A powerful news literacy tool for schools and libraries

NewsGuard provides schools and libraries with media literacy resources that help guide learners of all ages through the overwhelming landscape of online news and information. More than 800 public libraries globally use NewsGuard’s browser extension on their computers, and educators worldwide consult NewsGuard’s extension and other educational resources to help students develop source evaluation skills.

NewsGuard’s News Literacy Programs are made possible thanks to generous support from Microsoft.

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NewsGuard for Public Libraries

NewsGuard partners with public libraries across the globe that receive free access to its media literacy browser extension and other educational resources. To learn more about the library partnerships, read the NewsGuard Library Partnership Overview, or get in touch to bring NewsGuard to your library.


“NewsGuard is far and away the best resource we have found that lets people evaluate just what the internet is bringing to their screens. That NewsGuard uses upfront criteria and highly qualified professionals in evaluating websites and makes these recommendations without hindering access in any way is just a real benefit to anyone using the internet today.”

— Sean Farrell, Director of The Library of Hattiesburg Petal & Forrest County (Mississippi, U.S.)

“We are delighted to recommend the NewsGuard initiative to users of libraries across the UK. The unique alerts provided by NewsGuard to the provenance of news websites means that all computer users can be fully informed about the accuracy and source of the information they are reading, enabling them to take their own view about what they are reading.”

— Stella Thebridge, chair of the Association of Senior Children’s and Education Librarians (U.K.)

Bring NewsGuard to Your Library

NewsGuard for Schools and Universities

K-12 schools and educators interested in using NewsGuard’s tools with their students may license NewsGuard for their students at a heavily discounted rate. Contact us by using the button below to learn about our institutional licensing program. And consult the Resources section below for suggested exercises and lesson plans for using NewsGuard in the classroom.

“NewsGuard provides me with a sense of security as students venture out on the internet. The idea of quick “nutrition labels” is so valuable, as it speaks to students’ desire for efficiency, but teaches them to look at sources critically. I can tell them this until I am blue in the face, but NewsGuard SHOWS it to them.”

— Dougherty Valley High School (CA, USA)

“In a post truth era, NewsGuard is one of a few essential and pivotal tools to help the confused and bewildered make some sense of the blizzard of online misinformation, disinformation and misinformation. NewsGuard is like a virus protection for the truth — a key pillar of democracy.”

— Wilmington Grammar School for Boys (Dartford, England)

Bring NewsGuard to Your School



Click the links below to download NewsGuard’s free resources for teachers, librarians, and parents hoping to use NewsGuard as a media literacy teaching tool.

For Schools

  • Guide for Educators: Created in collaboration with Stony Brook University’s Center for News Literacy, the guide walks through a media literacy lesson plan and ends with suggested exercises, all of which are aligned to Common Core and ISTE standards.
  • Guide for Students: A packet to provide to your students describing how to use the extension and understand the Red/Green ratings, the Nine Criteria, and the Nutrition Label reviews.
  • Student Exercise Worksheet: A worksheet that challenges students to “Think Like a NewsGuardian” when evaluating sources and claims.
  • NewsGuard School Success Story: This case study and Q&A highlights how a high school AP Language & Composition teacher used NewsGuard to improve his students’ source evaluation skills.
  • What’s in a (Domain) Name? – U.S. Version: This series of exercises helps students learn how to evaluate source domain name endings — such as .org and .com — and think critically about how domain names may relate to the reliability of a site.
  • What’s in a (Domain) Name? – U.K. Version: This series of exercises helps students learn how to evaluate source domain name endings — such as .org and .com — and think critically about how domain names may relate to the reliability of a site.

For libraries

  • NewsGuard Library Partnership Overview: This one-page overview provides a brief description about what a library partnership might include and outlines next steps.
  • NewsGuard Library Handout: This one-pager provides an overview of what NewsGuard is and how to use it. Many library partners leave this out next to computers to inform patrons about the service.
  • NewsGuard Library Installation Guide: Libraries seeking to install NewsGuard on their devices can reference this guide for information on installing the extension.