NewsGuard’s Election Safety Assurance Package for Advertisers

NewsGuard’s global team of misinformation experts are actively monitoring the information landscape as elections unfold in 40+ countries. Our journalist-vetted datasets are constantly updated to identify new credible sources of election information—and malign actors that capitalize on the focus of elections to spread disinformation about election integrity, political candidates, and other pertinent issues.

As brands develop their marketing strategies for a major election year, NewsGuard’s “Election Safety Assurance Package” offers them a tailored package to meet the moment. This year, NewsGuard will provide clients with cross-channel data solutions to:

  • Ensure digital media budgets are not wasted on misinformation content and unreliable AI-generated news content
  • Avoid ads ending up next to false claims about elections
  • Confidently reach target audiences in quality news content
  • Open more quality news content to effectively reach campaign KPIs

The partnership includes:

  • Website, podcast, CTV, and Linear TV ratings, and NewsGuard dashboard access for ad buyers to look up source ratings for planning purposes
  • Access to NewsGuard’s monthly-updated election-focused exclusion list containing sites spreading election misinformation and AI-generated “news” sites
  • Regularly scheduled check-ins with NewsGuard’s team to discuss emerging misinformation topics and other questions


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