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Early-warning alerts from expert analysts to keep your team ahead of emerging threats.

NewsGuard’s weekly Misinformation Risk Briefings provide clients with early-warning reports that help them stay ahead of emerging disinformation narratives, campaigns, and malign actors. Our analysts, who are trained in disinformation tracking techniques and fluent in relevant languages, continuously monitor the information environment in each market and investigate how disinformation narratives emerge, spread, and infiltrate democracies. 

NewsGuard currently offers two different risk briefings:

  • Our weekly general Misinformation Risk Briefing (sample here), which offers a rundown of the top false narratives trending globally across topics ranging from health to elections to war and more.
  • Our bi-weekly State-Sponsored Disinformation Risk Briefing (sample here), which provides early-warning alerts from our analysts on state-sponsored disinformation campaigns being advanced to support Russian, Chinese, and Iranian interests.

Each weekly briefing contains:

  • Flashpoints and Themes: Summaries of widely circulated misinformation narratives pertinent to current affairs and newsworthy topics, as reported on by our team.
  • Stories We’re Watching: Early alerts of emerging threats that haven’t yet reached mainstream news coverage, and are often developing stories.
  • This Week in False Narratives: A list of recent Misinformation Fingerprint entries to our comprehensive dataset of the top, provably false misinformation narratives circulating online.

Researchers, platforms, advertisers, government agencies, reporters, or other institutions interested in learning more about NewsGuard’s Misinformation Risk Briefing offerings and accessing sample newsletters, please contact us using the form below.

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