Feedback from publication:

From: Wayne Dupree
Date: Fri, Sep 7, 2018 at 7:07 AM
Subject: NewsGuard Follow-Up
To: Macaela Bennett

Please remove my information from NewsGuard. I do not want my website reviewed by NewsGuard.

You gave me a red caution but with sites like Washington Examiner, Washington Times, Mediaite and the Daily Caller and the Daily Wire where I make my opinions you gave them a green light. When you alerted me as per our telephone call, to a bad story, I made the annotation and change immediately.

But it’s unfair to give me that red caution and keep those websites green when all I am doing is giving my opinion to those website stories.

Again, remove all of my information from news guard immediately.


From: Wayne Dupree
Date: Fri, Sep 7, 2018 at 10:44 AM
Subject: Additionally
To: Macaela Bennett

You said I basically “repeatedly” publish false content.

That is untrue and defamation. You chose a couple of articles which I fixed because someone reached out to me and when I went back to locate those original articles I got my information from, they were gone or the website had been removed and I updated the page.

I specially told you if I am alerted to changes (as you did), I will fix the story on the spot including deleting the article if required by anyone affected.

I don’t even publish misleading headlines. Just based on your “repeatedly” is incorrect and misleading for my website.

One of the websites I remember viewing as red, you made an editor’s note. You can also make an editor’s note for my website and fix that “repeatedly” rating.


From: Wayne Dupree
Date: Fri, Sep 7, 2018 at 10:56 AM
Subject: Re: Additionally
To: Macaela Bennett

Furthermore, I do “repeatedly” pull stories from websites Newsguard had given green “OK” symbols to but you didn’t say that. Y’all told people I “repeatedly” publish Fake News.

If you think they are good enough for a green symbol (DailyWire, Daily Caller, Mediaite, CNN, Fox News, Washington Examiner, WashingtonTimes) why not me. What you did was pull up older articles that I might have forgotten about (and that I did correct and I did email you on) and claimed I repeatedly publish FALSE content.

That is not true! I pride myself in my opinion and I don’t use websites that are known as fake news. I can’t believe y’all did that!


From: Wayne Dupree
Date: Fri, Sep 7, 2018 at 11:54 AM
Subject: Re: Re: Additionally
To: Macaela Bennett
CC: Eric Effron, Jim Warren

I am not happy that your company has labeled me as a fake news provider which your “repeatedly” definition suggests. I have never been in the business of creating fake news. Most of the individuals that follow me on social media know me as a straight shooter, willing to call out both sides of the political aisle as well as Hollywood and conservative stars.

What you did with your designation is lie to the public. I have over 21,000 stories since 2012. I spoke with Macaela and even made changes on the fly after our phone call. My reputation means more to me THAN YOURS DOES TO YOU.

As a matter of fact, I am not even asked to join conservative networks anymore because I call it as I see it but publishing fake stories repeatedly, that is a lie.

One more thing. Macaela told me about a bike story that I gave an opinion about. That story came from the Daily Wire who has a green NewsGuard designation. All I did was give my opinion from their article. Let me repeat. They produced an article that you deemed fake and you dinged me because I trusted them because of your designation and you punished me.

As for True Pundit, I updated the story at the top to inform my readers what I had been told but nobody had responded to me the story was fake. I talked to the owner and he said he had spoken to the girl in question before her death but I didn’t know the story was fake…that was his “Exclusive.”

I do not appreciate being lied on that I repeatedly furnish FAKE NEWS. I want my material removed as this is defamatory to my website.


NewsGuard’s Response:

NewsGuard staff have spoken repeatedly with Mr. Dupree and found that his complaints are not substantiated. Because he does not dispute any of the facts we reported in our Nutrition Label, his main argument appears to be that our use of the word “repeatedly,” as in the allegation that he “repeatedly” has published false news, is unfair.

The fact that he may have published thousands of stories that were not false does not contradict the fact that he has published many (not “a couple,” as his email asserts) that were false, nor does the fact that we only chose to illustrate his false publications with a few examples. We could have cited more. For example, we could have cited this story speculating that the “Pizzagate” conspiracy was real. It remains on waynedupree.com today—and because we did not choose that as an example to ask him about, he had not appended a correction.

Nor does a simple ratio of patently false stories to all stories make sense if the false stories are of great import – Hillary Clinton being involved in a pedophile ring at a pizza parlor, for example, or the parents and children of Sandy Hook being actors – and the other stories are routine news.

NewsGuard’s mission is to provide readers with information about the reliability of the news being fed to them. If a bottle of aspirin has 500 capsules, and five, or ten, or fifteen are poison, it doesn’t make the bottle a reliable source of pain relief.

Steven Brill, Co-CEO
Gordon Crovitz, Co-CEO