Russia Resurrects its NATO-Ukraine False Narrative: NATO troops in coffins

A joint report by NewsGuard and Bloom Social Analytics

Published July 2, 2024

NewsGuard and the French AI start-up Bloom Social Analytics have combined forces to produce their first-ever joint report on the origins, spread, and evolution of disinformation campaigns targeting Western democracies.

This report, published on July 2, 2024, and titled “Russia resurrects its NATO-Ukraine false narrative: NATO troops in coffins,” traces the origins and dissemination pathways of the false narrative that dead NATO troops are being secretly repatriated from Ukraine.

The report was drafted by Eva Maitland and edited by NewsGuard’s Chine Labbé and Bloom’s Jérémy AronDimitris DimitriadisNatalie Huet, Eva Maitland, and Bloom Analytics contributed content and data.

Public sector actors can now order similar reports, requesting a specific disinformation campaign and narrative to be analyzed. To learn more, contact or

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