, bringing official references, such as the fact that starting from January 2023 798 claims for Gardasil vaccine, with 22 suspected deaths and 790 suspected serious injuries, have been presented to the American National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program – HRSA (VICP) (11). 167 of these reports have been compensated, or recognized and indemnified, others remain pending. Question: Will you contact the US government tomorrow, asking for clarification regarding these 167 indemnities?

We can also find similar situations, i.e. in which even serious adverse reactions have been detected after HPV vaccinations, in Australia(12) and many other countries and, above all, they are always in line with the basic symptomatology that can be collected, above all: in pain syndrome regional complex (CRPS), postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), and fibromyalgia after HPV vaccination. These are diseases that are often difficult to diagnose and present overlapping clinical characteristics. We can cite an article published in 2015 in Clinical Rheumatology (13), in which, in addition to detecting this type of adverse reaction, it was recommended, we quote, “Doctors should be aware of the possible association between HPV vaccination and the development of these difficult-to-diagnose pain syndromes.” Question: Will you contact the author of the study or all the doctors tomorrow to ask if they are aware of this publication?

On the other hand, regarding the fact that we have mentioned children, as well as young adults, we provide you with an article from 2015 (14) that documented the first case of lichenoid drug eruption in a child after vaccination against human papillomavirus, recommending to inform doctors of this possible reaction in order to improve both the diagnostic approach and the therapeutic pathway. Or, we can cite an article from 2014 (15) that warned the institutions on the fact that, we quote, “Doctors must be aware of a possible bilateral papillitis and uveitis following HPV vaccination,” namely the fact that this rare syndrome is also classified as a possible adverse reaction to HPV vaccination by the WHO. We can cite asthma if you like, with a 2019 article (16) where, we quote, “The findings suggest that human papillomavirus vaccination resulted in an excess of 261,475 cases of asthma, at a direct cost in excess for all life estimated at $42 billion.” Or, we can tell you about myasthenia gravis (MG) and how it was linked — by an article published in 2018 in BMC Neurology(17) — to HPV vaccination due to unexpected abnormal autoimmune responses.

Now that you make us think, in our article, we have not even talked about vaccination-induced optic neuritis which, although rare, was commonly reported after flu vaccination but in 2018 an article published in Ceresus (18), presented a case of bilateral optic neuritis isolated and concurrent following the first dose of HPV vaccination in a girl.

A serious problem that falls directly on the medical profession is that of the underestimation of adverse reactions to any vaccine and, specifically, with regard to the HPV vaccine, an article was published in 2018 in Immunologic Research(19) where a series of suspected adverse reactions were collected related to HPV vaccination. Although they were observed in different countries, the symptoms described were very similar to each other: disabling fatigue, headache, widespread pain, fainting, gastrointestinal dysmotility, limb weakness, memory impairment, episodes of impaired awareness, and abnormal movements. The article states that autoantibodies are known to be present in a subset of patients with complex regional pain, postural orthostatic tachycardia, small fiber neuropathy, myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia, and that immune-mediated autonomic dysfunction triggered by the vaccine can lead to the development of a post-vaccination HPV syndrome in genetically predisposed individuals. On the other hand, the association between fibromyalgia and HPV vaccination had also been discussed in Reumatología Clínica in a 2018 article (20) also attempting to provide a model to distinguish post-vaccination fibromyalgias in order to provide an adequate diagnostic and therapeutic process.

In 2019, an article published in Autoimmunity Reviews(21) addressed the potential problem of adjuvants, hypothesizing a link between myalgic encephalomyelitis as an adverse effect of vaccinations, in particular those containing aluminum adjuvants.

In two different studies, one from 2012 (22) and one from 2014 (23), the problem of the adjuvant of HPV vaccines was also specifically addressed, together with the issue of how these amorphous nanoparticles of aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate (AAHS), linked to fragments of viral DNA, can lead to undesirable pathophysiological effects.

Vaccines are injected intramuscularly and the rate at which aluminum migrates from human muscle into the bloodstream is not known.

Animal studies suggest that aluminum from vaccines can take anywhere from a couple of months to more than a year to enter the bloodstream, due to multiple variables (24-25). Additionally, some studies have shown that the aluminum from vaccines is absorbed by immune cells and reaches parts of the body remote from the injection site, including the brain (26).

The extent of adverse effects of aluminum in vaccines is not known, as safety studies comparing a population vaccinated with aluminum-containing vaccines with a population not vaccinated with aluminum-containing vaccines have not been conducted.

Without further boring you with dozens and dozens of other scientific publications, we would like to suggest a more secular approach to the vaccination issue, not so much because we are interested in NewsGuard telling us that we are good — because let’s face it, you have no power whatsoever — but precisely because in addition to scientific publications there are people. The topic of adverse reactions to HPV vaccination, and not only that, did not arise on PubMed or even on Corvelva; it arises from the word of mouth of parents, thousands, who after the vaccination complained of even serious and similar ailments — and the medical institutions responsible for addressing these problems have disappeared in almost all cases. If there were full awareness of vaccine damage, in a regime of freedom of therapeutic choice, our existence would become superfluous and therefore if your aim is to contrast realities like ours, we urge you to focus on bringing light to the damage from vaccines and to advocate freedom of choice. In this way, you would inexorably lead us to disappear.

We conclude with just a small reference to the Gardasil 9 vaccine technical sheet, which you can download from the Italian Medicines Agency website (27): “As with other vaccines, undesirable effects have been reported during the widespread use of the vaccine, which include: muscle weakness, abnormal tingling in the arms, legs and upper body or confusion (Guillain-Barré syndrome, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis); bleeding or bruising more easily than normal and skin infection at the injection site.”

Wishing you a good day, obviously guaranteeing your privacy, we are to advise you that we will publish this response in the Diseases&Vaccines section of our website so as to be totally transparent to everyone.

Corvelva Staff


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