Top news stories about the Russia-Ukraine war on Russia's Channel One on Monday, May 9, 2022.

By Madeline Roache

What follows is NewsGuard’s summary and translation of top news stories from Russia’s state TV Channel One. NewsGuard presents these stories in the order that they appear on the program. NewsGuard shares this summary as part of our mission to monitor and report all categories of misinformation, including Russian disinformation. Please note that these summaries of Russian state TV broadcasts may well contain falsehoods or propaganda, and NewsGuard does not vet them for accuracy or balance.

Today’s newscast was dedicated to coverage of Victory Day, a national holiday in Russia commemorating the Soviet Union’s defeat of Nazi Germany in the Second World War.

Channel One congratulates the military who are on the front lines right now

Our servicemen who are currently on the front line have a special mission. They are carrying out their duty and participating in a special operation to protect the residents of Donbas. Correspondents of Channel One came to congratulate our guys on the holiday. Valentina Solovyova in Melitopol [in Ukraine] has the report.

Alexander, a member of the Russian National Guard, said: “First I want to wish you a happy Victory Day. Today we are working to maintain the safety and security of the public on this day of celebrations. We don’t exclude the possibility of a type of provocation but the Russia National Guard will cope with all the tasks and carry them out successfully.” 

Solovyova asked: “Alexander, we saw that you lay flowers by the Eternal Flame. Did someone in your family fight in the war?” Alexander said: “Yes, my grandfather fought. He went through all the stages of the bloody war and unfortunately, he died.”

Channel One’s report on May 9 from the zone of the special operation to protect Donbas

Victory Day is a tribute to living heroes. This is a day of remembrance for the fallen. This is an eternal reminder for the young about the cost of the Great Victory. And this is not just the past, it is a living story that will flow like a river in the procession of the “Immortal Regiment,” it will be reflected in the windows with portraits of soldiers, it will be heard songs from the war years, it will be reminded by movie scenes and, perhaps, the most important thing will be told to children and great-grandchildren in the family circle.

Dmitry Tolmachev is currently working in the special operation zone: “We’re on the outskirts of Mariupol. There is no fighting in the city itself. It is completely cleared of the Ukrainian Army and the neo Nazi group, Azov, the remains of which are blocked in the territory of the industrial zone. Nevertheless, there is still the risk of an attempt to break through, which is why our artillerymen are constantly prepared for military action.” 

A Russian soldier said: “Dear Veterans and the citizens of Russia, I congratulate you on the Great Victory. I wish you happiness, good health and peaceful skies above your heads.” 

Tolmachev said: “Just a reminder that we’re working in Mariupol and are located in the positions of the artillerymen. Again, happy Victory Day everyone.”

Day and night, the Iskander operational-tactical systems are guarding our borders

Many of our military men are celebrating today’s holiday at a military post. Both day and night, the Iskander operational-tactical systems are guarding our borders. Today we will see them on the Red Square. These formidable giants can take positions and strike in just a few minutes, and they can hit a target even at a distance of several hundred kilometers.

A member of the Russian military said: “Being trusted to use this system is a huge responsibility for us… One of the main strengths of the missile is that it can’t be intercepted or shot down.”

The convoy includes T-72B3M tanks, which are currently serving in the special operation zone

The mechanical convoy also includes T-72B3M tanks, which are now serving in the special operation zone to protect civilians in Donbas. The machines have proven their capabilities well for a long time. 

Alexey Kruchinin will introduce us to the crew of the tank, which is on the front line: We’re in the Donetsk People’s Republic, where there have been successful advancements in the past few days. The Donetsk people’s militia has liberated settlements with the essential support of the Russian army. Our tankers, who are here with us today, play a huge role in this.

Oleg, a member of the T-72B3M tank crew, said: “The situation is that the military is fulfilling their assigned tasks, everything is fine, really. The atmosphere is cheerful, the crew are well-coordinated, we’re working. We know the situation can heat up. We’re aware of what’s happening here, we know how to advance. Nazism will be defeated, 100%. Victory is ours.”

A report on the Pantsir-S1 complex, which is serving in the special military operation zone

We are turning to the airfield, where Mi-8 helicopters are serving in the zone of the special military operation. The calculation of the Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile and gun system can immediately detect up to 30 targets, including missiles, aircraft and enemy drones. It can hit several objects at the same time. We will see it today during the Parade.

Putin congratulates Russians on Victory Day before the parade starts

Channel One reported the following news in a later program:

Before the start of the parade, [Russian President] Vladimir Putin congratulated the Russians on Victory Day and noted the importance of this holiday for each of us. The President also announced a minute of silence in memory of those who died during the Great Patriotic War.

[The station ran the entire speech. Below are excerpts from Putin’s speech, selected by NewsGuard.]

“Despite all controversies in international relations, Russia has always advocated the establishment of an equal and indivisible security system which is critically needed for the entire international community.”

“Last December we proposed signing a treaty on security guarantees. Russia urged the West to hold an honest dialogue in search for meaningful and compromising solutions, and to take account of each other’s interests. All in vain. NATO countries did not want to heed us, which means they had totally different plans. And we saw it.

Another punitive operation in Donbas, an invasion of our historic lands, including Crimea, was openly in the making. Kiev declared that it could attain nuclear weapons. The NATO bloc launched an active military build-up on the territories adjacent to us.

Thus, an absolutely unacceptable threat to us was steadily being created right on our borders. There was every indication that a clash with neo-Nazis and Banderites backed by the United States and their minions was unavoidable.

Let me repeat, we saw the military infrastructure being built up, hundreds of foreign advisors starting work, and regular supplies of cutting-edge weapons being delivered from NATO countries. The threat grew every day.

Russia launched a pre-emptive strike at the aggression. It was forced, timely and the only right decision. A decision by a sovereign, strong and independent country. The United States began claiming their exceptionalism, especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union, therefore denigrating not just the entire world but also their satellites, who have to pretend not to see anything, and to obey and put up with it.”

“[Russia] will never give up our love for our Motherland, our faith and traditional values, our ancestors’ customs and respect for all peoples and cultures.”

“I am addressing our Armed Forces and Donbas militia. You are fighting for our Motherland, its future, so that nobody forgets the lessons of World War II, so that torturers, death squads and Nazis cannot exist in the world.”

“The loss of each officer and soldier is painful for all of us and an irretrievable loss for the families and friends. The government, regional authorities, enterprises and public organizations will do everything to wrap such families in care and help them. Special support will be given to the children of the killed and wounded comrades-in-arms. The Presidential Executive Order to this effect was signed today.”