Media Literacy and Anti-Misinformation Resources for Older Populations

In line with the U.K. Government’s Online Media Literacy Strategy, and thanks to support from the DCMS Media Literacy Programme Fund, NewsGuard is offering access to its browser extension at no cost to civil society organizations, grassroots nonprofits, aging-focused charities, community support groups, and other partners serving the elderly. It will also help deliver media literacy training for staff members, carers, and the old age community.

NewsGuard’s News Literacy Programs are made possible thanks to generous support from Microsoft.

“The internet offers countless benefits for older people, but with the rise of dangerous disinformation online, it is important that they have the knowledge and skills required to avoid being deceived. We’re proud to support NewsGuard’s excellent scheme which will provide vital training on how to spot this content and build resilience and awareness of online threats among elderly communities.”

Paul Scully

Minister for Tech and Digital Economy at DCMS

“The growing amount of misinformation online has been a huge concern to the older adults that attend our programming. It is something that they mention time and time again as a reason for staying off of certain social platforms or avoiding engaging with online news. The presentation and access to the NewsGuard extension is something they were really excited about and I have received a lot of feedback since about how much they appreciated it. Tools like NewsGuard give newer internet users, like many of our Cyber-Seniors participants, the confidence to navigate online news independently.”

Macaulee Cassaday


“Through their work with Age UK, NewsGuard have provided useful, relevant and practical advice and guidance around misinformation for older people and those supporting them. Their delivery style is clear, professional and succinct, making for very engaging resources and presentations. The free NewsGuard web browser tool offer has been greatly received by the Age UK network.”

Kathleen O’Donnell

Age UK

“We know that digital inclusion initiatives for the elderly cover topics such as online banking and online shopping, but many programmes omit crucial education on navigating the overwhelming landscape of news and information. We are eager to work alongside DCMS to protect the most vulnerable populations in the country from misinformation.”

Veena McCoole

Vice President of Communications and Marketing at NewsGuard

Click the links below to download NewsGuard’s free resources for older populations, volunteers supporting the elderly, and aging-focused charities hoping to use NewsGuard for digital inclusion and media literacy support.


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