(Note: This letter was originally written in French. NewsGuard’s team translated it into English. The French version can be found here.)


Hello to the Newsguard team, 

I find your nutrition label incomplete because it lacks information and it shows inconsistencies, if I may say so. 

You happen to congratulate the blog on using sources said to be reliable such as Daily Star and, but the article was marked as passing along false information despite coming from these two sites that your services rated green. The article “Bob Marley: Reggae star ‘assassinated by CIA’ according to a former agent’s claim made on his deathbed” is actually a translation from Daily Star Just like the article on Marilyn Monroe, which comes from Daily Star.

There is no “conspiracy and secret” category on the blog. The blog has not translated an article from Newspunch since April 2019 (5 months ago) and that’s a source which adds false information in the middle of factual articles, which is why we are no longer relaying it. We actually told your journalist colleague that it was a pretty unreliable source. You did not include that in your label. 

A recent fact-checking media – Checknews by Liberation – apologized for fact-checking an article on the prediction of earthquakes that did not really deserve to be fact-checked (the source being, a green rated site according to your services), close to what you have done with Bob Marley and Marylin Monroe, to imply that we publish false information and cause us trouble. 

Contrary to what is indicated, there is no personal commentary added to our articles, which also are not not “extracts”, but full translations that require time. If you manage to prove the opposite and find a dozen articles translated with personal commentary, we will make a total mea culpa and write an official article publicly apologizing to you. Could you show us, out of the thousands of articles we published over the last months, several examples of personal commentary added to an article? Thank you for indicating where are the extracts and for confirming whether or not these are full translations, because between translating two 100-word paragraphs and write full 700 to 1.300 word articles, there is a difference. 

You say that we relay russian propaganda, but is it because we translate Zero Hedge? Zero Hedge does not represent the totality of the articles we have translated, you could indicate what is your current proofs to claim that we relay russian propaganda. One of your colleagues also insulted the american electorate by saying that those who voted for Trump were not truly aware of the situation (to put it shortly), which constitutes a bias and encouraged your services to react and assign new editors to write the nutrition label. Nevertheless, it happens that the Trump administration is very strict and firm towards Vladimir Putin and that we have published information supporting President Trump. I also explicitly said that Putin was A DICTATOR in an email to Mrs Labbe, but this was flushed down the drain. Probably because it does not match the version that we are “bad russian agents trying to cause trouble and sow confusion in society.” Putin is a dictator serving russian oligarchs and one must be as crazy as a jaybird not to see it, and in no way we play in the hands of such an individual. 

People must tell you that constantly but the media that have relayed the Russiagate theory are green according to your services, and are not labelled as relaying anti-Trump conspiracy theories, including (and excuse my language) the “Pissgate” from the Steele dossier, and more. You have not selected these articles in your writing of their nutrition label. I just hope that you are not biased on this matter nevertheless. 

Regarding Nibiru, it’s a funny story because it makes our readers laugh more than anything else. In the past, we have also published articles debunking the Nibiru theory, there was a time when the media was semi-satirical (you can go back in time for the About article and you will see that it’s written in black and white) and bizarre theories of that kind were relayed to make people dream, and to make people laugh, and to discredit these theories. No one died, no one pressed charges, no one attacked us for relaying nonsensical articles about Nibiru and other madcap theories and many people have laughed and have mocked us rightfully so. Forgive me for having been honest but before the era of fact-checking, the blog discredited sites such as Wikistrike (we helped Aude WTFake give information on him in this regard), Stopmensonges (we have reported it to the authorities for its Freemason Papers and we have published warnings so that internet users would not download them, and so on), Johann Fakra (Aude WTFake can confirm that) — and our investigation that newspaper Le Monde plagiarized etc etc…Before you turned up in the fact-checking world, the blog took care of “cleaning up” in its own way, and all these blogs know it, there is no secret about it — they hate us and plagiarize us frequently as a way to get back at us without ever quoting us. Stopmensonges claims that we are from the Mossad, claimed that we were “anti-catholic freemasons”, you claim that we relay russian propaganda, halway saying that we are russian agents. One or our methods consisted in mocking bizarre theories (everything was stated in our old About page on in 2014) such as Nibiru, bringing them to a fever pitch and destroying the enthusiasm around such theories (a little like Complot Facile – easy conspiracy – nowadays, which draws its inspiration from our blog). It worked and we receive messages confirming that our method was indeed efficient and that many people did not fall into the trap of these new age and really silly theories. You jumped on the occasion to relay what I said during a phone interview, without trying to understand the why and the how… You can also say that I am inventing, but that’s the truth. 

