Top stories about the Russia-Ukraine war and other international affairs on Channel One from October 9 through October 16, 2022

By Madeline Roache and Eva Maitland

What follows is NewsGuard’s summary and translation of top news stories from Russia’s state TV Channel One. NewsGuard presents these stories in the order that they appear on the program. NewsGuard shares this summary as part of our mission to monitor and report all categories of misinformation, including Russian disinformation. Please note that these summaries of Russian state TV broadcasts may well contain falsehoods or propaganda, and NewsGuard does not vet them for accuracy or balance.

The Russian army launched massive strikes on Ukrainian critical infrastructure

This week, air raid alerts sounded all over Ukraine, from Kyiv to Odessa, from Kharkov to Lvov. Rockets exploded near the buildings of the Verkhovna Rada [Ukrainian parliament] and the Security Service of Ukraine. They hit the thermal power plant, communication centers, and large warehouses of equipment and ammunition. The Russian army hit seven of the 29 critical infrastructure facilities in Ukraine, and is also gradually gaining control of them. This is how [Russian President] Vladimir Putin commented on the actions of our troops at a press conference after the summit in Astana [the capital of Kazakhstan].

Russia has repeatedly warned that its patience is not infinite and that its response to Ukraine’s actions has so far been restrained.The attack on the Crimean bridge is like swearing allegiance to terrorists. Russia’s tough response was long coming. 

Putin said: “Through its actions, the Kyiv regime has actually put itself on the same level as international terrorist formations, with the most odious groups. It is simply impossible to leave crimes of this kind unanswered. This morning, at the suggestion of the Ministry of Defense and according to the plan of the Russian General Staff, a massive air, sea and land-based high-precision, long-range weapon was launched against Ukrainian energy, military command and communications facilities. If attempts to carry out terrorist attacks on our territory continue, Russia’s responses will be tough and will match Russia’s threats. No one should have any doubts about this.”

Five defendants were arrested over the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge 

Our country has not set and is not setting itself the task of destroying Ukraine — these are the words of the president. Demilitarization and denazification are the unchanging goals that were announced at the very beginning of the special military operation and they have not lost their relevance since.

This morning [Oct.16, 2022] militants who targeted the Donetsk administration building became known. Despite the severe damage, the work [of the administration] continues. 

The Kyiv authorities are clearly working to put an end to Ukrainian statehood. They have done and continue to do everything to ensure that Ukraine no longer exists as a sovereign country. The terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge is part of a series of suicidal actions. Five defendants have been arrested. The investigation and restoration work lasts for a week. Hundreds of our specialists work non-stop, the pace is colossal.

It is time to rename the main intelligence department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine into a terrorist organization for blowing up a truck on the Crimean bridge. As the Federal Security Service (FSB) established together with the committee, it was the military scouts from Kyiv, headed by leader Kyrylo Budanov.

The involvement of 12 people, from Ukraine, Armenia and Russia, who prepared the attack on the Crimean bridge was established. At the end of the week, the district court of Simferopl placed five defendants under arrest.

Every day, the Ukrainian media spreads hundreds of falsehoods about the Russian army

From the very first days of the special operation, and even before, Kyiv has been launching a barrage of lies. Both the Ukrainian media, and the public, spread hundreds of fake messages about our army every day.

The Russian military allegedly killed civilians in Kupyansk, in the Kharkov region, and threw their bodies into mass graves. The staged video was filmed by the neo-Nazis themselves, but they were betrayed by amateurish editing. One of the radicals in the video seems to be wearing a red armband. But if you look carefully, when he moves, a trace remains, suggesting that the bandage was edited into the video. Further, the video was filmed in October, and Russian troops left the area in September.

Why Kyiv invents and promotes all this is understandable; they want to get more weapons and money from the West. But victory is always on the side of truth.

Online reputation management specialist Dmitrii Sidorin said: “The goal is to scare civilians, to say: “Look at what is waiting for you, what we will do to you,” and then under pressure from above, as they say online, they “change their minds”.

A similar model was used to prepare the huge, bloody provocation in Bucha, when Western journalists were shown the bodies of dead civilians, when our troops had already left the city four days earlier.

