Free NewsGuard Access
for AFT Members


The American Federation of Teachers has teamed up with NewsGuard

The American Federation of Teachers has teamed up with NewsGuard to provide free access to NewsGuard’s leading media literacy tool to all AFT members and their students and families.

To claim your free NewsGuard access for you, your students, and their families, courtesy of AFT, please fill out the form below.

NewsGuard offers a media literacy browser extension and mobile app that gives users real time access to “traffic light” news ratings and detailed “Nutrition Label” reviews describing the credibility of thousands of news and information websites.


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How NewsGuard Works

NewsGuard provides trust ratings for 7,500+ news and information sites–written by trained journalists based on nine apolitical journalistic criteria. We tell you what standards each site uses in creating its content, who’s behind the site, how it’s funded, and whether you can trust it.

With our browser extension, you’ll see NewsGuard ratings right next to links on search engines and social media feeds across all major platforms, giving you context behind who’s feeding you the news.

NewsGuard typically requires a monthly membership fee for access to its browser extension and mobile app. But now it’s being made free to all AFT members and their students and families, courtesy of the AFT, which has partnered with NewsGuard to fight misinformation and promote media literacy.

Trust ratings for more than 7,500 news sites. Written by journalists – not algorithms.


  • NewsGuard’s browser extension displays red and green rating icons next to links on search engines, social media feeds, and other platforms
  • Hover over an icon to see a summary of NewsGuard’s rating for each site, written by trained analysts with journalism experience
  • Red icons indicate untrustworthy sites, while green icons indicate sites that are generally reliable. Orange icons indicate satire sites, and grey icons indicate platforms with user-generated content. To read about NewsGuard’s rating process, click here.
  • Click through to see a detailed trust rating and “Nutrition Label” for the site written by NewsGuard’s analysts