NewsGuard Monthly AI Misinformation Monitor of Leading AI Chatbots

Audit of the top 10 leading generative AI tools and their propensity to repeat false narratives on topics in the news

Published July 10, 2024

NewsGuard launched a monthly AI News Misinformation Monitor, setting a new standard for measuring the accuracy and trustworthiness of the AI industry by tracking how each leading generative AI model is responding to prompts related to significant falsehoods in the news.

The monitor focuses on the 10 leading large-language model chatbots: OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4,’s Smart Assistant, xAI’s Grok, Inflection’s Pi, Mistral’s le Chat, Microsoft’s Copilot, Meta AI, Anthropic’s Claude, Google’s Gemini, and Perplexity’s answer engine. It will expand as needed as other generative AI tools are launched.

Today’s inaugural edition of the monthly report found that the 10 chatbots collectively repeated misinformation 30% of the time, offered a non-response 29% of the time, and a debunk 41% of the time. Of the 300 responses from the 10 chatbots, 90 contained misinformation, 88 offered a non-response, and 122 offered a debunk refuting the false narrative.

Researchers, platforms, advertisers, government agencies, and other institutions interested in accessing the detailed individual monthly reports or who want details about our services for generative AI companies can contact NewsGuard here. And to learn more about NewsGuard’s transparently-sourced datasets for AI platforms, click here.

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