Another example showing our will to debunk false theories and deceivers in that field is the webmaster of website les, and the article from our site that you used to find the person in charge of that site. You even put our article as a source in the nutrition label of website Les Moutons Rebelles. That’s a lot, isn’t it? And that’s not all. We have helped La Tronche en Biais, we have helped countless fact-checkers to do a quality job, and to get ready for different attacks. And we will continue to denounce the fake new age guru deceivers from the “conspiracy” sphere. 

It is true that Facebook was boosting our most stupid articles between 2014 and 2016 (and not starting in 2012), and it so happens that I was personnally studying at university at that time. To repeat, no one died, no one was convicted of anything, and in late 2016, Facebook hardened its stance on relaying sensational news, which made us lose half of our traffic, and Facebook made its choice. You should also be reminded that during all that time, Facebook was not disturbed by all these theories. Just as Youtube has no problem recommending ridiculous theories, simply to generate views and also advertising revenue. The necessity to make the site survive forced us to improve the quality of articles and the blog is in the process of refining and we have abandoned many sources (such as and we are deleting many articles coming from bad sources or sources that have disappeared, but there are 30,000 articles and it’s very long and complicated to do because we do not want to remove it altogether. 

All I have to say is that we have grown up over the years contrary to before when the internet was a little bit like the far west, a time during which the business model for social media like Facebook was the “conspiracy theories”. We really want to conform, and is a website run by passionate people (3 at the moment) and we try our best to survive in this merciless environment of fact-checking which does not forget nor forgive. We are trying to defend ourselves somehow, clumsily, but we have absolutely no bad intention in mind. We are secular, and we have nothing against certain religions in particular, on the contrary, as long as these religions accept the western lifestyle and that they integrate into society, there is Nothing Wrong in having different religions on one territory. 

Regarding the “aliens”, anyone is entitled to believing that aliens exist or not, just like they can believe that Jesus exists, or that Moses existed, that type of thing. There is no place for fact-checking people’s beliefs because theoretically, everything is “fake” in religions. No one can resurrect from the dead, no one can arrive safe and sound after crossing water on a wicker basket. No one can fly away by some miracle. That’s my opinion! But these are official religions, so as long as billions of people believe in them, we cannot question them. But millions of people believe in aliens and although some of these theories seem bizarre, there is no place for qualifying the blog as transmitting false information on the basis that we share theories about aliens. Once again, that’s my opinion. 

I want to thank Newsguard for wanting to protect internet users from certain websites, because it is necessary, but please do not make Newsguard a tool aiming at repressing certain sites by writing nutrition labels hastily and by selecting what goes along with you to confirm your initial hypothesis. I know that you will not read the thousands of articles from the past 2 years to make your opinion but you could seriously reprimand sites ran by people who were there before you and who contributed to making the web alive in their own way. has tens of thousands of regular and weekly readers and it’s a blog that has had lots of success in the past. It was a “buzz” site, admittedly, but we can change, we can become better, and even though that does not erase the past, we can make amends, as I am trying to do by helping journalists and fact-checkers. 

But you are going the wrong way about and fake news. It’s possible that we do not distinguish between opinions and news facts, yes — But we do not relay false information, we support all marginals and their theories about globalization, all the ones that traditional and official media are trying to silence. We might be anonymous and our anonymity might be a sign that we have something to hide but the death threats have permanently encouraged me to personally remain anonymous – but we are not agents from any government, company or lobby. The blog – which presents the news but does not purports to be a news site – is the result of 12 years of efforts and it went through different phases. I don’t know how long it will last and I believed over the summer that it was the end (check on similarweb the recent traffic and you will understand my disarray when we did the interview with your journalist colleague – the considerable resignation and the “troll” attitude that I might have had because I was convinced that it was the end), but I can assure you that we are not like all the other media labelled “conspirationist”, “racist”, “new age”, “hateful” that you have fact-checked to this day. We don’t have a glorious past as you say in that we have translated poor quality articles, admittedly — but I want to reiterate that we collaborate with journalists to help people protect themselves from deceivers. 

Please excuse any grammatical mistakes,


Emmanuel M.