How the UK Government Used NewsGuard’s Pulsar Integration To Detect Misinformation Narratives

The UK Government’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) analyzes public conversations to inform government policy and communications with the help of Pulsar and its NewsGuard integration.

By Veena McCoole | Published on August 28, 2023

In an era when misinformation frequently pervades on- and offline conversations, it’s crucial for companies and government agencies to keep abreast of public sentiment and conversation topics. DCMS uses audience intelligence platform Pulsar—and NewsGuard’s Reliability Ratings integrated into Pulsar’s platform—to tackle the spread of false narratives and inform policy and government communications. Read the full case study here.


Pulsar’s capabilities for clients like DCMS

    • With the help of Pulsar TRAC’s capacity to detect misinformation powered by NewsGuard’s Reliability Ratings, the DCMS team could: Understand the prevalence of preventable misinformation and its role in shaping public conversation.
    • Discern how different types of misinformation are disseminated, and what communities and users it targets.
    • Isolate misinformation content within specific online conversations to gauge public opinion and mitigate harmful false narratives if necessary.
    • Understand the impact of misinformation using Pulsar’s proprietary “Visibility” score, which algorithmically calculates the impact of a piece of content on the web.

Where NewsGuard comes in

Pulsar’s ability to track misinformation is supported by NewsGuard’s integration of Reliability Ratings data provided to Pulsar clients within the platform. NewsGuard analysts assess news and information sources using nine apolitical journalistic criteria to rate them with a trust score between 0-100. This added metric provides crucial context to Pulsar users, allowing them to understand the proportion of media coverage from unreliable news sources, and inform their approach to crisis management based on the trust scores of the news outlets that mention them — or are mentioned alongside them.

“We wanted to understand the spread of misinformation, both across socials and on news platforms, and Pulsar was really helpful in enabling us to get a fuller picture of this.”

- Kieran Moriarty, Senior Communications Officer, DCMS

By combining NewsGuard’s journalistically sourced trust scores with Pulsar’s Visibility score, the unique partnership combines the human insight of NewsGuard’s analysts and Pulsar’s AI-powered intelligence, allowing organizations to glean more from social, news, search, web, forum, audience, and first-party data.

The use of Pulsar and NewsGuard’s underlying data has empowered DCMS to achieve a deeper and more nuanced understanding of how misinformation spreads within the context of UK cultural events such as the May 2023 coronation of King Charles III. Armed with this knowledge, the DCMS is well-equipped to create targeted communication strategies to counter misinformation effectively.

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