Despite assurances to the contrary, Facebook executives are still programming their recommendation algorithm to maximize toxic anti-vax engagement

‘We’re sorry … We know we need to do better.’

(London, July 20, 2021) Facebook the company whose senior executives have said “we’re sorry” and “we know we need to do better” to so many angry legislators and regulators in the last 15 years that the mantra could probably be trademarked as the corporate tagline — is still programming its algorithms to send users down rabbit holes of anti-vax propaganda.

In response to accusations by President Biden this week, Facebook has claimed that “the facts show that Facebook is saving lives. Period.”

However, NewsGuard’s latest report to the World Health Organisation, filed today, documents what prior reports had also found:  that Facebook continues to recommend broad networks of anti-vaccine and health misinformation pages to users and that the platform has not taken action against pages and groups that were shown to be spreading dangerous health misinformation.

As part of the report, a NewsGuard analyst simply “liked” a single anti-vaccine Facebook page, after which a Facebook drop-down suggested several more anti-vaccine pages. Within 10 minutes, the analyst was recommended dozens of pages publishing vaccine and COVID-19 misinformation, each with thousands of followers.

Having “liked” a page called “Vaxxed Truth”, for example, a drop-down menu appeared, recommending other pages spreading misinformation about vaccines, COVID-19, facemasks, 5G technology and other health topics. Once liked, these new pages all featured their own drop-down recommendations menu. On some pages identified by NewsGuard, a sidebar recommends other misinformation pages to users.

The pages suggested by Facebook’s algorithms contained health and anti-vaccine misinformation. 

Facebook took no action against pages and groups shown to spread health misinformation

Under the terms of the partnership announced in August 2020 between the WHO and NewsGuard, in earlier reports to the WHO NewsGuard flagged Facebook pages and groups as sharing health misinformation. Several of these pages and groups remain active and growing – and are visible to Facebook’s billions of users unaccompanied by any warnings about their reliability.

Some of these pages, identified by NewsGuard as early as September 2020, have since gained thousands of news followers on the platform.

Examples of misinformation being allowed to spread on these groups and pages include:

  • False claims that COVID-19 vaccines have killed millions of people
  • False claims that masks, PCR tests, lockdowns, and vaccines “don’t work”

Two of the pages included in NewsGuard’s June 2021 report have since seen their following increase by 4,000 and 2,500 respectively.

One page, flagged in September 2020, has since published false claims that COVID-19 vaccines are a plan to reduce the world’s population and that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is 99% graphene oxide, among others.

The WHO has termed rampant misinformation and hoaxes on the social media platforms an “infodemic,” resulting in many people being exposed to false content relating to the virus and its treatments, including false claims about the dangers of the vaccine. Hesitancy to take the vaccine is endangering the path to herd immunity in many countries.

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