On the pages of American, German, Italian, French newspapers, a photo of a blood-soaked old lady from Kiev was published, with accusations against Russia. A video shows the same old lady, with an old man and a young man, doing a photoshoot on their phones. The old woman is seen holding a smartphone, asking the soldier who is helping her with the bandages to take a picture. The strength of the pensioners is enviable; they suffered serious injuries and lost a lot of blood, and yet stand solidly, pose bravely in front of the camera, and even the hand holding the phone doesn’t shake. By contrast, real scenes from Donetsk, where after a bombing at a bus station people who miraculously survived cannot get up, and suffocate from pain and horror. In the DNR [Donetsk People’s Republic] and LNR [Lugansk People’s Republic], these attacks have not stopped for eight years and in the last months have only gotten worse.

The Special Representative of the UN, Pramila Patten, stated that in Russia, they give soldiers viagra, so that they will rape Ukrainians. In April 2011, the whole progresive West cried out that Muamar Gaddaffi was supplying his troops with Viagra, and that they were raping civilians. Even Western social media users have been asking themselves; are the same methods still being used? Readers of the New York Post magazine suggested imposing an embargo on shipments of Viagra to Russia, and wrote that anti-Russian propaganda had reached new levels of stupidity.

Elon Musk will continue to finance Starlink in Ukraine

He changed his mind with cosmic speed. Elon Musk and his Starlink system did what the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, Andriy Melnik, told him, but later changed his mind.

Melnik used foul language against the American billionaire after he described Crimea as Russian and suggested options for peace negotiations. In response to such disrespect, Musk seemed to come to his senses, saying that Starlink is a little expensive; it has already cost him $80 million. The entrepreneur suggested that the Pentagon pay Ukraine’s Internet bills. Immediately after, he appeared on the neo-Nazi “Peacemaker” website, which is banned in Russia. This was deleted later, but the evidence remained.

But then the most interesting thing happened. Obviously, the older American comrades put Musk on the right course. On Saturday [October 15, 2022], he agreed to pay the bills for Starlink.

The most popular American TV presenter Tucker Carlson refuses to shut his mouth. After Zelensky once again begged, or rather demanded, money, he spoke about the defining features of the Kyiv authorities – rudeness, arrogance and ingratitude.

Tucker Carlson said: “What?! Some self-assured foreigner in a T-shirt is demanding money to pay for the critical needs of his economy?! Dude, our economy also has critical needs! Troll, get out! We don’t owe this guy anything! Nothing! Good luck, buddy! All! Our own economy is deteriorating, borders are collapsing, and this guy is showing us a list of Christmas presents. I want this, I want a bike, and you’d better send it to me quickly! Seriously?!”

Zelensky appeared in a T-shirt with the words, “come to the dark side”


A fan of camouflage and T-shirts, [Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelensky often looks silly. For example, when shooting a 3D computer model of himself, he dressed in a Star Wars-themed outfit. On his t-shirt, a futuristic-looking soldier wearing stripes in the colors of the Ukrainian flag and a trident tramples a Soviet astronaut into the mud, with the slogans “Dominate or die” and “Come to the dark side.” Either a dream, or a sincere confession.

After all, the image of the Ukrainian warrior is clearly based on the Mandalorian race. In the saga, these evil mercenaries live on the outskirts of the universe. In the end, however, the Jedi – warriors for good – turned their planet into a desert, and the Mandalorians were forced to become a peaceful and neutral people.

Partial mobilization will be completed within two weeks, Vladimir Putin said


The Supreme Commander stated that mobilization will be completed within two weeks. At a press conference in Astana, Vladimir Putin was asked the question: “will there be a second wave of mobilization?”

Putin stated: “With regard to mobilization, I can once again say what I said before. The line of contact is 1,100 kilometers, so it is almost impossible to maintain it exclusively with contract soldiers, especially since they take an active part in offensive operations. This is what mobilization is all about.

Second. All citizens called up as part of the mobilization must undergo training […] 33,000 mobilized people are already in the units, and 16,000 are in the units already in combat. […] Nothing extra is planned. There have been no proposals from the Ministry of Defense in this regard, and I do not see any need in the foreseeable future. […] This work is already coming to an end. There are 222,000 people mobilized in the formations, out of 30,000. I think that within about two weeks all mobilization activities will be completed.